Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.

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this was my favorite photo taken during our week trip to new orleans. actually it was my favorite photo in 2011 (snuck it in in the last week). ha. a moment i will never forget, and wanted to share it will you all because you have been on this journey with me for however long or short... i am happy you are here. for me, it was a perfect ending to another year full of trials, tribulations, beautiful memories made, and lots and lots of laughter. there's something special about going to visit my dad at the cemetery in new orleans, then to have my daily moments with him. it just felt right. i got to see him a few times, and am already looking forward to our next trip "home" with him.

i don't know about you, but i love getting older. it's weird to say, i know. and most likely when i do hit 30 or 40, or 50, heck... i am sure i will want time to stop. but for now, i love living each moment and really taking it all in. the moment above is just one moment in a day. and every second i was there...... i was really. truly. there.

i have a lot to be thankful for, daily. and yes, i can always go back to the moment that changed my life forever. but i can't change it. so i move forward as best i can. i know i say that often, and will continue to do so..... but this life is just so beautiful. i have received some emails about "staying positive" and how do i do it when life really kicked me, hard. i simply say..... i live the life he would want. do i miss him? of course. every second of every day to be exact. do i wish i could change it. absolutely, i would give anything. but somethings i can't change & how or where do i go from here? i live. i choose to be happy. i choose this life. and that is what keeps me going. do i cry still? you bet. but i cherish even those moments. because i know he is with me and will forever be. that is a hard reality i live with as i get older. i love learning more, seeing more, doing more..... but those moments where i wish i could share it. those are, and will always be hard. but i know he is here. every step of the way. he would be making some silly joke none the less. (don't act like he wouldn't) ;)

this next year i want to be better. i want to do even more. i want to learn. i want to do things that scare me. i am excited about the future & excited to keep moving forward, and mostly that is because i have all of you along the way. i don't even know who reads this half the time, or if anyone even cares.... but it's my space, and i can't thank you enough for always encouraging me to keep going. and to keep living (cheesy? absolutely).

okay.... this year i have made a list (go figure) of all the things i want to do going into the next year. some are silly, some i am really looking forward to, and some i just hope to stick with. i normally don't share all of mine, but rather a few. and yes, i make a list of 10. most years. (it's a lot, i know) but it's my list... so oh well. i explained a few to make more sense...

in no specific order;

1. learn spanish (rosetta stone in my computer & ready to be used!)
2. learn & master photoshop
3. be kind to my body (love it daily)
4. blog 5 days a week (this will be more of a fun to-do post blogshop at the end of Jan, so stay tuned!)
5. save! save! save!
6. live in the moment
7. simplify, everything.
8. work on my book (cut out time each day or week for this)
9. nightly rituals before bedtime (i need to get better at flossing, washing my face, ya know the stuff we all should do)
10. project 365 (i want to capture a picture a day, i always say i am going to do this.... why not start this year?)

what is your resolution or resolutions?

to you all who read this, happy everything to you. looking forward to 2012 with you all. big things in store and thanks for taking the journey with me. love you all, dearly.

much, much love.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


We've been in New Orleans for a few days now & we have already done so much & eaten so much!!! (we had to get a week gym pass so we can eat more while we are here). HA. My new slogan is i run so i can eat more. Only in Nawlins. We went rock n roll bowling last night and to one of our favorite oyster places, Drago's. Which is to. die. for.

I can't wait for snowballs, visits with my dad, Christmas eve with my cousins, bananas foster waffles, a visit across the lake, the saints game, Christmas day, and much more fun stuff planned!

Just checking in with everyone to say I am alive! Just enjoying spending time with my family.

Happy holidays to you all!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

brain dump.

-it's december 12th people. DECEMBER 12th!! i leave in a week for New Orleans and then New Years is just around the corner. HOLY HECK. 2011 where did you go!?

-getting little surprise gifts in the mail is just the best (thank you jill for the gorgeous kate spade ring!) obsessed.

-i wish it was christmas year round. our tree is up, stockings hung, decorations placed, elf on repeat, house always smells like cookies.... yup. i. can't. get. enough.

-i look forward to sunday's every week. coffee, church, brunch, vedge. who doesn't love that?

-i am in love with equinox gym. it's the best. especially when they text you reminders of spin classes. "your bike is ready for you" sold.

-i don't know anything about nicole scherzinger but i do know she is a silly lady. WHO doesn't vote for Rachel Crow on X Factor. dummy.

-i went to kinkos this month for a few different projects. apparently i do better work there before 6am. it's creepy being the only person there.

-i have been listening to SHE & HIM on repeat. download it. ASAP.

-been geeking out over photoshop CS5. bought a few books and love watching you tube videos. (if that doesn't scream nerd, i don't know what will!)hello blogshop!

-in the last month i have been to texas, sacramento, san jose, san francisco, vegas, back to san jose, then to redondo beach (obvs). the next month looks exactly the same crazy. oh boy.

-my mom's cleaning lady told me she loved me when i was home. is it creepy i got a little choked up? probably.

-i say it ALL THE TIME, but i am saying it again. if you don't watch Parenthood. you are missing out on life.

-i am working on my 2012 resolutions. i am pretty excited about the new year. list coming soon...

-5am-7:30am is hands down my favorite part of the day. i wish people didn't find that odd.

-i am planning my brother's dirty thirty. let's just go ahead and say.... it's going to be EPIC.

-i did my first ice luge the other night. pretty proud moment.

-found THE most amazing vintage record players. eeeeeeeek.

-my best friend is getting her doctorate. she graduates on Saturday. i'm going to be such a proud mess.

-cafe rio caters. yup. throwing a party at our place... you bet that's who is the caterer.

-my book is coming along. i couldn't be more excited about this...

-i am counting down the seconds until i can visit my dad at the cemetery. it's really hard to put into words how much going there heals my soul.

-the foam roller has become my best friend (and the devil) who knew how quickly you can get out of shape?

-excited to attend an event on thursday where all my favorite bloggers will be there!!

-i really wish i had about 5 or so more hours in a day (don't we all?) geeeeeez.... off to tackle my to-do list.

happy monday to you all!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

holiday wishlist.

i was honored to be chosen over on the short and sweet of it's blog for their holiday wish list series. check out their amazing blog here if you don't already follow them!

this year's wish list was pretty easy to pick because most of the items that i had been eyeing for a while i placed on pinterest. thank god for that, right?

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1. cute booties like these ones.
2. kate spade iphone case. (i might have gotten this for myself last week because i loved it so much) why not?
3. vintage record player.
4. michael kors purse. i die.
5. keurig coffee maker. obsessed much?
6. vintage type writer.

ps. i know i have been really bad at blogging lately since i have been traveling for two weeks for work, play, and holiday. but i am back, and big things are in store... stay tuned.