Friday, April 29, 2011


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that dress. speechless.
that kiss. pure love.
the ceremony. perfection.
the entire royal wedding was incredible.
i got goosebumps watching.
what a fun day to remember!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


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my sweet friends baby is growing by the minute.
i just can't take it.
he's the cutest little guy i know.
auntie jen is a proud one today.
the picture on the left was taken the day he was born,
and the one on the right is his Easter 2011 outfit.
i mean, can he be ANY cuter?


obviously i have been slacking in this department.
but those who know me,
know i ALWAYS finish what i have started.
i have 22 more days.
i went through days i've missed and also a few days that i didn't push myself (re-do? yup)
probably won't finish in the next 22, but safe to say....
soon it will be done!!!

feeling good today.
hard 2 hour workout at 6am.
gotta keep moving....

hope you are doing the same!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


My sweet friend Amy sent me this book in the mail last week as a surprise.
how thoughtful right?
i have been reading up on fun recipes i want to try!!
dad would be proud.

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i went to LA to TOAST for the first time with some friends.
this place is incredible.
yup, it is even better than it looks
(if that's possible)

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LA beat Portland 3-0.
such a fun game!!

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apparently i had too much fun saturday night so my Easter brunch consisted of this:

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busy work week ahead....
and i need to run off a few extra calories i enjoyed.
hope you bunnies had a lovely weekend as well!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


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(source: pinterest)

most of you know that i love planning weddings!
i was either meant to be a wedding planner or i was one in another lifetime.
i am working on a few friends weddings for this year and everyday i find more and more amazing inspirations that i want to incorporate in my own wedding one day.

i started a "secret wedding book" years ago for when my friends, family, or when i get married.
lately i have been thinking about publishing it one day.
i go to book stores and scroll through the wedding section and let's be honest... my book would be better.

so many ideas, so many fun contacts, and so many great to-do lists for people who are overwhelmed daily.

if any of you readers need a few contacts for vendors, cakes, invitations, etc.... please email me for details! i am more than happy to help!!

happy weekend folks.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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(a few members of our group)

sorry about the crickets here on the blog. let's just say i have been having the time of my life (aka no cell phone for 4 days, what!? who am i?) definitely a first with this girl. i took 4 days off to enjoy the most magical 3 day music festival that has ever been invented. i danced, i frolicked, i relaxed, i got a tan (or sunburn that will hopefully turn into a tan), i soaked up all the music one could possibly get, i sang + lost my voice, i skipped through the grass, i met new (wonderful) friends, and i had the best time ever. i am in for every year from here on out. 45 of us hopped into 10 cars and caravan to Indio, CA. i have never laughed as hard i have, and i have never been so sad to come back to reality. i must say....... i envy those of you who "never have their phone." to be fair, since i am a PA i have no choice. but i will say, so liberating. no care in the world. i just danced and danced. i have been trying to regroup for a few days now and slowly but surely i am coming to my senses. thanks for being patient with the lack of posting. i hope you all are having a wonderful week thus far. big kisses to all of you. xo

Thursday, April 14, 2011


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my friend says...
"if ain't neon, then it shouldn't be on"
so yup. packing all my obnoxious neon tops for the desert this weekend.
will be MIA until Monday.
butterflies brewing!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


last week i took a few ME days. yup. you read that correctly. a day to do nothing, a day to do what i wanted to do, and a day to RELAX + RECHARGE. it's crazy what a day (or two) can do for the soul. life has seemed even more crazier than normal... and it was exactly what i needed. at first i didn't know what to do with myself. i am pretty sure i forgot a few times and emailed my boss (to which he said... STOP EMAILING and do something fun!) so i went to a movie in the middle of the day with a friend. i slept in and snuggled in my bed longer than normal. i ate ice cream in the middle of the night. i took a bubble bath with a large glass of wine. i read books at the bookstore without checking my emails. i caught up on the blogs i love to read. i met up with friends for lunch at cute places i've been meaning to try. i walked aimlessly around downtown snapping pictures and drinking coffee. pure bliss. i hope you all remember to take a ME day every once in a while. enjoy your wednesday loves! xx

ps. i know, i know. my photos are hidden at the moment (photobucket is down and will be up and running soon. hopefully!)

Monday, April 11, 2011


hope you all had a wonderful weekend! i sure did.
all the things i did not do this past week.....

i did not love early morning workouts. i just LOVE getting back into a routine. p90x and my trainer can both suck it. jk! i love both (sigh)
i did not love a few busy days followed by a few "me" days. whoa. much needed.
i did not love finding new loves: a vintage tee, a new "favorite" smoothie, and most importantly... finding a new love for 5am wake up calls! eek.
i did not love alumni weekend and seeing all the girls!
i did not love idol + dancing with the stars. reality tv got me once again! oy.
i did not love a SERIOUS countdown until 4 days of pure free birding at coachella. quite nervous for my life (in the best way possible).
i did not love tackling a mile long to-do list.... only to start another :)
i did not love another 7 days down in this crazy life we live. can you believe it?
i did not love "heytelling" so much better than texting. you MUST download this app ASAP on your iphone: HEY TELL. wow, life changer.
i did not love kicking the ball around for the first time... in a long. long time.
i did not love researching wedding stuff. quickly becoming my new favorite hobby.
in the works of finishing my "wedding book" and deciding if i should make this a serious BOOK which maybe one day could be published? or just for fun. it's LEGIT.
i did not love my boss saying to me "i am not talking to you and will be ignoring you for a few days, you work too much!"
don't have to tell ME twice. done and done. perfect time for a few days off to recharge.
i did not love planning out an entire mothers day weekend itinerary full of fun for mama!

i did not love people watching in downtown mb with amy. it will never get old!
i did not love planning my coming week............. 4 days until COACHELLA!!! oh my!

happy monday to all!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Friday, April 8, 2011


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(alumni game 2009)

alumni weekend is this weekend and i couldn't be more excited!
(it's basically an excuse for us to get together with all the soccer girls from college and play the current team - and by play i mean laugh while trying to kick a soccer ball)
so excited to see everyone!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been a big fan of this website...
(check it out, i dare you)
it's hilarious. it's now become a new favorite.
some of my favorites recently:

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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(source: pinterest)

Coachella is a little over a week away and i have had butterflies since the day i purchased my ticket. a friend calls them "prechella anxiety". i figured since it will be 90 + in the heat i will need to dress accordingly. i will be camping for 4 days so needless to say after day 1 my outfits will be looking a little rugged. i do however think that my concert enjoying experience will be a little better knowing my outfits are someone cute. and by cute i mean, okay to get dirty but still manage to flow with my theme for the weekend; free bird. if you know me, you know this isn't normally my kind of thing. yes, i do love music, camping, and enjoying a relaxing weekend with my friends.... however, no cell, no work, all play... minor panic attack. i am sure this will be a weekend i will never forget. and i am sure i will want to make this an annual trip. after all, who doesn't love a good music festival? any tips for first timers?

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(source: blog lovin)

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(source: chic intuition)

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(source: certain ladies)


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The past few weeks i have been trying to realign myself and get in the groove a little more. new workouts, running a few more miles each week, tackling my to-do lists that i have been procrastinating on, eating more veggies, catching up with old friends, finishing (finally) my thank you cards from our marathon in October (i'm embarrassed), and enjoying this beautiful sunshine in LA. counting down the days until summer.

Monday, April 4, 2011


well hello there!
it's been a little while since i did a NMM. so why not today?
for the new folks... your fault for not knowing. i kid. i kid.
it's simple. it's all the things i DID NOT do this past week. or did do. who knows? make sense?
didn't think so...

here goes!

i did not love p90x or any other workout for that matter this week. really though. my body is TIRED. missed a few days. (cough cough). so this week is a new week! oy.
i did not love getting my COACHELLA tickets in the mail. excited is an understatement. i hope i survive (mom, stop worrying, i'll be fine!)
i did not love a few CRAZY work days back to back. wow, the weeks have been flying by. eek.
i did not love the welcoming of APRIL! what? how did that happen?
i did not love love love american idol this week. i think if i make it through a taping without crying i am good to go!
i did not love planning a wedding in my spare time. i LOVE doing this!!!
speaking of planning.....i did not love planning a trip home for mother's day! yay!
i did not love momma + brother in town.....
homemade jambalaya, banana's foster, bbq shrimp, brunch, galaxy game, dancing, and so much more fun!! i miss them already.
i did not love the CMA awards. god i love me some country (and cowboys)
i did not love catching up with my favorite bloggers.
i did not love the musical of greys anatomy. i didn't get it, but still cried. i'm officially a sap.
i did not love 80 degree weather and pure sunshine. feels like summer in so cal and i LOVE it!!!
i did not love runs on the beach with my favorite pup pup.
i did not love cocktails + dinner in the stadium club while watching the galaxy kick butt.
i did not love spring cleaning!! (it's my favorite time of the year)!!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Friday, April 1, 2011


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so much fun stuff planned for the next few days!!

have a lovely weekend folks!