Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my brother on the bachelorette!

sad sad sad news for mr. andre robin (aka my big bro)
he was NOT chosen for jillian.
he called back TOO late :(

but we will still be cheering jillian on....

american idol tonight!

danny gokey. you have my heart <3

Monday, March 23, 2009

not me monday!
here ya go... all the things i did not do this week!
i did not get excited my mom & i survived week 2 of the SB diet. yea us!
i did not get sad over melinda leaving me for 2 years.
i did not LOVE country week on A.I.. and SUPER not excited for this weeks show!
i did not make more cards for my orders and love every minute of it!
i did not get my pair of fabulous lululemon pants! LOVE them and super comfy to run in.....
i did not get back into running and did not like the 75 perfect weather!
i did not LAUGH MY BUTT OFF that my brother got called for the bachelorette!
(fingers crossed he does it!)
i did not love love love I LOVE YOU, MAN! gosh SO funny!
i did not love that we got DIRECT KICK on tv! yea for every MLS game ;)

join us, would you?
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it's so much cheaper than therapy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

goodbye melinda!

i will miss you SO much on your 2 year adventure across the world!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i forgot to say - join twitter! it's super FUN!
jenkatherine is my username!

not me monday (on wednesday!?)

well, been busy! but got some good stuff! here ya go!
i did not start watching dancing with the stars just because melissa was on it.
i did not enjoy feeling SO good after the first week on the SB diet, and i did not love
bonding with my mom!
i did not love enjoy jess's pub crawl nor do i enjoy wearing green NEON wigs as a disguise.
i did not enjoy getting a pay check even though i wish it was more!
i did not love getting a surprise in the mail!
i did not enjoy maternity shopping with diannah and her preggo belly!
i did not enjoy girls night & the movie role models,
nor do i have a HUGE crush on paul rudd. i do not want to eat him with a spoon.
speaking of crushes. i did NOT enjoy adding Shia L. to my twitter friends.
he's yummy.
i did not have another business meeting that went REALLY well. 3 for 3!
i am NOT obsessed with letterpress and i can't wait to get my own one day!
i did not get a few more iphone apps.... and i am not once again, in love with them. DORK alert!
i did not miss my daily Starbucks routine due to this diet! uggggggh i do not miss it!
i did not clean out my entire room & love every minute of it!
i did not decide green wigs should be worn more often!
i did not buy the cutest nail polish color..... cotton candy pink! i do not love it!

join us, would you?!
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it's so much cheaper than therapy!

happy BELATED st. pattys! xoxo
i've been MIA..... so a little update......

okay, so i have been REALLY bad about blogging lately. finishing up my website (yea!) and working more than usual! SO i'm back! and i will reallllly try to post more. some of you have commented on that, and i am SORRY! so here goes... a little update:)

work at the salon is going REALLY well (i am feeling a raise pretty soon?! hopefully at least!) i got a free eye brow wax, 1 hour massage, and 1 hour facial (which i am OBSESSED with) so i guess i am starting to LOVE the perks....... signed up for all my free stuff next month already!

Ohhh My Card! is almost up & running! seriously, SO excited! website guy is putting some finishing touches, the LOGO is almost done, and i am making as many cards as i can! got 60 more orders! yikes!

South Beach Diet is amazing! my mom lost 7 pounds in the first week! we are just LOVING it. i feel better everyday, and i am starting to feel REALLY good about the cleanse. LOVE it. we are on day 9! on day 15 we get to eat fruit... THANK GOOOOODNESS!

Soccer still training, slowly but surely this time! playing at night time, and LOVING getting back into it. feel a little tired after my trainings b/c i am not eating HUGE portions of carbs right now (or non for that matter).... BUT drinking lots of water and hoping to stay in it. healthy. ALSO, chatted with the WPSL peeps last night.... looks like i am gonna start playing with them! (well "tryout" basis) of course. games on the weekends, and all throughout summer. we play the bay area pro team (if i make it!) which will get me a get look for that team maybe!? fingers crossed!

birthdays! soooooo Jessica's 24, Amy's 26, AND Jackie's 26 were ALL yesterday! MAN o MAN! i spent saturday downtown for the pub crawl! what a BLAST! pics are uploaded on facebook & myspace! SO FUN! i will be seeing amy in a few weeks for a late "celebration" and jackie next month when i am in Long Beach for our women's alumni game! SO happy birthday girls! i LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

not me monday!

not me monday!
here ya go...
all the things i did not do this week..........
i did not eat too many oatmeal raisin cookies in one sitting...
and i did not decide to give them up after doing so :(
i did not LOVE that the thundercats won on tuesday....
and i do not hope we win like that every week.
i did not work TOO much but somehow enjoyed every minute of it.
i am not jealous of melinda and her 2 year adventures traveling around the world...
nope not jealous at all.
my mom & i are not starting the south beach diet tomorrow (as a team)
and we will not succeed.
i did not hope my new lulu lemon pants could come quicker...
and i cannot wait to go on a nice long run in them!
i did not love the pick for the top 13 on american idol,
and i will not be glued to the TV tomorrow for the first show!

join us, would you?
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the joy of a smile

sometimes it's easier to write then say things aloud. don't ya agree?!
i tried the whole journal thing, but i turned it into a scrapbook (go figure).
i tried the whole writting down my thoughts, but again turned that into a cute little scrappie.
hmmmmmmmmmmm i guess i wanted to talk it out but now i'm just gonna "blog it out"
so here goes...

i went to starbucks this morning to get my regular cup of joe before work.
i saw the CUTEST old couple (SO cute i wanted to sneak a picute - but realized the stalker in me needed to tone it down a notch).

anways, back to my story....
this old couple was sitting at a table drinking what looked to be like tea. (not quite sure, but irrelevant eith way). SO i walked past them and did my normal smile at strangers look when i noticed they started to get up & kind of come towards me (which excited me, but again, stalker side of me didn't need to shake their hands or anything, just a simple smile).

OH & sidenote, i want to be JUST like them one day. they were laughing like they were 12 again and truly loved each other with every ounce of themselves. it didn't matter where they were, how old they were, or what they were doing..... it only mattered that they were together.

long story short the old man came up to me while holding his wife's hand...
and said this.............. "darlin, you make sure you keep smiling at strangers because it really made our day."

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can you say, i wanted to wrap my arms around them, put them in my pocket, and take them home with me!

i died. literally.

little did they know those two made MY day.

the joy of a single smile. the joy of a lifetime of love. life doesn't get much better than that.

Monday, March 2, 2009

not me monday!
that time of the week again!
all the things i did NOT do this week.....
here ya go...
i did not HATE the bachelor finale,
AND might even boycott the show!? (might)
i did not have fun in santa clara playing BAR GOLF
& i do not already miss everyone!
i did not get TONS of card orders in & i am not excited about it!
i did not LOVE pinkberry in the rain with tiff.
i definitely did not eat it as fast as i can!
i did not decide i wish i lived on an island with no bills & no worries.
i definitely am not having a mid life crisis like week.
and i am NOT thankful for having the best friends in the world to lean on.
i did NOT wish that someone else could work out for me this week.
i was totally motivated. NOT.

join us, would you?
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it's so much cheaper than therapy.