Saturday, February 27, 2010

happy 15th birthday lil sis.

{picture taken at the face paint booth @ the fair in 2006}

six years ago i met lupe in the big brothers/big sister organization.
she has changed my life.
i am so happy i signed up to meet her.
she is 15 today.
how fast is time flying.

i love you with all my heart.
thanks for being so special to me.


Friday, February 26, 2010

fun photo friday.

not a person today but rather a thing.
i just got this cute little dresser for my room.
{and yes, those are just some of the books i want to dive into}
i'm working on a little art project for above it.
stay tuned.......


Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have been getting some emails regarding my blog lately (which is very, very flattering) so thank you. a few of you said to please answer your questions. i picked the ones i get asked most, so here ya go!

What type of camera do you use?

Honestly, I am embarrassed to answer this. I usually use my iphone and the 5 amazing apps i have, or my normal people camera. However, i am researching constantly about my next big purchase: an amazing camera.

What inspires you to write daily blog entries?

Hands down, my father. Before he passed he would always walk in and say “jen, your blog was funny today, but if i wrote on your blog it would be even more funny” gotta love his humor...

who cannot love this man? So to answer your question. I think of my dad everyday I write my entry with a big smile on my face. I write for me, and I write for him. it's simple.

What bloggers inspire you?

Do we have enough time for this question? I have a blog reel I read when I have down time. I’ll narrow it down to my top 3. Nie nie, bluebird, lisa leonard. you too will become obsessed. i promise.

How do you have time to write daily entries with your schedule?

I get little sleep. Naw, I just have OCD and am really good (like, really good) at organizing my life to have time to do so. I usually get up at 5/5:30am, run, shower, sort through emails, hit my work to-do list, eat, meetings, errands, more to-do’s, eat, make my tomorrow to-do list, me time, bed. Wash & repeat.

How do you decide what you are going to write?

Everyday is different. I write “not me Mondays” on Monday. I usually have bachelor recaps on Tuesdays. Wednesday/Thursdays are always different, and Fridays are fun photo Friday. Over the weekend I write what I can/when I can.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

food baby.

i. am. obsessed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

address book.

how cute is my new address book holder?

the women tell all.

a look back in bullet points:

* jake should never, ever wear a turtle neck. ever.
* roz totally lied the entire time last night. it was entertaining to say the least.
* manic michelle, and her crazy self. she really needs help.
* tenley is a disney character, i am convinced.
* vienna; the hair, the make up, those cross eyes, and her weird dad. enough said.
* roz needed to throw chris harrison under the bus for what reason? OH and she lied about that too. go figure.
* alie & gia deserve better. i don't know why they care so much.
* jake is SUCH a cheese ball. his facial expressions are funny.
* elizabeth is crazy and her weird notes. how many times can you say awkward?

sadly, we all know how next week ends. but here's for one more week until the proposal.
it's been a fun season. and sadly all things have to end.

see you next week for my final recap of the show.


Monday, February 22, 2010

not me monday.

here ya go!!
all the things i did not do this week, and for the newbies...
it means: all the things i did do.

[disclaimer: this week was work. work. work. and slightly boring.
sorry i couldn't give ya more]

i did not love the bachelor and the drama.
and since my source was correct thus far, vienna is gonna win. sad. sad. sad.
{um, women tell all tonight.}
i did not love marathon training week 1. only yikes!
i did not love booking my mommas visit to come see me & dre. lots of fun stuff planned!
i did not love taking the doggies on the longest walk ever.
i did not love idol week & ellen on it. she's a great addition.
i did not love missing sleep over the winter Olympics. that shaun white, yum!
i did not love being busy all week i couldn't even tell ya what i did without looking at my calendar. it's feb. 22nd already? what?
i did not love getting a bazillion compliments on my eyelashes. i. love. them.
i did not love getting the "agenda" for the world cup. oh boy.
i did not hearing i am getting a big tax refund. thank you Jesus.
i did not love finding my new favorite blogger. emily.
i did not love getting all my supplies ready for my next art project.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday someone told me that I was one of the quirkiest people they’d ever met. [Insert awkward pause here] I didn’t know exactly how I should respond, but upon further thought, I realized it’s the little things that make a person who they are. Here are some of the things about me that make me.... well, me.

*I am a workaholic, but absolutely love my job.

*I look forward to my weekly diet cokes.

*I run at 5:30am every day. Okay, this is a recent thing. But I love it and am trying to stick with it.

*In another life I was a wedding planner (I have a cute notebook with all wedding inspirations for when I get married).

*I am becoming a big twitter lover. However, I don’t fully understand it (if you have twitter, follow me at: jenkatherine)

*I love color coded to-do lists and sometimes write something I have already done just so I can cross it off.

*I am anxiously awaiting the return of glee.

*I’m horrible at understanding lyrics and often make up my own words to songs.

*I love baking vegan goodies. My dad would have laughed at this.

*I read my "favorite bloggers list" every day (there are 31 and counting...)

*I’m obsessed with etsy and anything craft related.

*i am my father's daughter, and that is all i could have asked for.

What are some of your quirks?