Monday, February 2, 2009

it's that time again,
and i'm joining in for not me monday.

here ya go...
i did not eat too much for the Superbowl.
and i definitely did not win the 3rd quarter square.
i did not witness our indoor team lose terribly to a team that was playing down a man.
ugh. still doesn't make me cringe.
i did not get my car broken into on Sunday morning and they did not steal all 1,000 Cd's!!! (this is not a picture of that incident)

i did not laugh my butt off, again... to the funniest movie ever: step brothers.
i did not spend over an hour looking online for sewing machines and compare prices.
nope. i did not do that.
i did not get excited knowing i get to see my love in less than a month!
i did not spill printer ink all over the office carpet,
and i definitely did not smudge it even worse with a towel.
i most definitely did not get excited planning my trip
this year with peter to HAWAII.
i did not laugh the entire 2 hour special
of Conan O'Brien on inside the actors studio.
and lastly, i did not want to throw my laptop out of the window when it wouldn't turn on,
NOR i did not want to run over it with my car (yes, the one with a missing window).

join us, would you?
post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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