Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a good day.

it's wednesday.
it's the last day in March {wow! really?}
i got up at 5am for a really great workout.
i made this {picture above} for breakie.
i am knocking out emails left & right {and it's only 9am}
i'm gonna take the pups for a nice long walk later.
i am headed to Long Beach for dinner & a movie w/ the girls
{the last song!}

today, is gonna be a good day.
hope yours is too!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sweet tooth.

at my boss's birthday party last weekend i was in charge of the candy bar.

this is just half of the candy bar, but it was my favorite picture of the ones i took.

let's just say i am still devouring the candy.
and for those of you wondering - i did not have cadbury eggs.
shocking, i know.

there was: old school pop rocks, ring pops, jelly beans, etc.

it was all very, very delicious.

Monday, March 29, 2010

monday brain dump.

- a dear friend of mine sends me morning horoscopes and this one from yesterday might be my all time favorite, "Instead of fixing your happiness on some faraway moment in the future when you will be more richer, lighter and more loved, you realize that this is the greatest moment of your life and worthy of celebration". i am celebrating today, tomorrow, and forever...

- my obsession with my 5am workouts have become my worst enemy when it comes to sleeping in. no more of that.

- i have realized more now than ever, i am SO thankful my mom is so extremely organized. i am grateful i inherited this from her.

- i am counting down the days (4) until i am with my mom & brother in beautiful San Diego for Easter. i can't wait.

- i took yesterday off (minus an hour of emailing) and boy do i feel re-charged. i can't remember the last time i laid in bed, snuggled with my comfy sheets, and caught up on tivo. amazing.

- i am excited for Wednesday date night with my girls. dinner and a movie! we are going to see The Last Song (don't judge), i hear it's amazing.

- this is the last week i will be eating cadbury eggs. quite sad about this. however, my tummy is thanking me.

- my dad was on my mind all day yesterday. i can't believe we are coming up to 8 months. i still feel like he is on a long work trip. makes me sad.

- i got a spray tan last week for an event. let's just say i looked Brazilian until i washed off the bronzer. (john mayer pics to prove it) ha!

- i know i do this every month, but seriously? Thursday is the start of April. oh man.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

cutest. pups. ever.

My friend Shauna AKA master maker of paintings took these 4 pictures of my boss's dogs that i sent her...

and painted these four canvases:

she is amazing, right?
not to mention my boss has the cutest. pups. ever.

(happy birthday B!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

fun photo (s) friday.

last night Amber & I went to see

it was AH-MAZING.
i am still buzzin...

he definitely rocked some journey and fleetwood mac.
it was a FUN night to say the least.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


it's been a long time since i have had coffee from Starbucks.
tea doesn't count.
this morning at 7am (yes, after a 1 1/2 hour workout) i needed something.
something needed to make me feel awake.

oddly enough, fresh squeezed oh-jay did the trick.
i am beginning to think caffeine is "all mental"
{i know it's not, but it's fun to pretend}
that way, i don't spend $4 a day on Starbucks.

i'm proud of me.
if you know my obsession with the buck, you'd be proud too.
and did i mention i wake up at 5am everyday and gym it for at least an hour, some days two.
yes, i feel better already.
it's my official "me time"
getting in shape.

how do you spend your "YOU" time?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've been craving...

my dad's delicious {and can't stop eating} banana pudding.
I'm not a huge fan of normal banana pudding.
but let's be honest, my dad made the best of all things taste better.

I've been searching in my cookbook for this recipe.
i need to check a few other "secret family recipe" places.
i want to make it.
and soon.

mom, since you read this. please search too!
i must make this for my tummy.

{and if you're lucky, your tummy too!}

brother - let's make this for our Easter dessert?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not me Monday.

here ya go!
all the things i did not do this week,
and for the newbies....
it's all the things i did do.

i did not love getting my butt back in the gym.
5am workouts really help me fall asleep at night.
and fast.
i did not love my new blog make-over! oh yes! i just love it.
i did not love crying for (ok, small tears) EDNA from Kenya while watching the LA marathon.
crazy that i ran that marathon 5 years ago.
yikes! time flies...

i did not love march madness starting.
too bad LB State isn't in it. next year boys... next year.

i did not love planning my JOHN MAYER night this week. me, amber, and john. how i love thee.
i did not love the 20/20 bachelor franchise special. some crazy drama behind the scenes. oh reality tv, i love you.
i did not love that the NEW MOON DVD is on sale now.
i feel like a teen again.
i did not love starting "my dad's story"... deets coming soon.
i did not love the MLS not going on strike.
thank you jesus.

i did not love mama d's for amber's birthday dinner celebration. nothing beats good friends & good food.
i did not love hearing about sandy b. alleged cheating scandal. i hope this isn't true. i love her.
i did not love le pain for breakfast. delicious buttermilk scones! yes please!

i did not love hearing me & dads song on the radio. i love those days...

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy

Sunday, March 21, 2010

hello blog make-over.

If you haven't already noticed, my blog make-over is complete.
Don't you love it? i do!!
i am SO happy with how it turned out! Much more me, and way MORE stylish.
i am SO happy to finally share it with you all.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart, for ALL your support.... you made it happen!

I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

What do you think??

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Photo Friday. {Ooh La La}

me + lady gaga + front row seats in August.
no biggie.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

clover cupcakes.

I had every intention last night in making these cupcakes for st. patrick's day.
but let's be honest here. i went on a nice long sunset run, had take-out, played words with friends, and watched idol. it was lovely.

i got all the ingredients, and was ready to go. so, i think i will turn what meant to be st. patties cupcakes into Easter cupcakes in a few weeks.

i can do that, there are no rules here. so expect delicious & cute Easter cupcakes in a few weeks. but aren't these clover cupcakes just the cutest?

happy st. Patrick's day all!
{image via google images}

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

minor brain dump.

-work just got 2 times crazier in the last 4 days. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining. but seriously, it's 9:33pm and i am still taking care of stuff. i need a nap. not bed, just a quick nap.

-idol is getting a little better. ya i said it.

-i officially signed up for my october marathon. went running tonight during the sunset and realized i've got a loooooong way to go. crap.

-i got my tax refund back. thank you jesus. i now can officially pay off 1 of my 6 loans still dangling in my bank account. 1 down. whooooop whoooop.

-i missed my dad today a lot.

-apparently there was an earthquake this morning at 4am. i didn't feel a thing.

-i'm thinking i should stock up on cadbury eggs because it's coming to that point when there's only 3 weeks left until they take them out of the store. i'll pretend it's y2k and put lots in my garage. don't judge.

-i can't put words with friends down. at one point last night i realized i had 17 games going at one time. ohmygoodness. i need help.

Monday, March 15, 2010

not me monday.

here ya go!
all the things i did not do this week.
for the newbies.... it's all the things i did do.

i did not love picking up the new hybrid from the dealership.
i did not love the beautiful 70 degree weather in so cal.
i did not love early morning runs on the beach. week 4 of training.
done and done.
i did not love buying my mom's flight to come see me and brother for EASTER.
i did not love my bubble bath, wine, and a good book.
i did not love officially signing up for my 2nd marathon.... the chicago 2010 marathon.... look out world, here i come.
i did not love watching one of my boss's shows. rules of engagement. it's a must see.
i did not love gathering goodies for my boss's birthday party. i will be designing the best candy bar known to mankind. yep.
i did not love staying up late to play words with friends. ohmygoodness obsessed.
i did not love american idol this week. okay, it's getting a little better... thankfully.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

meet lil' pimpin.

the story behind the name:

i decided i need to name her after my dad.
his nickname for forever has been:
big pimpin poppa, big pimpin for short.
i figured since the car is a girl, it can be pimpin's sidekick.
hence, lil' pimpin.

he is with me in the passenger seat every time i drive.

although i loved everyone's ideas.
i am going with lil' pimpin.
and since it was a contest,
i can't obviously win so i am still sending a little something to the runner up.............
so, congratulations..................


grey girl was a VERY close second!!!!

congrats to you!!
please email me your address so i can send you a little something in the mail :)

and thank you EVERYONE who contributed!!
lil' pimpin is amazing.
i love her. a lot.

Friday, March 12, 2010

fun photo friday.

i love my new ride.
so now, let's play a game.
let's name her.
she's a honda hybrid insight 2010.
(yes, it's a she, too cute not to be)
i will give a prize to whomever names her.

my first names i thought of was:
lil grey or baby grey.

if someone can think of something better....
i will send you a little something something in the mail.

post your names in the comment section and i will choose on monday.

happy friday!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

idol front runner.

sadly, this is the only person i care to watch on idol this year.
let's hope this show gets better....
or i'm leaving with simon.

team crystal all the way.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

gift ideas.

if you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or just because....
you MUST order one.....

i got this for my friend tiff's 25th.

i took one of our favorite pics together:

and my friend Shauna paints this:

seriously, great gift idea.
please let me know if you are ever interested and i will send you to my friend Shauna.
she is amazing.

Monday, March 8, 2010

not me monday.

here ya go!
all the things i did not do...
for the newbies (it's all the things i did do)

i did not love having my mom & brother with me all weekend where we: laughed, snuggled, watched movies in bed, ate delicious food, grabbed coffee, mimosas, shopped, and loved. a. lot.
i did not love watching our girl Sandra win the Oscar. great speech by such a classy lady.
i did not love finding the perfect chain for my perfect necklace my brother got me.
i did not love finding my favorite earing in the grass a week after i lost it. thank goodness!!
i did not love hearing about the opening of cafe rio in MB. we will be seeing you soon .
i did not love getting TWO new aviator nation sweatshirts. yep, my fav. article of clothing was on a huge sale this weekend.
i did not love my massage at the spa with my family. a much needed day.
i did not love peeking at my new blog layout (coming soon!)
thank you ALL who voted.................................... !!!!!
i did not love finding a new app on my phone (thanks brother) i am officially obsessed with words with friends.
i did not love the marriage ref. new favorite show, hands down.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Friday, March 5, 2010

fun photo friday.

i get to hang out with these two this weekend.

spa day.
bike rides.
walks on the beach.
sleeping in.
telling stories.

i am happy today.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

spring countdown.

-i have had one diet coke this week, and am already counting down the days until my next one.

-i have eaten my weight in cadbury eggs. maybe X2. i am even contemplating running out to the store to get more. even in my pj's.

-i officially think this might be the worst idol ever. fingers crossed it gets better.

-i got a spray tan for the event that was on Monday. I'm really tan. makes me excited for summer.

-i cried during the women's figure skating (please don't judge). seriously, if you heard the story of the woman who's mom passed right before... um, i feel for her. i want to call her and tell her i think she is fantastic. what an inspiration.

-the bachelor finale was dumb. Vienna is weird. what is different about her? did she get a nose job? or lose weight? something is off...

-my mom is coming to visit me this weekend. i have a very special weekend planned for her. she reads this, so i can't tell you. {mom, you should be VERY excited}. AND lucky us, my brother is coming too.

-i will be driving a new car in a few weeks. yep, I'm pretty darn excited.

-i am sad the Olympics are over, however i am excited i will have my life back. or mainly some sleep back.

-i'm almost three weeks done with marathon training. OK, i missed a few days. but this is PRE marathon training. i have a month to get my body ready for the training. either way, it's better than not running. my ass is lifting as we speak.

-it's already March. it's weird.

-a cadbury egg commercial just came on. dang, thanks TV for the reminder of how i love them oh so much.

-i might need to add interior decorated to my resume. i am quite impressed with myself.

-i think they put crack on the chips at chipotle.

-i need to make a new car/new cd jam {anyone who's reading please send me the best mixed CD you can think of} maybe i'll send you something handmade and cute?

-biggest loser is back on. i tried not to eat ice cream while i watched.

-i saw octo mom on the view. she is nuts. it's worth youtube-ing. i feel sorry for her 14 kids.

-i passed by aviator nation the other day (my new favorite sweatshirt shop thanks to my boss), i used all my might not to pull over and buy one. my bank account is thanking me. but next big purchase, yep. a blue zip hoodie. i am pumped (for the future)

-everyone in Oprah's audience is good looking and colorful. they must have a really good process in where everyone should sit.

-i would like to buy a new pair of jeans. i think i wear the same 2 pairs over and over.

-my tivo is almost full. how is this possible?

-the Oscars are on Sunday. I've printed out the ballots. i am thinking of themed goodies: blue cocktails for "avatar", a tray of airplane snacks for "Up in the Air", mini football cookies for "The Blind Side", Bread & cheese platter with wine for "Julie & Julia"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

not me monday {on wednesday}

here ya go {a few days late}
{it's been a crazy week}
all the things i did not do last week....... and for the newbies....
it's all the things i did do.

i did not love the bachelor and how vienna and tenley are in the finals. scratch that, tenley is great... vienna, ugh.
i did not love how god awful idol was last week. oh boy i hope it gets MUCH better.
i did not love running on the beach for week 3 of training.
i did not love eating my weight in cadbury eggs, week 2. Easter needs to be over so they are no longer at any store. {and yes, running has helped keep the weight off.... but let me tell you, i run to eat apparently} ha!
i did not love waking up to 4 dogs sneaking into my bed. those 4 are very very sneaky.
i did not love the closing ceremony of the Olympics........... i am gonna miss you Olympics.
i did not love Tuesday chipotle/idol night. large diet coke. yes please!!
i did not love having a moment in the car.... just to turn on the radio and my dad and my song was on. really? coincident? i think not.
i did not love planning a fun filled weekend with my mom & brother. ya ya ya!
i did not love planning a premiere party for my boss, which went really well!! ok, im biased. but still... LOVED the show!!!
i did not love being so. dang. tired. all week....... so good news, it's bed time for this girl.
{i can't believe tomorrow is thursday} where is the time going? seriously.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.
happy 25th birthday to my favorite gypsy.

(yes, her birthday was yesterday... but it was also a crazy work day. better late than never)

25 reasons why i love her so:

25. I love her because she loves the McMuffin maker as much as me.
24. I love her because we sneak into movies together {sorry mom!}
23. I love her because she has funny one liners. all. the. time.
22. I love her because we paint masterpieces together at 2am.
21. I love her because her dance offs are amazing.
20. I love her because she makes incredible mixed cds.
19. I love her because she loves 16 and pregnant, and looks forward to each season.
18. I love her because she has really funny FB status's.
17. I love her because her family is amazing, and her dad thinks i steal silverware.
16. I love her because she is willing to always drive to me (knowing my crazy work schedule)
15. I love her because she has thrown up on a bar before. {sorry tiff! IT'S TOO GOOD NOT TO LOVE}
14. I love her because she understands my need for food, and doesn't judge me. ever.
13. I love her because she was one of my dads favorite people.
12. I love her because she would drive an hour to pinkberry.
11. I love her because she would do anything for me, and vice versa.
10. I love her because she thinks zac efron is just as cute as i do.
9. I love her because I could make a book out of her funny text messages.
8. I love her because she loves britney spears like it's no bodies business.
7. I love her because we always wear matching toe nail polish. ah, yes... we are 12.
6. I love her because when i met her, we decided we would become bffs instantly.
5. I lover her because when i need gossip, she's got it.
4. I love her because she throws the best theme parties. ever.
3. I love her because she and i sang along to every song during the nick lachey concert. yep.
2. I love her because everyday she has something new & FUNNY to tell me.
1. I love her because she is one of the most beautiful, loving, funny, caring people i know. i am a better person because of her. i love you tiffany vargas.