Monday, January 31, 2011


Well folks, i am only human.
i can't lie (i am just so bad at it, so i don't even try)
i did not do CHEST, BACK, AB ripper today.
i will be doing a lovely little double day tomorrow unfortunately since i missed today.
it was an absolute crazy work day.
i was tired and to be honest couldn't pull it together.
yes, i am only human.
i will be doing that AND plyometrics tomorrow.
oh gosh.
i am immediately regretting missing today.
but that's life.
hope you got your day 15 of 90 in.
if so. you're awesome!!!


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happy monday everyone!
i hope you all had an amazing weekend - i sure did!
brother bear and i went home for a quick visit - and to celebrate the Gemma's wedding.
let's just say the wedding was saturday and i am still hurting.
note to self: me + champagne are no longer friends.

my favorite new yorker (i can say that now since she lives there)
came to town for the wedding as well.
hottest date ever, right?
lucky me :)

we danced our booty's off and i am pretty sure i haven't laughed that hard in a long long time.

i adore her family to bits.
miss them already!

and of course my amazing family as well.

busy week this week!
lots to do. but then again, when do i not have lots to do.

ps. p90x update - brother and i did a great workout on Saturday together. mom got to see first hand how crazy we look in the living room. sunday was a day off. thank goodness because that hangover didn't look good on me.

happy week to all.

Friday, January 28, 2011


i am back to feeling like jello.
i am starting to realize that for the next few months,
this is what it will be like.
i am okay with it even though i say i am not (maybe)

just as long as it doesn't take me 20 minutes to decide if i should sleep in my car because my legs were to sore to go upstairs to my bedroom...
then yes, i am okay with it.

my friend Sara will be photographing me when it is all said and done.

she is amazing!!!
a mom (to 3!)
a teacher.
a wife.
a blogger.
a friend.
a daughter.
a photographer.
(and many more things of course...)

and best of all, we met in the blogging world.
i love it!

her blog is too cute just like her!
check her out HERE.

and hopefully i can cross off "be in a magazine" off of my bucket list.

SELF, SHAPE, you name it.
somehow i am getting in there.

happy weekend loves.


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on my to-do list this weekend:

fly to Sacramento to see these two amazing people
eat as much mikuni as my body can handle
drink a cocktail. or two.
watch "The Social Network" (for the first time)
dance my booty off at the Gemma Wedding
celebrate my brother's 29 years of existence
p90x with the family since we can't miss a day (should be hilarious)
snuggle & sleep in
laugh continuously
hug my momma as much as possible until the next time i see her

what do you have planned?
i hope it's an AMAZING weekend for you all.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

DAY 11 (p90x) STYLE.

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i am mastering this pose these days.
i am learning to love yoga.
i have only had to do yoga 2 times so far in the program.
let's just say my second time was much better than my first.
i also snuck in a good run this morning.
i am telling you; captain of productivity over here.

well, i'm off... busy work day today!
thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


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(photo via Brookish)

thank you for being so good to me over the years.
have a perfect thursday everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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i need to make this to hang in my house for the entire month of February.

i found the how-to here.

i just love this idea.

p90x day 9 & 10.

day 9: plyometrics & abs
day 10: shoulder & arms.

love: that i feel more tone already in only a week.
hate: that i am learning i have new muscles in places i didn't know existed.

love: fitting into my jeans nicely.
hate: not being able to bend down to pick them up.

love: eating healthier.
hate: mini cadbury eggs staring me in my face.
all. day. long.

love: i am 10 days in.
hate: 80 more days of hell.

love: having more energy.
hate: that i have no problem calling lights out at 9pm.

what are your love/hates with your workouts!?

keep. it. up....

Monday, January 24, 2011

p90x day 8.

The week repeats itself for a few weeks.
so today was chest + back + ab ripper.
i opted out of ab ripper today and will do it tomorrow instead.
quite honestly, my abs are so sore i can't even sit up.
i think they need a day off.
so tomorrow i will do them instead of ab rest day.

i feel a little more tone (even though it's only been a week)
and it definitely has given me more energy!

knowing i HAVE to do at least an hour of p90x a day before i can cross it off my to-do's has really helped!
makes me want to run farther when i go on runs too!
magic i tell ya.

i don't think i have been this excited to run far since... well, ever.
(and those marathons definitely made me think i never need to run again. ha, wrong)

AND i will be done in 82 days, and coincidentally in 81 days i am going to coachella. bathing suit galore.
the last day i will have to do a double day (hardcore right?)

another added motivation.

how are your workouts going?
so proud you guys are sticking with it.
and those who aren't......
get back on board now!


Hello body that aches but feels oh so good!

Hello Coachella 81 days away. i am so excited for my first music festival/camp out.

Hello Sacramento this weekend with the family!

Hello books I am downloading on my ipad for my flights.

Hello magazines I am sorting through for inspiration.

Hello to another beautiful week in Southern California.

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(move on from anyone or anything that is holding you back, then laugh)

Happy Monday to you all!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

p90x day 6 & 7.

hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
this weekend was KENPO (kickboxing) and my first rest day
(thank you jesus)

i love kickboxing so i knew i would like this one!
and day 7 rest, was SO NEEDED.

i actually went to Runyon in Hollywood to do a little hike/walk and kenpo in the same day.

it was beautiful.

i have lived in southern California off and on for 8 years, and have never been to runyon.
absolutely loved it.
look at the views!!

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week 1 down (HOLLA), and so thrilled about it.
83 more days to go!
see, we can do it! piece of cake (mmmmmm cake....)

Friday, January 21, 2011

p90x day 5.

5 days down.
what?! so thrilled.
i can't walk but feel great! ha.
today was legs, back, and abs.
(really feeling those abs lately)

enjoy your weekend lovies!
tomorrow is "kenpo" which is like kickboxing.

until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 20, 2011


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i'm in love.
that sparkly skirt.
those stripes.
the jacket.
and oh those shorts.
i. die.

p90x day 4.

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hi loves!
today was day 4. can you believe we are on day 4 already!
i am feeling good! how about you!?
for my 90 day-er, day four means YOGA.
not going to lie here...
i thought today was basically "an easy" day.
wowsa. was i wrong!
little did i know.... i think today was the hardest for me.
good news is..... i can only improve from here!
cheers to almost a full week down!
see you all tomorrow for day 5.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

p90x day 3.

are you guys as sore as me?
sadly, i think it means i am OUT. OF. SHAPE!
today i did shoulders, arms, and abs.
let's just say i could barely roll out of bed this morning.
i bought something heavy at bed bath and beyond and couldn't lift it in my car.
i told the nice man that offered to help that i would normally be able to lift the box but since i am doing p90x i couldn't lift a thing.
he stared in confusion. and quite honestly could care less about anything i said.
i seriously need to stop talking to strangers (or employees of stores i visit) as if we are b.f.f.'s.
i am not as funny as i think i am.
(well, i beg to differ) but i am sure they don't care. ONE. BIT.

ps. i am feeling GREAT!
i am even talking back to "tony" the instructor in my videos.
(i may or may not be going crazy)

join me for day 4 tomorrow?


i'm excited for: idol tonight. ya, i said it.

i want: ray ban sunglasses. mine broke :(

i feel: sore. very very sore.

i'm obsessed with: pinterest. can't get off the website!

i hear: john mayer pandora playing in my room.

happy hump day all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

p90x day 2.

wow. i couldn't really feel my arms today.
not to mention when i sneezed my abs hurt.
um, is that normal?

today was day 2.
i have to say this program really helps with eating healthy too!
mainly because when i see anything unhealthy....
i think "that's 5 minutes of torture"
walk. away. walk. away.

so today was plyometrics.
plyo and i have a bit of a past.
growing up playing soccer we use to have to do this.
reality check.
my body is not 16 years old anymore.
it kicked my butt.

how are you all doing?
day 3 tomorrow!

keep it up! you only have 87 more days to go!

tip that helps me:
post a picture of something/someone that inspires you where you will see it daily as a reminder of a bigger goal you are reaching for.

mine - jillian michaels.
this rockin bod is in my near future.

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(a picture from my phone so you can get an idea of what it looks like!)

a week ago my good friend auby sent me an invite to "pinterest"
let's just say i have lost hours of sleep and literally am becoming unhealthily obsessed with this website.
it's literally the best thing to happen to me since purchasing my Polaroid camera.
it's basically a place to catalog the things you love when browsing the Internet.
i have so many folders on my computer titled "pretty things" "wedding ideas" "inspiration"
(the list could go on and on...)
i should say HAD folders because now they are ALL organized on this website.
it even shows you what blog or whatever you "pinned" it from.
life. changing. and i can't thank aubs enough!!!
perfect for those of you who are engaged too! (type in WEDDINGS in the search section) and the folders people have are UNREAL. all THEIR inspirations they have found for stuff they loved.
you can type in ANYTHING!
i have already found FUN new projects i want to do in the DIY (do it yourself) section! oh my god.
it's SO stinkin cool, RUN to sign up! or i can email you an invite (it's faster that way since their is a little bit of a wait list!)

happy pinning!

Monday, January 17, 2011

p90x day 1.

hello fellow 90 day challengers!
ya. i'm talking to you.
as of today there were 22 of you that joined in for this!
22! wow!
and i am SURE there are at least a few more who didn't comment, text, email, or call me to say you are in!
that's ok, just keep it up!
i think 6 or 7 are doing the p90x challenge.
a few of you are doing yoga.
7 of you are going to the gym.
and some are doing "something" active 6 days a week.

i think i got you all?
well, CONGRATS on taking the first step to a better you (did i just sound like oprah?) ha.

okay. so peeps, how did it go?
brother and i did our DAY ONE together in San Diego.
um, it was SO much harder than i thought.
i feel like jello as i try to type this.
today was back, arms and abs.
uh. push-ups. pull-ups. etc. etc. etc.
let's just say DAY ONE was successful (and painful)
i have NO idea what we just got into!

would love to hear about your DAY ONE!

see you tomorrow!


Hello lovers!
another week down... another not me monday.
since i need to do my first p90x today... i will make this quick!
(stay tuned for DAY 1 of p90x later today!)
i am so excited!
22 of you are on board whether it be the program, or your own thing.
you go peeps!

so, here we go!
i did not love running on the beach this week to clear my head
and listening to my new country mixes.
(country strong really got me back into listening to country 24-7)
i might have even dreamt i played at open mic night and sang the country strong song. oh boy.
i did not love doing my own mani/pedi - yep, saving money 2011 is in full effect still.
i did not love CRAFTERNOON w/ shauna. so many fun projects ahead!
i did not love going to HD Buttercup 3 days last week for the sale. this. place. is. AMAZING.
(just wish i could afford ANYTHING in there!)
oh, and lindsey lohan was in there shopping. she looked healthy (and sober!) good for her! :)
i did not love love love PINTEREST. um. thank you auby for the introduction.
i have NEVER been so obsessed with anything more than this (please let me know if you would like an invite!)
warning: you will lose your social life, it's that awesome.
i did not love BLUE VALENTINE. i love ryan gosling. and LOVED the movie. depressing, but wonderful! (is that possible?)
i think at one point i leaned over and said "i just love this movie"
HA! nerd. alert.
i did not love my quick SAN DIEGO road trip to see my brother and my favorites!
homemade dinner, wine, and the GOLDEN GLOBES. an amazing end to a perfect week.

post your not me mondays.
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

ps. stay tuned for DAY 1 of our 90 day challenge!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


<span class=
(roomies, whit, brother and myself at magic castle)

i found this program on my computer that you can put all your pictures in (or however many you like) and it picks one out for you at random.

today, for fun photo friday it chose this one.
i loved this day!!
magic castle with everyone in hollywood was amazing!!!
i can't wait to go back!

have a good weekend all!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

90 days.


alright friends.
it's almost time.
are you with me?
we are doing the 90 day challenge together!
whether you want to do p90x (that's what i am choosing), walk daily, run, gym, yoga...
i don't care - let's just get moving.
(you will obviously need a day off a week)
but other than that..
90 days straight.
i hear if you do anything for 21 days you are all set.
(i hope that's true!)

so let's go through this together!

it's time to STOP saying "i'll start tomorrow"
it's time to STOP saying "if only i had more time in the day"
it's time to STOP wishing for something you want & instead going after it
it's time to improve our health.
you in?

you can comment each day, email me, or just keep it to yourself.
i will be blogging normally (and adding the 90 day challenge in)
i hope you will join me in this!

my brother and i are starting p90x next monday (when we get our dvds)

the question is, do you have it in you?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well hello again!!
jeeeez! this year is going by tooooo fast already (i kid i kid) it's only the 11th.
but seriously...... life is going by to quickly for my liking... boo.
alright, enough babbling.... here you go!!

i did not love that CADBURY mini eggs came out MONTHS early!! whooop!
i did not love the movie COUNTRY STRONG. oh how i love country. and mr. mcgraw (he's a hottie!)
i did not love packing, unpacking, boxing, cleaning, picking out paint, etc. etc. etc.
packing, packing, packing.
oh boy it's ALMOST done!!!!!!!!!!!!
so worth hearing the waves all day everyday (sadly, just le boss's place, but so amazing!)
i did not love chatting with my mom on her 35th anniversary. you bet i will celebrate this every year. my dad would want this, i know for a fact.
thanks michelle for dropping off the gorgeous flowers and note for us. she loved them.
i did not love my little cleanse to gear my bod up for p90x! look out body, here i come!!!
i did not ABSOLUTELY die laughing watching jim carey on SNL. HILARIOUS. the black swan was EPIC. welcome back jim!
i did not love girls birthday dinner at mama d's. amazing pasta. yum yum yum!
i did not love thinking this years bachelor season is INCREDIBLY entertaining. i mean, these girls are NUTS!!!!
i did not love ordering a VERY CUTE print on etsy. oh how i LOVE that site!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.