Thursday, December 30, 2010


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2010 was an incredible journey for me.
i have met some pretty amazing new friends,
kicked butt at my job (or so i'd like to think),
went on extremely fun trips with my family,
healed a little more,
and loved another year learning more about the person i am becoming.

most of all i am so glad i got to share it with you all.
thank you for making my 2010 a hell of a lot better than 2009.
with each year passing.....
it does feel that my heart is putting a little piece back together again.

i forget sometimes that it is okay to be broken.
but i just need to know that in the end i am going to be okay.

and this year was better than the last. and hoping 2011 will be even better.

with a new year comes NEW RESOLUTIONS.

2010 resolutions were as follows:

send birthday cards
finish craft projects that i start
learn about different cultures
throw a party
meet new people
run 4 times a week
read more
take the word "like" and "literally" out of my vocabulary
have more "me" days

for the record i would like to say that i did pretty good with these!
i sent birthday cards as much as i could (or remembered)
i went to South Africa and learned about their culture (and wine:))
i threw a killer party
i met quite a few new people!
i ran a marathon!
i read and had as many "me" days as my schedule permitted.
pretty cool right?
i love sticking to things i start!!!

this years resolutions:

learn Spanish
start, and more importantly finish P90X
blog more
drink water daily

i hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and healthy year!!!
i can't wait for another year together!!

kisses to all,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


-I am counting down to Christmas and checking things off my list! Including, watching my favorite holiday movies on repeat: Elf, Love Actually, Family Stone, and Home Alone. They have been on repeat in the background of my work space since Dec. 1st. Sometimes when i am on a work call i try not to laugh about something Mr. Elf says in the background. Turns out, pretty impossible. (sorry if you are someone i talked to while doing so)

-I wrapped all my gifts already - aren’t you proud? (well to be honest, Tiffany AKA gift wrapper extraordinaire wrapped a few for me... um, 3-D origami and all. who does that?) AMAZING.

-I am packing up my bags today for 10 glorious days at home (including a few days hanging out w/ my besties in Merced and SF!) Couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

-Trying to locate the PERFECT gingerbread kit so i can make it on time this year. Suggestions?

-Finishing up my Marathon Thank you’s and hopefully getting these out BEFORE Christmas!!

-Trying not to eat the fudge, brownies, and cookies all at once that were left from the party. o. em. gee. delicious!

-Trying not to drive anywhere unnecessary since it’s pouring rain sideways for 4 days straight. gross.

-I think i came up with my second daughters name (stop judging me). after baby emma of course. oh my!

-I am officially addicted to words with friends. if you have it and we aren’t friends, why not?

-I can’t wait to be a wedding planner for my next big girl job. my ideas are over flooding my brain.

-I have officially been to drop off/pick up people at LAX over 100 times in 2010. i am definitely counting on 2011 being more. oh boy.

-My friend kelly and i switched “blog reel” lists. this quite possibly was my MOST favorite thing!! if you are reading this, and have a blog reel yourself, PLEASE send!! i am already obsessed with hers!

-I listened online to my dad’s podcasts he used to do. um, there’s one about family. get’s me EVERY time. not to mention one of my favorite parts - he got my birth year wrong. and when i informed him this he said “well, i was only off by a year” ummmm. cool? i love listening to these every now and again. so happy to have them forever.

I hope you all have a magical christmas week! i will try to post as much as i can while i am home (but family time comes first!)

happy holidays to all!!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


On Saturday night I went to see Black Swan with some friends of mine
(followed by a delicious pasta meal at Mama D's in Manhattan Beach)
and during dinner we couldn't help but discuss the movie over and over.

we all came to the conclusion that:

1. We still don't get it but somehow think Natalie Portman should win the Oscar
2. We don't know what was real or fake (don't worry by saying this i didn't really give anything away)
3. We still don't know what happened in the end (again, not giving anything away, really)
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then yesterday i took a half day to take my lil sis Lupe to see Tangled for an early Christmas outing.

we came to the conclusion that:

1. We understood the entire movie (and it was darling)
2. i cry during every Disney movie (while Lupe laughs at me)
3. taking half days to spend some time (cell phone free) with the ones you love is totally worth feeling overwhelmed with everything i should have been doing today instead.

i just can't help but get all gushy during the holidays.
not to mention when Lupe says thinks like...
"Jen, today was a really great day!"
i can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside
(cue the tears...)

just kidding.

kind of.

Monday, December 20, 2010


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Over the weekend the roomies and I threw an UGLY Christmas Sweater Party at our house.
it was so much fun (and yes, i am still recuperating from it)

i made a make shift "photobooth" from streamers, tape, and props!

i love christmas.
i love parties.
and i love having friends gather.

all the makings of a perfect party.
already looking forward to next years!!

hope your weekend was as fun as mine!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


My dear friends who are getting married next year made the cutest SAVE THE DATE video (with added bloopers for your enjoyment) and i must say....

it is so stinkin cute.

(ps. for those of you who don't know them - her name is Carly and his is Nick Carter - and no not the backstreet boy nick carter)

and of course a 2010 YEAR IN REVIEW video!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For those of you still trying to figure out what to get your family members, friends, or loved ones.... here are some goodies that might help you out!

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this pink neck warmer found here

<span class=
this adorable mustard yellow cardigan found here

<span class=
the perfect nail polish for the holidays found here

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the most amazing bow tie for any man found here

<span class=
the warmest/cutest mittens ever found here
<span class=
a crazy cool top found here

<span class=
this amazing gift for anyone found here

<span class=
a great gift for a sports guy found here

<span class=
a cute personalized rubber address stamp for the holidays found here

<span class=

great shoes for him/her or for kids found here

hope this helps with your last minute gift ideas!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010


it's monday..... again!
jesus. where is the time going?
here we go again!!!

i did not love chipotle & sleepover with amber! i love when she visits!!
i did not love walking my favorite pups in the venice canals. that place during christmas time is to. die. for.
i did not love learning that my macbook is a "lemon" what?!! apple... you are killing me!
(good thing i have a year warranty!) phew!
i did not love GLEE'S christmas episode! i hate that my shows are done until January! blah.
i did not love paying $19 for a park hopper ticket to disneyland. it's good to know people.
i did not love Diannah coming to town for our disneyland day kid less adventure (who knew they have drinks at CA Adventure!)
i did not love staying in saturday night & decorating my room. love pj nights!
i did not love 88 degree weather this past weekend in SO CAL! i'm pretty sure it's december!
i did not love driving to Pasadena w/ the roomies for a church service (which brought me to tears it was so amazing) and of course C & O's dinner! um. DELICIOUS!!!!!
i did not love finishing my christmas gifts. i am READY for the big day!
i did not love hearing Zac Efron is single (sorry that's sad, but one step closer!!!)
i did not love pulling out the christmas cookie recipes i'm gonna make for our party!! oh boy oh boy!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


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(photos from my phone)

i love Disneyland and i love my new Minnie ears...
there's just nothing better than the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH with great friends!
TGIF loves!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


i must say, i've got some pretty talented friends.
one of my favorite things to do is to find the perfect gift for someone.

whether it be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or holidays... i love giving gifts that are personal and meaningful.
makes them THAT much more special.
don't you agree?

well, my friend Shauna is taking painting orders up until tomorrow for the holidays!!
seriously, make sure you order one, you will NOT be disappointed.
so. worth. every. penny. spent.

visit her site by clicking HERE.

here is my favorite one she has done for me (i gave to my mom for a gift)
she of course, loved it.

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how talented is this girl?

(and make sure say i sent you!!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


my friend Justin (who is darling by the way) is in a band called Bonnie Dune.
they are a LA based indie/alternative rock band
and are quite awesome if you ask me.
not to mention one of the band mates is Finn from Glee.
you know, the one and only GLEEK - Cory Monteith.
he's a cutie too!

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if you have a facebook could you "like" them please!
it would mean the world to me (and them!)

they will be playing their first show in Los Angeles in January.
you bet i will be there!!!

check them out, you will love them too!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


When my family went to Canada it was the same time that Lanvin for H&M was going on.
people stood in line for a day. those people are also nuts.
we walked in, grabbed the cutest pea coat, and left.
that is how us Robin's shop.
but i do LOVE this color:

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I have been painting my nails daily it seems.
this is on my nails right now.
i am in love with it:

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Starbucks is having a limited edition Jonathan Adler ceramic to-go cup at Starbucks.
i suggest you go grab one.
i love mine:

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Monday, December 6, 2010


hello, again!
this is just getting silly.... i mean, another week down!
it's almost 2011. so weird.
well, another week down and another not me monday.


i did not love getting back into BAR METHOD after the binge of the holiday!
i did not love shedding what i hope is all of my THANKSGIVING happy pounds (a few more and my jeans fit normal again!!) whoooo hoooo!
i did not love getting a MUCH needed massage! i might add however, this lady was a ninja or something in a prior life. strong hands my gosh!
i did not love going out in west hollywood with my favorite peeps! that LA place is a little crazy... but i love dance parties all night long!!
i did not love meeting up for coffee w/ miss jess. i have missed her so.
loved it & her!
i did not love going to the airport to track down an ipad..... i will just keep it at that. but i will say - i am badass at my job. i need a medal!
i did not love picking out the PERFECT holiday dress! i got to wear it to my brother's firm party. rocked it and it will most likely be my NYE dress! ya!
i did not love driving to SD to party w/ my big brother. those lawyers sure know how to have fun!!! i love their parties (and photo booths!)
i did not love driving back in the rain. but i did love laying in my bed listening to it!
i did not love relaxing in my tub, candles, and wine! party of one (me) amazing!!! i need to do this often!
i did not love planning our UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER party w/ the roomies!! i am SO excited!!!!!!!! i must win best dressed!
i did not love writing thank you notes for all the donations for the marathon. i still can't believe how much we raised!!
i did not love knowing what i am getting mom & brother for christmas! yes!!!!!
i did not love watching ELF and Love Actually on repeat before bed time this week. up next is Home Alone, The Holiday, and The Family stone! pumped to fall asleep to my other favs.
i did not love getting my DELL back - $276 later. will be uploading pics again soon!
i did not LOVE finding a letter from my dad in my drawer. always the best finding these :)
i did not love downloading new music for my december 2010 mixed cd! can't wait to blast them in my car!
i did not love finishing up PARENTHOOD on hulu. sad day to be caught up.
i did not love planning my upcoming week out for work! busy busy busy!!!!
i did not love grabbing yogurt land with bular. gosh i have missed this place.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

our christmas spirit.

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every year i look forward to my brother's law firm Christmas party.
they spend a quarter of a million dollars (ya, you heard me correctly) on the most elaborate party you can think of.
our favorite part this year was clearly the photo booth.
we might have gone back 3 times with different groups. (might)
don't judge us, we've got spirit (or too many cocktails?)
gosh, i love us.

Merry Christmas countdown!!!
(20 days until Christmas.... but hey, who's counting.)

hope you guys had a lovely weekend.
i know i did.

ps. excuse the poor quality photo - apparently my scanner sucks :)

pss. thank you brother for letting me be your date 3 years and counting. i know people might start to talk... but i just can't get enough of the fun!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


<span class=
(our decorated Christmas tree!)

i am completely in the Christmas spirit.
we spent a night this week getting our tree, decorating the house, and stringing lights on our deck.
we drank wine, listened to Christmas music and cooked a delicious meal.
i just love this time of year.
i have been switching between watching ELF and Love Actually at night before bed
(my two all time favorite Christmas movies)
i even once played a character in my dream from love actually, don't ask.

i am so happy it's Friday!

cheers to the weekend!
(sung in rihanna's voice of course)