Saturday, January 30, 2010

pretty sky.

it's the simple things in life that make me happy.
living in so cal with this pretty sunset every night...
makes me happy.

what makes you happy on this gorgeous Saturday?

Friday, January 29, 2010

{not so fun} photo friday.

so i thought my bad luck was running out...
ER last month for an allergic reaction, slipped down my stairs last week and bruised both arms & my tailbone, and now this.

yep. that is my shower.
and YES i was still in it when the door decided to shatter,

luckily, i didn't need stitches but went to the ER covered in blood (sorry for the visual).
they had to go over my entire body and remove the glass pieces that were in my skin.
I'm all bandaged up & on antibiotics, just in case they missed a few pieces
(ya, didn't seem promising when they say that?)
thanks doc.
awesome way to spend a gorgeous day in Manhattan beach.

so, i think my bad luck for 2010 is over (geeeez it's only January?!)
but i hear bad things happen in 3's?
this means i am good now right?

sure hope so.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

favorite thing thursday.

a friend got this for me - thanks b!
it's my new favorite sweatshirt.
it's made out of the softest cotton you can find.

the tag says:

"this garment is rad. i know because i made it. to keep it in pristine condition i suggest washing it with like colors in cold water and tumble dry low. it will distress naturally and become even more rad with age. Oh, there is one problem with wearing this garment i must warn you about:
people will come out of no where and want to know who you are. i suggest not wearing it in a crowded place unless you have a couple body guards, then it's probably ok, and if you're already famous and wearing this garment you will more likely become super famous."

rad huh??

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i have a problem. {updated}

i like to read. which, obviously isn't the problem.
but starting 3 books at the same time, and jumping back and forth...

is a problem.

my goal this week, is to pick one book.

start & finish it without opening another.

we shall see how this works out.


this picture is of today's purchases at the book store. i TOLD YOU. i have a BIG problem. it's like i'm trying to win a contest of how many books i can buy without reading them. awesome. time to start reading!!!

i would love new suggestions of good books!! (as if i need MORE books) but let's be honest, i'm gonna keep buying ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ohhh jake & drama.

recap time.

okay, jake your plaid shirts are killin me.
although you look cute, maybe don't buy so many plaid shirts next time.
it kind of makes you look like paul bundy at times and other times makes me wonder if you just love camping THAT much. hmmmm.

secondly, the motorcycle and the music the producers play while riding it. that's all i'm gonna say.

tenley, i like you.
gia, your pretty and wear louboutin shoes while camping. that's funny.
vienna, you are not liked... by anyone.
ali, you are really making it hard for me to keep you at #1. you are starting to care more about vienna than jake. sad. change this.

i am glad he let 4 gals go. makes it more dramatic and makes me more excited for next week.

my new final four: although i do not like it:
Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna.

it's getting serious.

Monday, January 25, 2010

not me monday {picture edition}

here you go!
all the things i did not do.... for those of you newbies, it's all the things i did do.
this week i took pictures to document some of my week!

i did not love cooking this potato leek soup. and boy was it not delicious!

i did not love walking the pups on the beach, watching the sunset in venice.

i did not love finishing my wall in my room, isn't it the cutest?

i did not love eating these delicious cupcakes.... yum!

i did not love making a little something special in the kitchen.

i again, can't say how much i do not love where i live. pure bliss.

i did not love getting to the santa monica flea market at 6am.
and i did not love my morning smoothie from the cows end.

i did not love watching these two play. so stinkin cute.

i also did not love watching my saints win...... superbowl here we come!
i did not love watching the bachelor, idol, and greys this week. thank goodness for tivo.
i did not love starting my 12 day cleanse. gosh, i love these cleanses!
i did not love sushi dinner with my favs in long beach.
i did not love julie & julia. great movie.
i did not love signing up for warrior dash come april.
training for running and beer drinking. ha!
i did not love slipping and falling down my stairs. yep, still bruised all over...
i did not love booking my flight home to see momma.

i did not love the hope for haiti now telethon. $58 million and counting.

post your not me monday!

it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

this one's for him.

it's funny how everything "food related" reminds me of my pops.

while watching julie & julia (which was great by the way) i found myself with tears streaming down my face thinking about how he would have loved to watch this movie with me.

there's a moment in the movie when julia childs (played by Meryl Streep) and her hubby are jumping up & down over the JOY of getting her cookbook published.

you see, for those of you who knew my dad you know how he was happiest in the kitchen. it was HIS space, his love, his passion. but mostly it was his life. other than his family, food was his thing.

and boy, was he good. like reallllly realllly good.

i had an aha moment (yes, an oprah-aha-moment) where i stood in the kitchen last week while making a delicious chicken and thought, these were the moments he would tell me about. those moments where nothing else matters in life but the masterpiece you create with the people you love most. that was his life.

cooking changed my dads life. he use to tell me when making something amazing, it's all about taking chances. just like in life. you don't always need to read the directions, or follow what people say.... but rather lead with your heart.... and everything always turns out okay. same as a recipe. (not including the times my kitchen has had some smoke, or some smell that didn't seem right). but mainly, it was about the journey in getting where we want to be rather than the end result. it's supposed to be fun.

my dad loved to teach people his passion. and that thing he did called cooking, changed my life too.

i will never look at food the same, i will never taste food the same, and whenever i cook... i will think of him.

there are days i feel like HE is cooking with me, one recipe at a time. and one day, hopefully.... i will cook like him. i want to share his stories that he use to share with us while showing us how to make the perfect filet, or the perfect pistachio encrusted halibut, or the perfect shrimp boil.

for almost 24 years i got to watch my dad shine in the kitchen. i was the lucky one. i learned the most lessons from his daily ramblings of "what should we cook today?"

i was and forever will be blessed by this.

so today, my post is for him. after watching this movie it made me reflect on how HE was the "julia child" of today. he loved food & cooking more than life itself.

i'm so glad i was around for those spectacular, perfect meals.

i miss my chef.


Friday, January 22, 2010

fun photo {s} friday.

me and my bro during our soccer days.
(we were kind of big deals back then)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

happy 25th birthday nicole.

to one of the most beautiful, funny, caring, loving gals i know.
i love you gf.
hope your 25th is just as amazing as you are.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i've gotten a few emails lately asking who inspires me?
what blogs i love? and
where do i get my inspiration for my daily ramblings.

it's pretty simple for me to answer this.
besides of course my beautiful mother and my big brother, i find a lot of my
from this person: stephanie nielson.

for those of you who are familiar with her, she goes by nie nie.
i've been following her ever since 2008.

here's her story:

When Stephanie Nielson started keeping an online journal about family vacations, changing seasons and the simple joys of motherhood, she was a 23-year-old mother of three. Four years, one child and hundreds of posts later, Stephanie has become a well-known mommy blogger with thousands of followers.

On August 16, 2008, Stephanie and her husband, Christian, were flying across Arizona when the small plane they were on crashed into the desert. It exploded on impact.

Doug Kinneard, the pilot, suffered fatal injuries and died 24 hours later. Christian and Stephanie made it out alive…but just barely.

Christian says he remembers every terrifying moment of the crash. "The whole sequence of events that transpired that ultimately ended in a crash, that was frightening," he says. "But getting out and accounting for Stephanie and Doug…it was heart-wrenching and just terrible."

When the plane hit the ground, Christian broke his back and ankle, yet he still managed to wrench the door open and help Stephanie escape the burning wreckage. "I kicked a path so that we could both find an area to stop, drop and roll and extinguish the flames on our body," he says. "I had my third-grade teacher in my head."

Christian saved Stephanie's life that day, but for the next three months, no one knew what sort of life she'd be able to lead.

When flames engulfed the plane, Christian was burned on his face and neck, while Stephanie suffered severe burns on more than 80 percent of her body. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and for the next 10 weeks, doctors kept her in a medically induced coma while they treated her burns.

Stephanie's husband, parents and eight brothers and sisters gathered at her bedside. "The first time we went in, she was totally covered. She looked like a mummy," says her father, Steve Clark. "All you could see was her beautiful eyes that she's always had and her toenails that were painted red."

While Stephanie was in the hospital, there was always someone at her side. Siblings slept on the floor, her mother spoke words of encouragement, and they all prayed for her recovery. "We did everything we could to make it normal and natural, as if she was among us," Steve says.

Then, in November 2008, Stephanie woke up. "I thought, 'Where have I been? What happened?'" she says. "It was very strange."

Stephanie says she had a vision while she was unconscious, and she was given a choice. "[I was] with somebody who told me that I could choose to live and have a hard life, you know, embarrassing at times and painful. Or, I could just stay there, and there's lots of work I could do there too," she says. "But I thought of my children and my husband, and it was easy. An easy choice."

Since Stephanie returned to her Utah home, very little has been easy. For the first few months she was home, she says her children didn't want to look at her or touch her.

"My redhead daughter, Jane, she came in, and it was like she saw the most terrifying person ever," Stephanie says. "I think she was expecting to come in and see Mom, and it was not Mom."

Her scars may never heal, but Stephanie says it gets a little easier every day. Despite constant physical pain, she still manages to make lunches, bathe her children and celebrate life and love.

Cindy, Stephanie's mom, says this trying time has made her tight-knit family even tighter. "We all came together because of this accident, even more so, with great love and appreciation for each other," she says. "For our understanding of eternal life that we would always be together."

{story on
image from google images}


nie nie. is one amazing woman.
her blog is one of my absolute favs.
she will become one of your as well.
i promise.

thanks nie nie for your daily inspiration.

who inspires you?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bachelor week #3

i am a little disappointed with last nights bachelor episode.
mainly b/c the previews had tenley telling jake she was preggos (and ABC edited that scene out!) she could have even been kidding, but seriously... keep that scene in!
thank you abc for getting my reality tv heart hopes up.

moving on.

Elizabeth, i am glad your gone. you are such the tease! you withholding kisses from him (um, you signed up for the bachelor!) and giving awkward letters {yea, we won't ever forget that} just makes us not like you even more.
just a waste of a pretty face. you are creepy.

vienna. you are quite the villain these days. i don't quite comprehend why everyone hates you (i think you crap talked behind every one's back?) needless to say, it makes me think twice about you.

i am sad you are gone. i cringe every night i watch you on this show. i wasn't even sure girls like you existed in this world. i hope for your sake, you are a paid actor... because you are insane. please get help stat. i am still sad you are gone. i thought the show is VERY entertaining with you on it.

ali, i am sad you got a little involved in the drama. but i must admit, you are still my number one pick. i hope you make it all the way!

next week has even more drama! i am sad i have to wait 7 days to watch these chicks brawl it out. honestly, i think this season has the most drama! i only like ali, and a few others are ok. but all in all. everyone is crazy.

rainy day, rainy week.

we've been having very rainy days here in California.
it is supposed to be like this until Friday.
it's a nice change, however, is 5 days of rain really necessary?

although i love snuggling by the fire, watching movies, eating popcorn, and staying in my pj's all day.
i have lots of work to do and need the sun to come out for my sanity.

i have some serious catching up to do with emails, unpacking boxes, errands, appointments.
blah blah blah blah.

{the list goes on and on today}

happy Tuesday to you all!

Monday, January 18, 2010

not me monday.

here you go!
all the things i did not do this week
(for those of you newbies,
it's all the things i did do).

i did not love bachelor monday night and seeing the crazy girls the show produces.
i did not love sleepovers with girlfriends and homemade dinners.
i did not love (in n out) with chels. gosh, i am still full.
i did not love tiffany staying over;
watching movies - the lovely bones was intense, but good :) our romantic dinner for 2, and the counter. those sweet potato fries are going to be the death of me.
i did not love booking my flight to new orleans for jazz fest with some of my favorite peeps.
i did not love getting my room almost (yes, almost) complete. finally feels like a piece of home.
i did not love hearing about the tragedies of Haiti. (i really hate this)
BUT so glad i helped out. (please donate what you can). means the world to these families.
i did not love american idol coming back into my life 2 nights a week now.
i did not love watching mc. dreamy walk back into my big screen.
i did not love running while the sunsets on the beach, best part of my day. always.
i did not love the golden globes, and Sandra bullock has not become one of my favs.
i did not love booking my flight home for the superbowl - can't wait to snuggle with my mom.
i did not love buying 5 new books at barnes & noble. that place is addicting.
{can't wait to start reading.}
i did not love getting a text from auby. she spotted ali from the bachelor at a bar. pic for proof.

what's your not me mondays?
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I can't even begin to write about this.
So here are ways to help:

World Vision.
Thirst No More.
American Red Cross.

There are so many more.
Every little bit helps.

Friday, January 15, 2010

fun photo friday.

my brother is just the cutest.
he's turning 28 soon (yikes!)
i can't help but think of how great he has been as a big brother.
even when he was this little.
i love you.
thanks for being so great to me, mom, and the rest of the world.
how lucky are we to have you as a part of our family?


Thursday, January 14, 2010

idol rewind numero dos.

alright, last night was a HOOT.
these are the people i remembered.... both for good & bad reasons.

hot neon yellow pants girl.
church singing boy with his friend holding the man purse AKA the satchel. (did anyone else catch that?)
pink dress girl from Vonore, who also said she got a dress at the $1 store for $4.50. um, you got ripped off.
the tall skinny guy who escaped death 3 times.
he was reallllly bad.
i guess it's because he has never sung in front of anyone. ever.
oh, and i can't forget the guy who said mary j was a bad singer. ha! really?

and there you have it.
stay tuned for next weeks recap.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


just wanted to say... my blog got 264 hits yesterday.
i am deeply thankful.

thank you all for reading,
and continuing
to join me on my journey throughout everyday {crazy} life.

all my love.
idol rewind.

first things first. gosh, i love this show.
yes, i took my parents to see the Idol concert in Sacramento when Kelly won.
don't judge me.
i am obsessed. and dorky. i do realize this.
but hey!? it's okay to have obsessions.

now to the show.
i have 3 people in mind when it comes to "remembering them"
the girl who sang Alicia keys.
the 16 year old who is bff with her nana.
and the guy who overcame cancer. (so inspiring)

i mean, i got a little choked up when the 16 year old was singing to her grandma.

ps. victoria beckham was very sweet. she is too skinny tho. the girl needs to eat!
i'll be watching idol tonight of course. feedback tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

bachelor week 2.

i don't really have too much input other than ali is my front runner and the only one who should win.

(i hope crazy Michelle stays purely for entertainment purposes...
man, she makes great TV)

end of story.

Monday, January 11, 2010

not me monday.

all the things i did not do this week.
for those of you who are new to this...
it's all the things i did do.

i did not love getting my new 42' inch flat screen tv. it's amazing. i may never be getting out of bed. ever.
i did not love sleepovers in long beach 3 nights last week. thanks amber for being such a good hostess.
i did not love my Waldorf chicken salad with extra candied walnuts 3 times last week.
i may be addicted? just sayin.
i did not love reading over emails, letters, and video messages my dad has sent me over the past so many years. gosh i miss that man.
i did not love looking at pictures of my parent's on their wedding day... 34 years yesterday. (ps. the amount of unconditional love they shared for one another is something i strive for. they are each others soul mates)
i did not love the frozen yogurt outings in 75 degree weather. just perfect out.
i did not love spending the day in San diego, however having another allergic reaction and being in the ER for most of the night - so did not love this.
bring on the drugs and benadryl. yikes.
i did not love that american idol will be on for the next 4 months of my life. goodbye social life.
i did not love all the wonderful emails, texts, and letters i have received about how my blog inspires them. made me realize how much people care.
speaking of my blog, i did not love hitting over 100 followers last week.... blog contest here i come!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

34 years of great love.

34 years ago today, my dad married the love of his life.

Sending lots of love to heaven today and thanking him for finding her.
We miss you dad and are taking really good care of mom for you.
Happy 34th anniversary to the most loving parents in the world.


Friday, January 8, 2010

a big { BIG } thank you.

guess who can enter the blog make-over contest
now that she has 100+ followers................

yep, ME!

thank you!
thank you!
thank you!

(obviously the more followers the better,
so keep spreading the word!

love you all.
fun photo friday
{look ma, no hands!}

we're a pretty cute little family if you ask me.
yes, my dad and brother are wearing matching "spin it" shirts.
if you didn't grow up in Sacramento - then you really missed out.
spin it was a place where you make your own clothes w/ paint!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

twitter universe.

hi all! happy thursday!
are we already at January 7th?
i hope 2010 doesn't go as fast as the last 7 days.
this one will be short. hitting the to-do list hard today on only 4 hours of sleep. so this should be interesting.
a few people emailed me and asked if i had a twitter.
yep, sure do.


happy twittering!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

some things i loved about 2009.

1. the best mother's day ever with the best family ever.

2. st. patty's pub crawl with our oompa loompa wigs.

3. reuniting with great friends.

4. Diane's Mexican themed birthday.

5. the birth of my favorite little nugget, cooper vaughn.
(this boy is going to be so spoiled)

6. my beautiful mother, who happens to be
the strongest woman i have ever known.

7. a vegas wedding to celebrate steve & laura.

8. starting my own card business.

9. being the maid of honor in this wedding.

10. my 24th birthday party.

11. the loves of my life.
(minus my favorite man in heaven)

12. throwing my dad the best surprise 60th birthday party.
(which turned out to be the best decision of my life)

2009 had some definite highs and some definite, definite lows for me and my family.
if my dad taught us one thing.........

to remember the space between.

1985 - 20?

that space between is ALL that is important.
he sure did teach us well.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bachelor horses.

okay, so here are my chosen gals.

now.... i must say Jake surprised me last night.
he was actually normal. he needs to loosen up a little bit but all in all, i think he's a good pick!

so, my front runner is Ali. she wore the yellow dress last night. cute girl!

my second pick is Elizabeth. i like her. pretty eyes and they seem to have good chemistry!

my third girl is Gia. she's gorgeous but not sure how she will be personality wise.

now, this is a first.
meet Michelle. she is CRAZY.
honestly, how in the heck did she make it to another date???
although i am excited purely based on the entertainment factor. should be funny to watch...

so there you have it! those are my top 3 i guess for the final 3 standing and top 1 crazy.
i'll have more updates next week!
game on.