Tuesday, May 31, 2011


SD + BBQ + friends + beach time + brother + laidback luke + dancing = too much fun!!!
(back to reality today and catching up on hundreds of emails)
oy. long night ahead.

some of my favorites from the weekend:
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(brother and me)
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(soul sister lacey)
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(birthday girl katie!)

hope you all had a perfect memorial day weekend!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


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I am happy to announce the newest member of our family!!

Meet CoCo. Short for CoCo Chanel.
(only my roommate AKA ms. fashionista would name her that)

i am in LOVE.

she is the sweetest, cutest, most loving baby girl.
and she loves her new home!
our condo was missing just a little something...
and i am happy to say she loves it here!

i am sure i will be posting more pics soon because i am obsessed!
(i just die over her sweet face)

enjoy your weekend loves.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


yes. i know. i suck. please forgive me. i've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off working 15 + hour work days. it's been crazy town over here. i have very little time today but after another angry email reminding me (thank you, i know) that i haven't blogged... i guess it was time? thank you for still coming back even though i have been missing on and off for quite some time. so here's a little update for now...

-i have seen bridesmaids twice now. cried i laughed so hard the first time, and somehow it was even better the second. kristen wiig is my hero.

-i joined equinox gym which is like the Rolls Royce of cars. i can't even explain it. i will be selling my soul to afford the place, however really motivates me to go 6 days a week. it's been working thus far.

-i have a new love for taco tuesday and margaritas. cheap and dirty good.

-i love Venice beach dance parties with high school friends. my favorite.

-i had a Gatorade commercial shoot with le boss last week. i was high on electrolytes for a few days. i might or might not have had 6 large bottles.

-i saw 127 hours. i don't think i can ever go rock climbing. ever.

-my trainer needed me to come in early one day. his text "see you at 4:30am tomorrow?" WTF. outrageous request. who says that?

-my days aren't complete without checking twitters THE DOS EQUIS MAN's tweets. life changing.

-i love redbox since it's just $1. however, when you keep 3 movies for 6 days. not so good. you do the math.

-i am devastated Oprah is ending. i am not sure where i am going to get all my advice from now?

-i bawled my eyes out watching glee's last two episodes. bawled.

-on Sunday we went to Sports Spectacular in LA because bossman was being honored. i was in man HEAVEN. i might have to rethink swearing off athletes. not to mention Jordan Sparks sang the national anthem. um. hands down the best version i have ever heard. so bummed i didn't record it.

&<span class=
(the girls at Sports Spectacular)

-i need to learn spanish and i need to learn it quick. does anyone have rosetta stone? please!

-i went to a friends garage sale over the weekend. watching her "try" to negotiate was the funniest thing. people are savages. i loved it. and now i want to host a garage sale.

-wasn't the world ending soon? what happens now to the people that were CERTAIN it was? do they pick another date?

-nordys half year sale happened. i bought these:

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-hopefully me blogging today is the start of a good trend. i sure hope so! i've missed it! happy hump day all. smooches!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


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bubble bath + glass of wine + adele tonight.
much needed after my 13 + hour days this week.
i promise i will be back soon with regular posts.

smooches to you all!!

(source: pinterest)

Monday, May 16, 2011


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(source: via pinterest)

good morning friends. i hope you all had a lovely weekend.
my roommate was sick yesterday so we spent the day on the
couch, watching movies, and eating yummy treats. i finally
saw the social network (amazing) and never say never.
yes, i am little late, but i now have bieber fever. that kid
is amazing. and surprisingly, no strings attached was really
cute too! it was a much needed relaxing day after a few weeks
of a crazy work schedule. back to the grind this morning and
feeling good! enjoy your monday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


With summer right around the corner, i am dreaming
about pretty outfits, ice cream cones, fresh berries
from the farmers market, bike rides on the beach,
perfect colored shorts, pool parties, concerts, iced tea,
the ocean, BBQs with friends, dancing around to music,
and just soaking up the beautiful sun!

i hope you are as excited as i am for Summer!!!

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(images via pinterest)

Friday, May 6, 2011


heading home this weekend to spend a lovely few days with mama and brother.
celebrating + spoiling her to bits!!
so much fun stuff planned my excitement is overwhelming.

can't wait to kiss them both!!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend + happy mother's day to the moms reading this!
you don't realize how important and amazing you all are.
my mom is simply the reason i am who i am, and i can't thank her enough for all her love.

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love you mama!!
can't wait to squeeze you!

ps. how BEAUTIFUL is my mama!?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


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i love any excuse to wear a mustache, sombrero, drink margaritas and eat chips and guac.
count me in!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Thanks to my dear friend Katie who is obsessed with this man and literally knew about his twitter page (maybe even before he had one), i now get daily laughs on my news feed.
thanks Katie!!

you should probably sign up for twitter just to follow him.

here are a few of his latest...
(hilarious right?)

<span class=

if you'd like to follow my on twitter, click here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


One of my very dearest friends is moving Sunday to the UK to embark on a new adventure.
i couldn't be more excited for her!
(but selfishly so sad for myself)
you know when people are destined for big things?
ya, she is one of them.
she is going to kill it.
so happy for you girl.
you know who you are!

we might have celebrated a little this weekend with champagne and good friends.
love these guys so much.
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