Sunday, January 29, 2012


well. first things first. things are definitely going to be changing around here and soon. i am actually really embarrassed writing any more posts on this layout, these pictures, the texts, etc. (i could go on & on). but i need to get over it since i don't have time for the next few weeks to really dive in. i have so many ideas, so many fun things to try, and posts that i can't wait to write. my fingers are even shaking as i type this. mainly because i am overwhelmed with inspiration and also because my brain is fried. this class was so much more than i could have imagined it being. i am NOT going to take down my blog and write "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" but trust me, i immediately wanted to do so today. but rather just stay tuned for what's to come..... i will have a full recap of the blogshop as well.......

please give me a few weeks to really revamp this thing. sadly, as much as i never want to go to bed and just work on this.... i need to do so.

my first mood board (don't judge even this, it was my first).........

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pretty cool huh? gosh i have so much more to share. i will also be changing host sites, and a ton of other amazing things in the works.

i can't wait to share with you all. everything. ahhhhhhhh!!

truly, beyond inspired.

Friday, January 27, 2012


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today is the day! today is the day! today is the day!
i am beyond ecstatic to attend THIS workshop in L.A. all weekend long.
i die.

recap & new blog inspiration coming soon.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


hello my dear readers! i have been absent but this time for a very good reason! this weekend i am attending blogshop, which i am over the moon about! my blog this year is something i am really going to be focusing on so please stay tuned for lots of updates on this little blog of mine. i will be blogging more, a different layout, and some really fun stuff i can't wait to share! after choosing pictures from last year - safe to say my 2011 was pretty kick ass. hoping this year is even better! a look back....

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my first (of 8) weddings i attended this year.
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my brother's 29th birthday.
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participating in bloggers day of silence.
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my first Coachella experience with these amazing friends.
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celebrating mother's day with the best woman i know.
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attended the most beautiful wedding.
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a dear friend's bachelorette party.
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celebrating my dad's life, 2 years after his passing. (this picture of him is one of my favorites)
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my 26th birthday.
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throwing the most fun/chic french themed baby shower.
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also in October, my handmade Lady "Santa" Gaga for Halloween.
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spending a week with my roommates in Texas at their ranch.
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visiting my dad in the New Orleans cemetery.

CHEERS TO 2012!!!