Friday, January 30, 2009

valentines OHHHHH 9.

here are a few samples for my 2009 valentines cards...

*** editors note***
pictures aren't great because
photos taken from my phone.
you like?!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Ohhh My Card"

cards are ALMOST done!
i will be posting them ASAP
(hopefully tomorrow)
BUT if you need to order some....

email me before it's too late!!!

they are SUPER cute.


never hungry at the robin's

THIS is why i HAVE to work out!!!
as a joke, i wanted to take some pictures of our family "dinners"
what you don't realize is that our family "dinners" are for 3 people.
yep. that's it.
NOW if you didn't realize before WHY i MUST work out...
i hope this will explain it...

just a little something...
pasta with chicken...
(or 7 chickens)

my dad's version of a hamburger...
(on a LOAF of bread)


*editors note*
don't worry, we never let food go to waste.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

total flattery.

SO i need to say THANKS to some of my friends and the new people i have met through the "blogging world" in the last year or so. i joined in October of 2008 but didn't really get into blogging until just recently... and boy am i obsessed.

which is why i wanted to thank you for reading & thank you for the emails i have gotten regarding inspiration to start your own blogs! Which is awesome because that is how i got started. the joy of my blogger friends *ahhhh sigh*

anyways. THANKS again for reading.

happy blogging.

my 25 (thanks Kelsey!)

1. i am a BIG crafter.
2. i am in LOVE with soccer and will be playing pro soccer soon (fingers crossed).
3. i am fueled with JENERGY (it's pretty contagious).
4. My dad is the funniest person i have ever met and my mom is the most giving.
i am in LOVE with them.
5. i can't wait to be a mom (but don't worry marriage will come first....)
6. i own my own business... "Ohhh my Card".... which one day will be better than hallmark :)
7. i ran a marathon in 2005 and want to run another someday.
8. Emma is my all time favorite name and that will be my first girls name!
9. the notebook is my favorite movie. I'm a hopeless romantic and i can't help it!
10. i am really good at ping pong, corn hole, and dr. mario. like stupid good.
11. i get excited every year for January to come around.... American Idol time......
12. i am a big sister to a wonderful girl named Guadalupe. she is AMAZING.
13. i make more lists than anyone i can think of. i would bet money on it.
14. i love to run and listen to my ipod forever. its a good endorphin.
15. i can be in Barnes and Noble for hours.
16. i LOVE taking pictures...
17. i play indoor 3 nights a week, and could play 7. i just love it.
18. i have always wanted to start a blog, and LOVE that i chose 2009 to do so.
19. i love starbucks.
20. i have the best friends a girl could ever ask for
21. chicago is my favorite city in the world.
22. i love to people watch, especially at the airport.
23. i wear my heart on my sleeve, but i love that about me.
24. mikuni is my all time favorite resturant.
25. i love that this year is all about change.

the Bachelor!

so did you watch!?
monday nights are my new FAV.
i am becoming quite obsessed with the bachelor.
pizza, salad, and a group of friends.
gotta love it.
the gang (me, kelly, tadd, and lauren)
picked our horses from the beginning.
i don't mean to toot our own horn here...
ALL 4 of these ladies AKA our "horses" are winning.
no biggie.
in NO specific order...





may the best gal win :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

not me monday

i'm joining in for not me

here ya go....
i did not spend the night on jess's and ana's couch 3 nights in a row
and i did not love every minute of it.
i did not ball my eyes out during greys, and super sad i have to wait
another week for it to come on.
i definitely did not stay up until 3 am and read twilight. nope, i'm not
in love with edward cullen.
i did not blog stalk my blogger friends for inspiration,
and end up with 3 new projects
that will definitely NOT take up all my free time this month.
i most definitely did not miss peter this week & think this week has gone entirely too slow
for him to only be gone for a week. 51 more weeks to go.
i did not glance at perez hilton's website... a few times... for my guilty pleasure.
i did not get secretly jealous of the 1 million people dancing to "you make we wanna shout"
at the inauguration. so NOT jealous.

join us, would you?
post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

weekend wrap up!

it's my least favorite time of the week.

knowing i have to get up early and start my week all over.
ALTHOUGH, i am VERY excited about TONS of fun stuff this week....

watching the Bachelor at the Oddo's (and cheering for my horses AKA my front runners)
2 soccer games & 2 practices this week
HOPEFULLY finding a full time job
american idol (obsessed, don't judge)
date night with paula
card making for hours at the scrapbook store, totally nerdy but totally amazing!
sleeping on jess's/ana's couch and spooning with their doggie
friday night downtown with my wingman

drum roll please....
SUPERBOWL on sunday!

now for my favorite picture of the week:

me and jess at diane's 60th birthday fiesta!
LOVE the mustaches and sombreros that they provided.

Friday, January 23, 2009

happy friday!

ummmmmmmmmmm did anyone else see GREY'S last night???
balled my eyes out.
it was SO good!
ps. i hope Jess is wrong... but she thinks izzie is dying!!
sad news in the grey's world.

but seriously, how CUTE is denny.
SO cute i want to eat him with a spoon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

thursday date night with momma.

one of my favorite places.
unlimited salad and bread sticks.
can't wait!
and for dessert..... grey's anatomy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

introducing mr. & mrs. Garey

married 1-9-2009

a new president and a small crush

i was glued to the TV yesterday watching the big inauguration.
i must say i officially have a small crush on OBAMA.
and how stinkin cute are they together.

and i'm back in the game...

i have to say it feels REALLY good to be back on the field again! EVEN though i am terribly out of shape (you would think 6 weeks doesn't put you behind tooooo much) but its okay you gotta start somewhere. i just loved being able to play again with no calf issues. not one. i am a VERY happy girl this morning. SO back to training again, slowly easing my way into it........ fingers crossed.

Monday, January 19, 2009

oh and HOLY CUTE!!!!
this is Chelsea's cousin, PAYTON.
she deserves a shout out just for being so darn cute.

an ode to my very best friend....

she starts grad school soon.... and she will be missed in nor cal.
i am SO proud of you chels.
go kick some GRAD SCHOOL butt...
you're gonna do GREAT!!

not me monday.

i'm joining in for not me monday.

here you go...all the things i did not do this week.

i did not sit and watch TV all day, and catch up on all my shows that I missed over the week. tivo is not fun.
i definitely did not go see 3 movies, instead of working.
i definitely did not miss my workout and instead baked delicious treats.
i did not go to barnes and nobles and read gossip magazines.
i did not have too many margaritas for Mexican dinner night.
i did not LOVE American idol, and I am definitely not thankful it is back on!
i did not cry over peter leaving for Chicago and I will keep it together this week.
i also did not tell peter we are naming our kids Aidan & Emma. Again.
i did not become re-obsessed with white chocolate lattes at starbucks.
i did not NOT shower for a few days (even after a workout because I was too tired)
i DEFINITELY did not get a job this week, nor did I get a call for ONE interview. Oh wait I really didn't.
i did not spend way too much money on arts & crafts
especially with money i do not have.
i did not go with my dad to get massages because i knew he would pay.
and i most definitely did not let my laundry pile double and just sit in the corner. nope. i did not do that.

join us, would you?
post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

goodbye love.

i am so proud of him.... but i miss him already.
he's off to Chicago to kick some soccer butt with the FIRE.

Happy New Year (well 18 days late)

I decided that 2009 will be my best year yet...
here is a list of things i HOPE to accomplish. drum roll please........

1. write more on my blog.
2. make more cards & throw a card party!!!
3. have a ME day much more often.
4. play LOTS of soccer as i can so i can make the WPS team. yep i said it.
5. work on my arts & crafts projects more
6. read more of the books on my list of "things i wanna read"
7. take more pictures..... i have a bad memory so these tend to help in the future....
8. spend more time with my family & friends
9. tell the love of my life more often how amazing he is. because he is.
10. pay off my loan debt (or win the lottery) hopefully the latter.............
11. BAKE & COOK more. i love both, so why not?! plus i think my dad loves me more when i show interest.... jk
12. finish my bucket list and cookbook
13. start cycling again
14. organize my "clutter" in my room
15. keep my SANITY BOOK up to date
16. run another marathon. or at least train like i will run another... someday.
17. continue my vision board (yes, i LOVE Oprah. don't judge)
18. save enough money for my dream laptop (after paying off my debt of course)
19. use our time share for a little mini vaca

last but certainly not least.....
20. learning to say NO a littttttle more. sorry peeps, this one is for me ;)