Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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i went with the girls tonight to see twilight's eclipse.
the movie theater we went to had assigned seats and they bring you food if you want.
um, really?
why have i NEVER heard of this before.
must be an LA thing. either way, i loved it.
this movie watching experience single handily changed my life.
i'm a movie buff... and to know i can eat a delicious meal and watch a good movie.
i'm in.

PS. so i like vampires and werewolves? the movie is a must see.
even if you aren't a 12 year old girl.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


ya, i'm home!!!
well, So Cal (my second home)
it's been a long few days of...

20 hours of travel.
6 movies in flight.
7 hours sleeping with a numb toosh
(sleeping on a plane, not so fun)
220 emails sorted.
2 in flight meals.
unpacking 2 full bags.
3 loads of laundry.
1 long run.
1 hot shower.
1 phone call to momma.
1 hour to unwind.

it was all worth it to find this in hotlanta...

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and have this for my first dinner being home...

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i'm a happy girl today.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye South Africa.

Wow, what a trip we had.
Was hoping to stay until the U.S. team makes it to the finals July 11th....
but there's always Brazil 2014.

Heading home tonight and will be arriving on Tuesday.
20 hours of travel.

What great memories and new friends I have made on this trip.
Who would have thought SA to be as amazing as it was??
Bummed to depart, but happy to be heading home!!

South Africa, I miss you already....

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Goodbye South Africa.... hello California!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


my heart hurts for the US Men's soccer team today.
what a ride they had...
game #4 didn't have as good as an outcome as we hoped.
2-1 in overtime is not a fun way to lose.
actually, losing at all isn't fun.
i am still so bummed out.

however, i am SO proud of the team.
so so so proud!!
definitely made a name for themselves this World Cup.

what a bunch of wonderful memories i have made in South Africa.
and fantastic new friends.
this was such an amazing trip.....
i am definitely sad to go home.

a few pics of today.

<span class=
(Dani and Me w/ our face tattoos)

<span class=
(pre game on the field with Visa, watching warm ups)

i can't not be happy at how far we have come.
or how proud the team has made us.
go USA!

Brazil 2014 is just around the corner.....

Friday, June 25, 2010

fun photo (s) friday from South Africa.

Just a few random fun photos of my trip so far............

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(Me and Captain America)

<span class=
(African Dancers)

<span class=
(box suite for the Brazil game)

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(one of my favorite meals here!)

<span class=
(the US team in the last few seconds of the game Wednesday)

<span class=
(my favorite guy at the lion park)

ps. thanks everyone for following my blog!!!
Wednesday my blog hit 847 views and today it was over a thousand!
i mean, i know i am not Oprah... but that's a lot of hits for this little ole' blog.

pss. tomorrow is one of the biggest days in US Soccer history.
let's make it happen boys!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

World's Reaction.

i have chills....

game day.

Heart-stopping. Historic. Emotional. Unreal. Thrilling. Pulsating. Dramatic. Just plain Fun.
(couldn't have said it better... from US Soccer's blog)
I can't even begin to explain GAME #3.
The words just don't even do it justice.
It took me a full day to post this because I have been SWAMPED with work.
Sorting hundreds of emails. awesome.
it's crazy, if you can imagine.
this place is INSANE right now.
and i love it.
let's start off the day...
we loaded the buses and went to the US EMBASSY.
so so so cool!!!
they were hosting a BBQ for the team's families.
They had drinks, food, music, face painting, etc. for all of us.
you HAD to have a credential to get in (pretty intense i must say...)
The Ambassador (who looks like Bill Gates) spoke.
Then Drew Carey spoke about how the refs are dumb
(like calling back goals that should have been goals...)
Sadly, no camera's or phones were allowed in.
i should have broken the rules.
others snuck cameras in.
stupid mistake.
we were ALL so antsy about the game.... we just wanted to get there!!!
At 2pm we left and walked 5 minutes to the stadium.
the media/crowd/atmosphere was indescribable.
all i could hear was USA chants the entire game.
the entire game i was sitting on the edge of my seat.
THEN.... 92+ minute goal.
we all cried.
best moment of the trip thus far.
and what a moment that was.
after the game we surprised the team at their hotel.
when we arrived there were glasses of champagne, dancers, and lots and lots of excitement.
we got to hang out for a few hours until bed time.
everyone was over the moon.
(as you could imagine)
We ended up staying up until 4am with all the excitement going on.
What a GREAT day for our Country.
What a great day for us!!!
Next game, Saturday @ 8:30pm vs. GHANA in the Round of 16.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lion park.

today was day 13.
13 days in Africa.
crazy right?

we headed to the lion park this morning, then a busy afternoon of work and fun.
the lions... oh my amazing.

my throat felt better today.
only baby knives today.
tomorrow they will be gone.
fingers crossed.

just in time for the US team to kick butt!

i'm going to break the day down by pictures.
it's much more fun that way right?

here goes...

the biggest lion i have ever seen:
<span class=

this lion stalked our car then jumped on the side (not scary at all.... sarcasm?):
<span class=

cutest baby cubs ever:
<span class=

<span class=

i love giraffes:
<span class=

this makes me feel claustrophobic:
<span class=

Melrose Arch World Cup entertainment/screen:
<span class=

the best pizza & wine place in South Africa:

family lounge watching the games (South Africa vs. France & Argentina vs. Greece):

Our day was definitely a good one (Example, Kristy pretending to be passed out on the floor):

day 13. success.

ps. US Embassy tomorrow for a BBQ!!
then USA game.
no big deal.
i am so excited.

go USA!

Monday, June 21, 2010


today was interesting.
i went to bed at 5am (finishing up some work AND had knives in my throat)
literally, i think someone snuck into my room and decided to throw knives down my mouth.
some kind of sick joke.
yea? not cool.

needless to say. i didn't go on the excursion today.
it was to a museum and Nelson Mandela's house.
i sent my field reporter "Danielle" to report on all life changing events as if i was there then debrief with me upon her return.

this is where it gets funny.

she came back and was crying she was laughing so hard.
so i was bummed that i might have missed the coolest excursion ever.
however, it was because she told this story that there were tears:

"the super awesome tour guide doesn't know his left from his right...
he likes to tell people (AKA the entire bus) that Nelson Mandela's house was on the right.
the entire bus jumps to the right side and snap, snap, snap with pictures"

(side note, i am literally crying laughing so hard as i am trying to type this)

ok, back to the story.

Danielle was in the back and watched the entire bus rush to the windows on the "right"
however she noticed the tour guide was turned to his "other right" while explaining his house.
Dani caught on quite quickly and was dying laughing.

she thought "photo shoot for one please?"
She had front row seats to his house while the entire bus took pictures of his neighbors house.

cool tour guide. cool.

i still don't think the people on the bus know they got the wrong house.
i am sure they came back and are sending pictures to their families saying,
"look how pretty his house is"
little do they know, it is not his house.

she tried to tell them.
no one trusted her.
end of story.

i wish knives weren't in my throat because i would have paid a LOT of money to see this.
i mean, a lot.
i am STILL laughing.


i am happy i stayed because after going to bed at 5am i slept until 1pm.
got meds for my throat.
went and got a mani/pedi/massage for $65.00
yes please?
why don't we have this in the states for that price?
i think i was there for 3 hours.
3 hours = $65.00
i'll take it.
i did tip her VERY well.

then sushi for dinner.
although i still have KNIVES in my throat.
i had a very humorous day.

night night all!!

ps. let's hope the knives are gone in the morning because i have lions to feed tomorrow.

pss. i skyped with tiff tonight. she decided to show me how good her Starbucks is. she knows South Africa doesn't have one here.
thanks tiff :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rosebank Market/Brazil Game.

What a day!!
First off, Happy Father's Day to ALL the Father's out there.
Especially mine who's partying away in heaven right now.

Secondly, I am exhausted.
Today was amazing.
We went BIG today.

Woke up and went to the Rosebank Market.
SO cool!!!
It's a 3 story retail mecca of all things amazing.
you can bargain your way into cheaper deals... and come away with steals!
i tried... turns out i am not so good.
but it was the TRYING that counted.
It's considered South Africa's best flea market.
We sure did find some great items!!!

Also, great live entertainment.
There was a group there that sounded like Boyz II Men.
I swear.
So good!!!

(inside the Market)

(vendor playing the drums)

After the Rosebank Market we went to the gym and I ran off some fries (or a lot of fries...)
then came back and got ready for the BRAZIL vs. IVORY COAST game.

We had box suites (yes, i can brag a little....)
with free food/drinks/take home goodie bags/great view....
etc. etc. etc.

needless to say we were VIP.
i guess that is how famous people get treated...
i liked it!
at least for a night ;)

(the suite!)

the entire time we were like "is this for real?"

it was SO unbelievable.

(85,000 people in the stadium)

85,000 people and we had the best seats in the house.

Aside from cheering on the US (our favorite team!!)
this night was the best!!!
The seats alone were amazing and not to mention the amenities they offered.
pretty cool if you ask me.

Brazil won 3-1 and it was definitely a fun game to watch!!!

After the game I rushed home for my skype "father's day" date w/ my mom & brother.

how cute are they?

gosh i just love them.

It was a busy BUT fun day!!!

Off to bed......
Night everyone!!!

father's day.

spoiler alert: no "South Africa" post here. just me, talking about my amazing father on father's day.

today is bittersweet for me.
on one hand i am having the time of my life, and such an amazing life experience.
on the other hand i am too many miles away from my family to celebrate father's day with them in honor of such an amazing father.

it's hard because i am SO very thankful for the life i live,
the time i spent with him,
and the love i have for my family.

but then there's this part of me that is still broken.
i don't think that part of my heart will ever heal.
i lost my very best friend.
and i will never have my father back.
i still can't believe it.
only 10 1/2 months ago this earth changed.
we all lost someone great.

people tell me i remind them of him.
i smile because that is the best compliment you can give me.
i cherish those words.

with every passing day, i miss him that much more.
i know some days will be tough and some days will be great.

i cry at night because i didn't get to say i love you to his face today.
i didn't get to hug him today.
i didn't get to hear his laugh today.
i cry because i miss him dearly.

i know he's in heaven bragging about his family on earth.
i know he's telling his friends about his "hot wife" (his words he would use)
and how at 5'3 she's still the cutest person he's ever seen.

or how his son is somehow still surprising us daily about how remarkable he is.
i pray when i have kids they are like my brother.
perfect in every way.

i know he's proud of me.
and the woman i am becoming.
just like my momma i hope.

i just need him some days.
i just need my dad.

he was so great to us.
so great to everyone that came in contact with him.

this entry wasn't supposed to be emotional, but ya know...
it's my blog.
i can write what i want :)

it's hard not to miss a man that meant so much to us.

happy father's day dad.
continue to make us proud in heaven.
and we will do our best down here.

(me and dad 2009)

i think about him all the time, and missing him more than ever.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

day off.

i slept in today.
until 10am.
nuts, i know.
that's like 2 times in the last 2 weeks.
some sort of record i think?!

did tons of work, caught up on some emails and felt like i had 2 full days of sleep.
rested and ready.

i am starting to lose track of days here.
and i definitely lost track of time a long time ago.

side note: i would kill for a Starbucks right now.
sadly, none here ;(

it gets dark at 5:30pm here.
and my 5:30pm is really 8:30am California time.
did stay with me?
ya, i'm all sorts of confused.

headed to the gym for a nice long run.
eating pizza and wine really makes you need to work out.
all worth it of course because it's just so good here!!

after the gym we made hats!!
i don't remember what they are officially called, Makarapas i think?
any ways, it was SO much fun!!!

i felt like i was in color my mine.
so cool.

some pics:

(the men showing us how it's done)

(me working my artistry, i totally look the part right?)

(Dani making an awesome hat!!)

after Makarapa making we headed to a wine bar.
um, most amazing idea ever.
you have a card, fill it with money, and put it in the dispenser.
you can either; taste, have a half glass, or a full glass.
tons of wines to choose from.

we need this in the states.

after the wine bar Dani & Kristy took me to a delicious pizza & vino place.
in honor of my dad for father's day.... i wanted a VERY good glass of wine.

we chatted about life, my dad, how great he was.....
i love when people come into your life and instantly make it better.
i am thankful to have met these girls.
just love 'em.

after dinner we grabbed a few desserts (as if we needed anything else!) in the hotel and watched part of the Denmark vs. Cameroon game.

then off to bed.

i hope to dream about my dad tonight......

happy early father's day to my favorite guy in heaven.
what a great man he was.

can't wait to Skype session my mom & brother tomorrow.
been looking forward to it all week!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

game #2 {USA vs. Slovenia}


i am still trying to come down from it.
i have NEVER been so nervous/anxious/excited in my life about a soccer game.
more than the England game that's for sure!!
it was INSANE.
the crowd. the families. the team.
definitely another memorable night.

i am SO bummed the ref didn't allow the 3rd goal.
but i am SO proud of the US team, and pumped they came back from being 2 goals behind.
those 2 goals were amazing....!!!

i mean, they SHOULD have won (the ref messed up BIG time)
sadly, that's the game of soccer though.

okay, okay.
back to the beginning.

how our day went:

woke up.
worked out.
10:15am met in family lounge for security briefing.
11am depart to Moyo Zoo Lake for pre-game meal.
1pm depart for stadium.
4pm kickoff at Ellis Park
8pm pizza party in Family lounge upon return (while watching the England vs. Algeria game)

some pics of the day...

(at lunch w/ some of the entertainment)

(Zoo Lake w/ the girls)

(Slovenia and USA)

(go USA!!!)

We MUST win Wednesday!!!
So happy England tied Algeria.
on to tomorrow......

Thursday, June 17, 2010

day 8.

today is day 8.
let's recap, shall we?

woke up and headed to the gym.
apparently my heart rate doesn't like the altitude here....
and the machines say "HEART RATE TOO HIGH"
needless to say today was a "check emails from the gym" and stretch day.
i am supposed to be at 6 miles today.

moving on.
we headed to the Argentina vs. Korea game at 12:30pm for a 1:30pm kickoff.
great seats.....
however, it was FREEZING in the shade.
i need to buy a world cup snuggie. ASAP.
do they have these? if so, i need to find one.

Argentina beat Korea - go figure.
and Messi was amazing - obviously.

we needed to wait a few hours after the game so went to the Argentina beer garden until traffic died down.

(Dani, Rich, and me w/ the fans)

to enter you had to be wearing ONLY Argentina stuff.
we shifted our wardrobes, and got in!!

(the view at the Argentina Beer Garden party)

i will leave out the scary ride home because my mom reads this, and well... i don't need any phone calls from her tonight ;)

but the ride home, was... well interesting.
i will leave it at that.
it's a story for another day.

After we got back, we headed down to Melrose Arch for our family/friends dinner and got to eat a delicious meal with a cash bar. my kind of place!!

not to mention dance parties at half time of the Mexico vs. France game.
those parents are fun!!!

tomorrow is a big day.
game #2 for USA!!!
i need to find face paint. and stat.

GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you all BETTER be watching ;)