Tuesday, November 30, 2010


-glee was amazing last week with the wedding songs - i cried through half of it
- i will most likely be getting carpal tunnel by playing words with friends.
-i haven't had starbucks since friday. amazing right?
-my dell computer has a bajillion viruses on it and the hard drive is whack. good timing dell. good timing. fingers crossed for a christmas bonus!! MUCH NEEDED!
-we are getting our tree tonight, christmas decorating, and making a delicious meal. i love nights like this.
-roomies and i are throwing an ugly sweater party dec 17 - keep it open if you live near here.
-i am going to a funeral today and will most likely make a scene by crying so hard. i really hope i survive it. and i hope the family knows they are loved.
-all my friends are getting married and having children. i've been in 9 weddings and i'm 25. kill me. 27 dresses anyone?
-our halloween candy jar is ALMOST gone. it only took a month.
-my gal pal (who says that?) and i are starting a wedding planning business in 3 years. apparently i just can't get enough of them.
-i am obsessed to the max with gossip girl right now.
-we have an asian market near us, best/cheapest place ever. so good.
-i need to find an outfit for NYE. yes, i am going to be ready before the day this year.
-"i whip my hair back and forth" has been in my head for 2 weeks. booty shaking/hair flippin.
-my roomies are fantasy football aholics. they might be worse than my momma.
-i wish my anxiety wasn't so bad these days... i think i need meds, any suggestions?
-i have baby fever. oh no...
-i have wonderful friends. i just love them oh so much.
-after seeing christina sing in burlesque, i really wish i knew how to sing.
-i started my marathon thank you's today. sorry if it's taken me so long!! you will be getting one soon (and pics!)
-i NEED to make christmas holiday cards this year.
-my bestie chels is the cutest. i laugh every time we chat.
-my brother's holiday party is saturday. can't wait to dance my booty off. single laywers? yes please!
-i am planning a "ROBIN" family reunion next christmas, too early to start planning? oh and if you are a ROBIN reading this..... don't make plans next Christmas!!
-i just realized i rambled on for far too long.

Monday, November 29, 2010

not me monday.

here we go again!
all the things i did not do this past week.
and of course holiday wrap up!

i did not love heading to Canada for the first time with momma and brother.
i did not love sleeping in, watching movies, eating delicious foods, and being
tourists.... all in 30 degree weather.
i did not love seeing my mom meet the "it" people at the parties... and casually saying "jen, i can introduce you if you'd like" HA! oh mom...
i did not love dive bars w/ great bands.... and dancing our booties off.
i did not love my fabulous new winter pea coat from h & m. it's to die for.
i did not love sipping on coffee in a different country.
i did not like the MLS Cup Championship game, and sitting in below freezing weather. awesome.
i did not love my first NHL hockey game!! seriously, hockey in Canada is a WHOLE different story.
i did not love getting facials with the family, and of course mani/pedis.
i did not love gaining weight - so worth EVERY bite of delicious food on Thanksgiving.
i did not love spending the holiday with the people i love.
i did not love the girls date of Burlesque and FATS apps and cocktails!!
i LOVED the movie!!!
i did not love hearing my favorite couple KARLIE and JOSH got engaged!!!!!!!!!
so happy for them!!!
i did not love starting parenthood! new ipad MUST watch show! obsessed.
i did not love homemade chicken pot pies with the roomies last night!!
nor do i love being obsessed with words with friends! (if you have an account please send me your username!)
i did not love gearing up for CHRISTMAS!!!!! i LOVE this time of year!!!!
i did not love MIKUNI'S big dre roll, as always! my favorite meal.
i did not love my new nike runners from Steve and Laura!!!!! OBSESSED. you guys rock!!!!!!!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

thankful & saddened.

hello loves.
i took a little vacation from the blogging world, and also got to spend some much needed time with my momma and brother.

i had every intention of writing today on how amazing of a time i had (which i did, of course have the best time) and how many fun things we did (which was more than i can count) and of course share a bunch of great photos with you all (it will have to wait since my dell has virus galore on it).

but i am sorry if this one is a downer, ya know, that's life. and it's my blog. and i can talk or not talk about whatever i want.

well, i found out today that a family dear to my heart lost their father. i don't know why this hit me so hard. (i do know why, but i just lost it) it saddens me hearing about someone who died, especially about dads. whether i know them or not, it just brings me back to the day where i found out about my dad.

the three months or so following my dads passing is a blur, but that day and the 5 days leading up to that day, are crystal clear. sometimes i wish those were a blur too.

did i tell him i loved him enough?
did i hug him hard enough?
did i let him know he was the greatest?

people always say it gets easier....
the truth is, it never does.
the older i get and the more i experience, the more i am sad i can't run to my dad to tell him.
or call him at 5am to let him know any news i have!

i swear i am okay, then the next i am on the floor and feel like it's happening all over again.

the holidays are so bittersweet.
the noise level is just not as high as it use to be.
i miss it.

i love my family, my friends, my career, my health....
but nothing can ever replace him.

i'm just having an "off" moment. (maybe it's the wine?) either way, i am allowed.

i just want to thank you to my blog family for supporting me everyday through my journey.
i will always have "the best days" or "not so good days" but no matter what i know i will be okay.

i am thankful for the life i live.... but i am also saddened by the lives we lose much too soon.

tell the ones you love, you love them ever so much.
please. do so.

i just needed to vent a little.... and well, i am an open book so here i am.

tomorrow i will be back to my happy self.
i am after all, a fighter.

see you tomorrow for some cheerful-ness.
and lots of fun updates.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

happy 60th to my momma.

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60 reasons why i love her to bits:

  1. i love her because when i was younger i got a note in my lunches. daily.
  2. i love her because she is the best snack pack maker ever. going to the movies with her is like going to a 5 course meal. amazing.
  3. i love her because she always gets pedicures with the same color. Always.
  4. i love her because if you call her during a LSU or SAINTS game, she will most likely be yelling when she answers.
  5. i love her because when she dances, she goes to the floor. literally.
  6. i love her because she has a hard time saying no.
  7. i love her because she gives the best advice.
  8. i love her because she loved my crazy dad more than life itself.
  9. i love her because she makes more to-do lists than i do! and that is saying a lot.
  10. i love her because she makes the WORLDS best jumbalya. hands down my favorite meal.
  11. i love her because she still makes me care packages.
  12. i love her because when we go on a trip my mom prints out fun things to do, the weather, maps, etc. oh ya, and makes copies for us! she would.
  13. i love that she is turning 60 yet looks 40. dang i hope that happens to me!
  14. i love that her drink of choice is always jack and 7! straight up.
  15. i love that when i was in middle school my momma was our basketball coach and we won back-to-back champions! never happened again. hollar.
  16. i love that she is the cutest person on this planet.
  17. i love that she is a social worker - explains her ability to love in a nutshell.
  18. i love that she knows stats on ANY sports team out there. i will put her against ANYONE.
  19. i love that after the year she’s been through... she still is the most loving, caring, compassionate person i have ever met.
  20. i love that people tell me “your mom is seriously the cutest” oh i know.
  21. i love her because she attends FOGG meetings weekly (AKA her friends get together to talk about gardening, and drink. a lot)
  22. i love her because when “important life info” is needed to be shared - she emails my brother and me immediately. example, this week - flu shots. thanks ma!
  23. i love that she isn’t very tecky (sorry momma, you aren’t caught up with the times!)
  24. i love that she and i look forward to talking about greys and private practice after they are over.
  25. i love that calls/texts me RIGHT as teams are scoring goals.... “did you see that!” um. mom i am at the game, remember? oh man, love her.
  26. i love that i talk to her everyday (or twice) and we still have SO much to talk about!
  27. i love when new movies come out and we plan our weekends around them!
  28. i love that when times are tough she is ALWAYS positive.
  29. i love that HER mom is just like her. same hair just maw maw’s is a litttttle whiter ;)
  30. i love that she signs off on texts and emails with “LUV” gosh, she is so hip.
  31. i love that my mom is obsessed with bargain shopping.
  32. i love that my mom has the biggest heart.
  33. i love when my mom laughs so hard so cries. hilarious.
  34. i love that my mom will always say “your my favorite daughter” when i tell her to be honest about who’s her favorite child.
  35. i love that i can tell my mom anything. even if i know she doesn’t want to hear it.
  36. i love seeing her face when brother and i surprise her!
  37. i love her because her salads are famous, along with her remoulade sauce.
  38. i love her because she can’t say names that start with “u” (she pronounces it like “WHOOO”) um, why? HA!
  39. i love my momma because she isn’t scared on zip lines. or wait?
  40. i love that my mom broke her wrist gardening. who does that?
  41. i love that my momma once got told the ONLY way she would be better is if she was taller. hilarious.
  42. i love my mom because she loves the dollar store. i mean LOVES it.
  43. i love my mom because when i tell her i want a baby she usually tells me i need a man first. hmmm.
  44. i love my mom because when i miss dad she makes me laugh like he would.
  45. i love that when teams are losing, she turns off the tv, and miraculously they win. she really believes it’s her doing. aw, love her. she calls it her “switcharoo” trick.
  46. i love that my mom will come to bars with my friends because she doesn’t want to miss out on the fun.
  47. i love my mom because she knows the most random facts ever. and is always right!
  48. i love that my mom sometimes loses her sunglasses in her hair.
  49. i love that my mom is more brave than i could ever be.
  50. i love that i can snuggle with my mom still.
  51. i love that my mom is the first person i call with big news (okay, usually on a 3 way call with my brother)
  52. i love that my mom is so proud of me and my brother. and i love that she tells us everyday.
  53. i love that my mom is always looking out for others, no matter what.
  54. i love that i can’t live without her. ever.
  55. i love that she always says “you got all your good qualities from me!” ha!
  56. i love that she always puts her kids first.
  57. i love my momma because she believes the best in everyone.
  58. i love that she hasn’t changed her “fro” since the 80’s.
  59. i love that she never missed one of my soccer games, and always gave the best pep talks.
  60. i love that no matter how tragic our last year has been we have made it through because of her. she is my angel on earth.
  61. i love that when i am a mom, i hope to be exactly like her. and if not, she’s living with me and my family to help out and teach me how to be more like her.

happy birthday momma bear. you are the best woman i know. thank you for being so perfect for all of us to want to emulate. you are my hero and i love you more and more each day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

lots of goodness for ya.

-um. Gweneth Paltrow on glee tonight was amazing. best episode of the season. good for you ryan murphy. good for you.

-rihanna's cd came out. i will be listening to that and only that for the next month (well, and christmas music of course)

-my mom's 60th is tomorrow. get your tissues ready for that post. it's gonna be a doosey!!

-i am attending the GQ Men of the Year party tomorrow. need i say more?

-has anyone ever been to Canada? we are heading to Toronto Friday and need ideas on what to do! help!

-thank you to EVERYONE who donated for my dad's run. the donation site ended yesterday and i am proud to say we raised approx $5,500. no big deal. cute thank you notes will be in the mail soon! he is so proud. i just know it.

-i bought myself some ugg boots thanks to the half year sale at nordstroms. i die. and will NOT be taking them off. ever.

-i will be in SAC-TOWN Tuesday-Sunday next week, let's play!!

-vacation starts Friday. oh my excited. it's like when kids say "are we there yet?" while driving.... ya, that's what i am doing daily. IS IT FRIDAY YET?!!!!

-my 2nd mama had her birthday this week. happy birthday again peg! i love you dearly.

-i didn't go to bar today and i am already having withdrawals. anyone want to donate to my BAR METHOD class donation bucket? after this month... it get's kind of pricey. i'm already worried.

-i love traveling because of my ipad. everyone should have one, seriously! i have 3 movies i need to download - toy story 3, charlie st. cloud, and grown ups! (don't judge, i haven't seen them yet) anything else i am forgetting??!

-my new favorite youtube video (thanks jill!), enjoy:

Monday, November 15, 2010

not me monday.

here we go again!!!
all the things i did not do this week.....
and for the new kids. it's all the things i did do.

let's get started, shall we?
i did not love becoming obsessed with bar method classes. my new favorite workout!
i did not love coffee dates with good friends... and much needed catching up sessions!
i did not love finding my new favorite sandwich spot in manhattan beach! oh it's just delicious.
i did not love another futsal night w/ the girls... however the other teams are pretty feisty these days.
i did not love Morning Glory. what a cute movie!!
i did not love that rihanna's cd came out early on my roommates itunes. hello dance party!
i did not love homemade dinner with friends. and staying up much too late chatting.
i did not love our team winning in bowling. um, i forgot how fun bowling was!
i did not love santa monica's dj-ing skills. dance party central.
i did not love katsuya and the galaxy game with our ever expanding crew. however, i hated seeing LA lose. sad day for the soccer world.
i did not like celebrating the loss as if it was a win. too much fun with everyone!
i did not love making my list of "what to pack for family vacation" oh my excited!!
i did not love love love hearing that my favorite buddy in the world and his wife are expecting their first child!!! congrats to you steve & laura! oh boy! best phone call ever.
i did not love my new uggs. hello winter, i am ready for you!!
i did not love sleeping in until 8am one Sunday! i am rejuvenated!
i did not love planning our "must do's" in canada this coming weekend!! hurry friday and get here already!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

FUN PHOTO FRIDAY (momma special)

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in honor of my mama's birthday month - every friday's fun photo's are all about her.
she is after all, my most favorite person (along w/ my brother)

i was sorting through pictures last night because i am working on a special project that needs tons and tons of photos (but that's all i will tell you for now..)

anyways, i stumbled across this one of my parents.
this is one of my top 5 pictures of them.
can't you just see how much love is between them?
i can't wait to find that one day.

they make it so easy to show how one should be loved.
i just love them.
i know my pops is just as in love (if not more) watching over her from heaven.

how can you not love this woman?
she's perfect.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

anthropology, will you marry me?

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if i could, i would marry this place.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wish list.

if i were to write a letter to Santa this year these would definitely be on it:

jeez, i wish it was christmas already!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

florence + the machine.

last night i went to the Wiltern in LA to experience the one and only
florence + the machine.
she has the most powerful voice i have ever heard.
she frolicks around stage and the music is pure magic.

this is my favorite song of theirs.

Monday, November 8, 2010

random tidbits.

happy Monday y'all!
i hope your weekend was as amazing as mine!!!

i wanted to share with you lovely people some fun stuff:

how amazing is this work space? i love it.
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i went to the Galaxy game last night and loved seeing them play so well!
<span class=
i found a new sandwich shop in manhattan beach. um, biggest sandwich ever. seriously?
<span class=
i use to run this (10 times up) with our college team. whoa!
<span class=
how cute is this hair color? and how cute is this up-do!
<span class=
did you know they have a cupcake wine? combining my two favorite things: wine + cupcakes is the best idea ever!
<span class=

i hope you don't have a case of the mondays today!!
and if you do... go grab a bottle of cupcake wine, kick up your feet, and relax tonight!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

FUN PHOTO FRIDAY (momma special)

My mom's 60th birthday is in NOVEMBER!!
the 17th to be exact!
(don't worry i can say that because you don't look a day over 40)

so this month's FUN PHOTO FRIDAY'S are dedicated to her.
She is the most beautiful (inside and out) person i know...
and how lucky am i?
she happens to be MY momma bear.

it's crazy to think i have been lucky to know her for 25 years and counting.
not a day goes by that i don't thank all my lucky stars that she is my mom.
i love her with every inch of my soul.

cheers to your birthday month momma!
60 never looked so good!

<span class=

isn't she gorgeous?
love you momma.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It was 95 degrees in LA today. I’m sorry Summer did you get confused and decide to show yourself in November? Ya, it’s been a weird year for the weather. I have been saving money so i have cut back on my Starbucks visits (shocking i know) but i have made my own delicious cool drink to take over for now. I even put my drink in a cute Starbucks container just to make me feel better. Ingredients: add 1/2 cup of ice, 1/2 Chai tea mix (my favorite is Oregon Chai Tea mix), and 1/2 non fat milk. stir and devour. simple yet amazing.

i suggest you try it. you are very welcome.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


fact: my hair grows really fast.
fact: i always want to cut it super short after it grows really long.
fact: i love it when i cut it off for a week, then i get over it.
fact: i think i am going to cut it like this after the holidays:

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fact: seeing it in this magazine really wants me to do it tomorrow.
fact: i will most likely chicken out, but seriously i am obsessed with this hair cut.

i need input.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

not me monday (on tuesday).

hello, again!
you know the drill.
all the things i did not do this past week
(yep, i kid, it's the things i did do this past week)
welp, here goes nothing!!

i did not love listening to taylor swifts cd on repeat. seriously, i know every word now. i love her.
i did not love halloween weekend 2010 and all the fun we did not have!! looking forward to next year... got some costume ideas already!
i did not love the movie life as we know it, nor did i cry during most of it. ugh, sappy movies get me every time.
i did not love getting my new iphone4. why did i wait so long to get the iphone 4? well maybe because i had to get a new one (my 3 broke, sadly)
i did not love booking our family vacation in a few weeks! much needed family time :) OH Canada here we come!!!!
i did not love watching the Giants win the world series! why do i get so emotional at every 7th inning stretch. i mean, i don't even know a single players name. and i refuse to be a bandwagon fan. i just can't help when a team wins that really deserves it!!
i did not love girl time with michelle and especially pedicures!! something about those feet massages that make my day!
i did not love seeing the galaxy win vs. seattle!!! hoping for a MAJOR win this coming weekend!!
i did not love finding out i am going to the GQ party this year!! need dress options stat!
i did not love winning our heat indoor game (as usual) and especially did not love hearing the other team complain about us doing so :) ooops!
i did not love getting back into the gym after a much needed post marathon break. back at it. slowly....
i did not love finding a REALLY cute hair cut i think i'm gonna do after the holidays! maybe? probably not? who knows.. will post the idea tomorrow and you guys can help me decide!
i did not love getting my mom's 60th birthday gift together. she knows what she's getting mainly because she said "Jen, don't forget my gift" but seriously. still excited.
i just can't wait to kiss her face off! countdown to the holidays has begun!
i did not love listening to bruno mars on SNL. honestly, i have a HUGE crush on him.
i did not love our two little two year old twin girl neighbors (wow, that's a tongue twister) dressed up for halloween! they are SO cute!
i did not love reading that our donation list for the run is the highest of our team! 2 more weeks left to donate!! do it!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Monday, November 1, 2010


we had such a lovely halloween weekend. my girl michelle came to town to celebrate her birthday (again!) and halloween. it was just perfect.

we had a great time being GLEEKS!!
(AKA Sue Sylvester and a Cheerio) from GLEE.

we had the best costumes. duh.

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i just love halloween!!
playing dress up and handing out treats is my idea of a perfect halloween.

and um, can you believe it's november?