Monday, November 30, 2009

a new project.

totally cute to-do this month.

not me monday.

here you go!
all the things i did not do this week.

i did not think the blind side was one of the best movies i have ever seen.
and no i do not root for michael O & the RAVENS now ;)
i did not love Seattle and definitely did not love meeting mr. & mrs. beckham (they are delightful, i must say)
i did not love my mom's homemade jambalaya.
i did not love taking my mom to get pampered for her birthday. she deserved it.
i did not love my new steve madden heels - they are OH SO SEXY.
i did not love LSU beating Arkansas.......... my mom LOVED this!!

i definitely did not love a week with my mom & brother at home.
i did not love my new found obsession with horoscopes - thanks danielle!!
i did not love MIKUNI naming a roll after my dad - BIG DRE roll. it's the very best.

i did not love pedi's with mom. love the US time.
i did not love eating mr. pickles. boy i have missed you.
i did not love leftovers. wow, still full.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.
hiatus for a week.

i think there comes a time in everyone's life when you go through something so tragic where you just need a break...
from life, from people, from everyday "stuff"
i needed that this past week.
i have the most amazing family & friends - where they understood that.
i love them for that, and for always being there.
i just needed a break.
thanksgiving was hard.
there's no reason to lie and say it wasn't. i have had my share of "those days"
and i am starting to realize, it's okay.
it's okay to be sad.
it's okay to cry.
it's okay to just want to hide out for sometime.
it is all - okay.

i will be back blogging again later today.
i just wanted to check in and say - i am alive and back from a week of being on hiatus.

it was a much needed break.

big hugs.
(if i haven't said it enough, i love everyone so much..... i am dreaming again because of all of you.)

thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

not me monday, on wednesday? sure why not.........

all the things i did not do this week....
here you go!

i did not love that i made homemade dinner 5 out of the 7 nights of the week.
i did not love my new found obsession with jeopardy
and my boss was an answer this week! ha!
i did not love my boss's team winning and heading to the finals... eeeeeeek.
i did not love booking my first class ticket to Seattle this weekend. pumped.
i did not love running with my running partner - santi the dog. he's amazing.
i did not love watching the sunset while drinking coffee bean.
i did not love developing a new crush.
i did not love counting down another week until i am home with my favorites.
i did not love wearing my new DAD necklace... i love it more than i can say.
i did not love attending the pre-game party at the stadium,
and did not love meeting fantastic new people.
i did not love having a day off and relaxing, getting a pedicure, and window shopping.
i did not love making a few more mix cds to add to my collection.
i did not love baking more and more goodies - i love making goodie packs for friends. new favorite thing.
i did not love biggest loser & crying because i am so happy for all of them.
i did not love late night ben & jerry's runs..... my thighs definitely do not love this.
i did not love feeling that i found what i am meant for.
i did not love ordering my favorite fellow crafters book. yep, she's published.
i did not love hearing my mom had a wonderful birthday with wonderful friends.
i did not love knowing my brother has grown into a wonderful son & brother. he makes me so proud.
i did not love hanging out with drew carey & zac efron at the game.
i am not in love with mr. efron.

post your not me mondays.
(even if it's on a wednesday)
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

happy birthday momma.

to the most beautiful woman in the world.
this world is a much better place because of you.

you are so generous.
you are so loving.
you are so strong.
you are so positive.
you are so kind.
you are so full of life.
you are such an inspiration.
you are so darn cute.
you are so outgoing.
you are so funny.
you are just so perfect.

you are the very best mom.
i love you more than life itself.

happy birthday from your (co) biggest fan.
dre is the co-fan as well.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas came early this year.

this will be my favorite post to date. i am smiling already...
i just received this necklace in the mail.
i am in love.
i wanted to design something that i could have forever.... of course wear it close to my heart.
i knew i wanted a necklace and i knew exactly what i wanted it to look like.
i am so happy because it is just perfect.

dear monday morning,

i feel like this week is going to be really busy. i am a little worried that i am working on 3 hours of sleep today. (apparently, i decided it was okay to go out and celebrate (what did i celebrate? still not sure....) but needless to say i am awake and trying to work. please help me make my day a little easier by feeling better. i would like that, a lot. i promise i will come full force tomorrow... i just need lots of water today and a little help from up above.

yours truly,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

ahhh, saturday.

(photo taken with my phone - but still gorgeous... Manhattan Beach is breathtaking)

enjoy & happy Saturday to you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

fun photo friday.

{taken may 2008}

my dad thought it would be pretty funny to put on my brother's law school grad gown at his graduation ceremony.
then send an email to all his friends saying "i did it!"
gosh i love him.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

chocolate chip pumpkin cookies (oh my gee!)

honestly, i know i am going a little over board with the "holiday treat" thing
but i also know the holiday police do not have rules against this.
so i'm going to keep spreading holiday treat cheer!

happy friday!!

dear everyone that is bored,

i had the night off yesterday. i know right? crazy. but it is true. although, i did spend my day running errands, trying to run (literally), coffee, window shopping, baking (again) AND spending time with a good friend. we watched the ugly truth, gosh i love that movie - gerald butler is funny... OH and i did squeeze in a little blog time. or as i would call bored blogging. i guess my "night offs" equal me being REALLY busy. either way, i loved it.

i tag you too.

apple juice or orange juice?
definitely orange juice in the am. preferably freshly-squeezed, but not necessary. i enjoy apple juice after the hours of 3:30pm. not exactly near that time, but pretty darn close.

morning or night person?
morning, unfortunately. i no longer know what it feels like to sleep in.

sweet or salty foods?
both. sometimes together. there is nothing better than milk chocolate M's n M's with goldfish. thanks for getting my cravings up.

favorite tv show as a kid?

saved by the bell by far. i swore i would marry zack morris the day i turned legal.

do you collect anything?
any scrapbooking material is a "must have"

if you could be any animal, what would you be?
i like being a human mostly.

if you could have any superpower, what would it be?
i would definitely want to have the power to sing. that's not even a "superpower" pursue but i wish i could. mainly so i can go on american idol and have simon tell me i am good. like really really good.

what is usually your first thought when you wake up?
must need coffee. usually is number 1. then a close second would be... why am i up so early?

what do you usually think about right before falling asleep?
man, i wish i went to bed earlier. and man i wish i worked out today. dang.

what's your favorite color?
i'm too indecisive to have "favorites" but i guess i like turquoise and yellow. and maybe green. see i told you. too indecisive.

what's your favorite animal/insect?
who likes insects? and recently my new love is for the dogs.

do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets?
sure. but mainly because i think it's really funny to imagine little aliens staring at us all day. creepy?

do you believe in ghosts?
i believe in spirits; it sounds better than ghosts. and i definitely believe in spirits now. my dad is probably the funniest spirit. i can see all the other spirits being jealous of his humor.

ever been addicted to a video/computer game?
dr. mario and tetris. these two games have ruined my social life at one point or another in my life.

you're given 1 million dollars; what do you spend it on?
pay off my debt. buy a house. revamp the closet. and take my mom and brother on a ridiculous p. diddy style yacht vacay. who doesn't want that?

have any bad habits?
i crack my knuckles, which doesn't bother me, it only bothers others. i'm also have OCD when it comes to cleaning & organizing. which actually benefits all people so no. i'm perfect.

list 3 of your best personality traits:
1. creative
2. enthusiastic
3. loving

list 1 thing you wish you could change about yourself:
i wish i could change the fact that i love everyone. you think it's a good thing.... until i want to save the homeless, bad people, etc. etc. it's a major problem.

what personality trait do you dislike in other people?

are you mostly a clean or messy person?
i have OCD, enough said.

if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
i'm a fan of america, especially of california. so this place is pretty cool.

list 5 goals on your life's to-do list:
1. get out of debt.
2. make a difference.
3. make my family proud.
4. marry a stud and make some babies.
5. travel.

name 1 regret you have:
wasting time. caring about the unimportant. oh and i do regret having a crush on shia labeouf. only because i told so many people that now when we do fall in love he might think i am creepy when everyone tells him i loved him before we met. way to go jen.

name something you miss about being a kid:
not having so much responsibility and your whole life completely ahead of you. and definitely the snacks at half time. oh god, those orange slices and capri suns are life changing.

name 1 thing you love about being an adult:
the ability to recognize and appreciate blessings.

if you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?
1. to have my dad back

2. to teach people to be kind.

3. to have money to pay off my debt (this debt thing really kills dreams...) and of course so i can have my mom live with me and stop working and just travel... (was that more than 3?)

big hugs. XO

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

soccer mom.

i can't wait to be a soccer mom (mom and brother - don't worry it wont be for a while....)
i baked these goods for the team and the staff at HDC.
they were delicious!
everyone needs a little Holiday pick me up.
and i was happy to supply it.

ps. orange slices & capri suns at little kiddie soccer games are my favorite.
i will be that mom. you'll see....

(sorry for the poor quality photo, they were taken on my phone.)

messy kitchen makes a great work space

finished baked goods

packaged in these cute tins
(from target, also known as my favorite place of all time)

i'm sorry i can't give you the recipe to the most amazing graham cracker treats.
my nana would kill me.
but they sure are amazing....

big hugs.

Monday, November 9, 2009

ohhhh hey thanksgiving. you are so close....

i know it may not seem like it, but you really are one of my favorite holidays. it makes sense - i love fall, lots of food and any kind of pumpkin desserts. but mostly, i think it is so so important to remember all of our many blessings. however, with Christmas right on your heels, i tend to get pretty excited and begin planning Christmas week and listening to holiday tunes before you've even come, as hard as i try not to. so this year, instead of neglecting you and then feeling bad, like i usually do, i decided to compile a list of 100 things that i am grateful for. so thank you, thanksgiving, for the push in the right direction.

here it is, in no particular order:

1. family (although this is always number one)
2. home
3. good food
4. cameras
5. an income
6. letterpress
7. mail
8. friends
9. running shoes
10. health insurance
11. living by the water
12. good health
13. good men
14. leggings with boots
15. Christmas songs
16. pumpkin spice lattes
17. the magazine rack at Barnes and noble
19. avocados
20. a warm bed
21. baked goods
22. throwing parties
23. redbox
24. blogs
25. photography
26. soccer
27. calendars
28. wine nights
29. comfy pjs
30. dad's recipes
31. naps
32. target
33. football
34. that it doesn't snow in California
35. the beach
36. crunchy fall leaves
37. my new black dress
38. learning how to apply mac make-up
39. vegas
40. weddings
41. strangers that say nice things
42. paper products
43. rain
44. sunflowers
45. ben & jerry
46. etsy
47. education
48. fishnet tights
49. the office
50. my i-pod
51. grey's anatomy
52. the geniuses at apple
53. paid vacation
54. Christmas dinner
55. canvases
56. movie quotes
57. candy bowls
58. mom's recipes
59. snippet & ink
60. in n' out
61. fall weather
62. mason jars
63. not me Mondays
64. family history
65. 3 bin Christmas popcorn
66. sales
67. photoshop
68. color coded lists
69. hope
70. my dads stories
71. midnight showings of movies
72. airports
73. twinkle lights
74. over sized Christmas trees
75. wicked in Chicago
76. Sunday walks
77. any reason for boysenberry cobbler and homemade ice cream
78. burt's bees chapstick
79. grammatically correct sentences
80. sleeping in
81. facebook
82. starbucks
83. project runway
84. leftovers
85. dads wine cake
86. sincere compliments
87. books
88. babies that don't spit up. ever.
89. pedicures
90. creativity
91. ellen and her dance moves
92. pictures in my inbox
93. paintings
94. handmade furniture
95. water filters
96. Chinese chicken salad from la bou
97. the troops
98. cute dogs
99. personal inspiration
100. knowing my dad is in a good place, where he is happy, no matter how much we miss him here. we have the very best guardian angel looking out for us.

we are blessed.

you should try it. it's certainly hard to have a bad day when you realize all that you have to be thankful for.

3 months ago.

heaven gained the most amazing man to ever step foot on this earth.
how lucky they are to have you.
our world will never be the same.
today my heart is full of you, and only you.

wishing you were here..........

new account.

hi all. new email account alert: is my new & improved account.
i am in the processing of ordering the cutest business cards (pics to be posted soon)
and i needed to update my account.

so for those of you who email, please take note.

big hugs

not me monday.

all the things i did not do this week.
(and to the newbies... it's all the things i actually did do).
i'm nerdy, and i like it.

here you go!
i did not love catching up on all my favorite shows with wine & popcorn.
i did not like running on the beach to clear my brain.
i did not love meeting a few more new friends.
you can never have too many good people in your life.
i did not like picking out the perfect birthday gift for my mom. (can't tell you b/c momma robin reads this) gosh i love her.
i did not love designing my new "dad" necklace....
and i have never been so excited to receive something in the mail. ever.
i did not like attending the galaxy game with my brother, watching my boss score the pk. he's a baller.
i did not love spending a full sunday with my brother.... laughing, catching up, and watching football. go saints!
i did not enjoy spending a night in long beach with my favorite girls. gosh i love them so much!
i did not love my coffee date with an old friend.
i did not like, okay okay you caught me.....
LOVED the rihanna 20/20 episode. she's brave. i like her. a lot.
i did not love jamming to old school boyz II men. what a good group of men.
i did not love my strawberry shake from in & out. it's heaven.
i did not love switching over to organic foods (besides my shake, and a few other goodies).
life changing. i tell ya.
i did not love getting inspired again this week by fall.
i did not enjoy booking my vegas trip & vegas fun with all my favorite people.
i absolutely did not like taylor swift on SNL - dang, isn't she the cutest?
i did not love the feeling of being so proud of my bestie for finishing another week of finals.
she's a grad school champ.
i did not love having dreams about the love of my life, my dad. god i miss him.
i did not like, okay, so i really didn't like this........ getting denied by kaiser.
BUT i did love writing an appeal letter.......... and i got approved! hallelujah!!

post your not me mondays.
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

the farmers market.

there's just something about buying fresh fruits, veggies, and other goodies.....
i love farmers market days.

Friday, November 6, 2009

coffee, please!!

my absolute favorite time of year just hit a Starbucks near you.
oh gee. happy day!!

boxes galore.

sometimes when i am reading my boss's fan mail, makes me wish i had fans.
QUITE the confidence booster.
(this is what i will be doing all day today, tomorrow, and quite possibly for a long time to come)
he is a very popular man.

ps. my favorite one so far is from a 7 year old boy.
he is battling cancer, and my boss just happens to be his idol.
we are sending something very cute his way.
or cool?
i should say cool because no 7 year old boy wants something cute.
(oh well, i still think it's CUTE)

XO hugs,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my friend elizabeth.

i am a huge fan of E.
she has amazing goodies at her Etsy site.
i am obsessed with her cards!
you can find her here @ PaperWheel
i love her.
she knocks my socks off with her ideas.
sneak a peak, buy, get inspired.
visit her Etsy store, it's worth it.

homemade organic granola bars.

i just had to make my favorite organic granola bars.
they are delicious!
comment/email me if you would like the recipe.
super easy, and yummy.
i packaged them for the freezer to enjoy for a long time...


i look forward to this moment, every morning.
5am wake up call, this cup of coffee,
and the realization that i made it through another day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the love of my life.
(in his normal form - karaoke style)

what it's all about.

It’s about telling your story.
It’s about embracing your uniqueness.
It’s about moments when you have to be brave.
It’s about recording your dreams.
It’s about laughing until your cheeks hurt.
It’s about the moments that you wish you could live forever.
It’s about your wishes.
It’s about what inspires you.
It’s about the one who’s with you through it all.
It’s about leaving your story.

my dad taught me all of this.
i can only hope to continue his legacy.
i miss you. everyday.

Monday, November 2, 2009

not me monday.

it's been way to long.......
not me Monday's are back!

all the things i did not do this week

(and for those of you who are new to this..... all the things i really did do)

get with it. get with the nerdy-ness.

here goes....

I did not like having to build 5 big pieces of furniture. Just call my "Jen IKEA MASTER Robin"

I did not like getting into my running shoes again for the first time in 4 months.

i do not love the 4 dogs i take care of.

i do not love my house, the neighbors, the city. 75 degrees is not fun to live in.

i did not love the Halloween trick-or-treaters (while the dads had beers in hand) and the cute little boy who told me i had really good candy! loved him.

i did not love Meeting my boss’s agent & assistant. oh how amazing they all are!

i did not like driving a maserati. WOW. was not the Highlight of my week.

I did not like the feeling that my heart is getting better (this is the best not me this week)

I did not like trying my dad’s famous recipies and having them turn out delicious!

I did not like my sleepover with chels.

I did not like nightly emails to my favorite person in nor cal.

I did not like hearing my mom laugh over and over.

I did not like making a Halloween snack candy pack for our postman tavio (he’s hilarious!)

I did not love furnishing an entire amazing house - add this to my resume.

I did not like going to pottery barn for the 3rd time (I want EVERYTHING in that store)

I did not love organzing, color coding, nerd-ing out my new office in manhattan beach.

I did not love creating business cards with the lovely Elizabeth.

I did not love booking this Thursday night with my favorite long beach girls & dinner at our old stomping grounds.

I did not love snuggling on the couch, drinking wine, catching up on my favorite shows.

I did not love my second week of work (ohhhh yes I did).

I did not love my new walk in closet.

I did not love gardening, building, designing, decorating….. just call me Martha.

post your not me mondays!

it's so much cheaper than therapy.