Monday, February 28, 2011


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(me and the bestie at the Real Housewives of Silicone Valley party)

After a perfect weekend with friends.. i am back at it this morning!
Happy Monday to you all!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Heading to San Jose for tiff's themed birthday party.
my shoes are packed.....!
hilarious right?

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happy friday!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



a big dre roll from Mikuni at home.
yes, it's a roll named after my dad.
he was quite the big deal ya know?

Monday, February 21, 2011


well hello not me monday, it's been a while!
excuse my lack of posting these. although from the few angry emails about not doing so - i figured it was a must today.

for those of you who are newbies - it's all the things i did not do (aka, did do/sort of) you follow?
ya, just pretend you do.

here we go!

i did not love all the drama on the bachelor last week! (i had missed a few episodes but love home town visits!! tonight shouldn't be any less exciting!)
i did not love homemade dinners every night w/ roomie last week!
(seriously, it's getting silly how good we are these days!
we go to the store, decide what we want to conjure up this week and viola! i need to get a chalkboard for our "weekly menus" pops would be oh so proud!)
i did not love hosting our first DINNER PARTY at casa de Conas, Empting, and Robin!
such a fun night with all the gang, and big success!
i did not love baking cupcakes and rice crispy treats!! it's a shame they are all gone. ugh.
i did not love p90x last week. my body hurts in places i am not even sure existed.
i did not love (REALLY did not) not getting baby lulu. well, still haven't heard back - but pretty rude if you ask me.
i did not love snuggling on the couch, wine, and movie night! amazing.
i did not love San Diego and getting to see all my loves!
however, i really did not love the way i felt the next day. i think champagne and i are fighting again.
i did not love my crazy busy work week - makes the weeks FLY by!!!!
i did not love CPK and chat time with my loves E & Matt. love those two. i see a dangerous tripod forming.
i did not love planning my outfit for tiff's birthday party in San Jose this weekend! "Real housewives of SiliCONE valley" get it? hilarious.
i did not love the fact that i may NEVER get a normal manicure again. have you tried GEL nails? holy life changer. i had a GC from living social - and whoa. sold me REAL quick!
i did not love finding an entire purse, wallet, and cash on the streets of SD. good thing for facebook - you can look people up and make their day by finding them! (i still want to hear the story of how one drops everything without noticing?) blame it on the alcohol? silly kids.
i did not love American idol. i tell you, i am OBSESSED every year, but this is out of control. and whoever does j.lo's hair/make-up should win an Oscar. i mean....... perfection.
i can't wait for this week!!!
i did not love coffee every morning at 6am with roomie. my new favorite part of the day. i have an espresso machine, with a coffee bean grinder. no more Starbucks for this girl.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

Friday, February 18, 2011


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Thank you to everyone who gave me warm wishes on lulu baby!
i have not heard back (and left a bazillion messages) for the adoption agency and emailed them (stalker status, i am not ashamed)
it's looking more and more like it wasn't meant to be and hopefully they found her a great family!

this past week made me realize how much love you can have for a little nugget.
if you know of an adoption place, please pass any information along!!
i am going to continue researching and keep looking for a little guy or girl for me to bring home.
(i do love havenese breeds, but up for learning about anything, just needs to be a smaller dog.)

happy weekend to you all!


So happy you guys loved the drawers!!
since i had quite a few questions i thought i would do an entire post on it.
i've done different types of distress work before but for the post yesterday this is the steps we used...

Step 1: pick a flat paint color from the hardwood/paint store. we went with a mustard yellow color from benjamin moore. i would do 2 coats (we painted over laminate, but if you have wood might only need 1 coat)

step 2: wait 24 hours to dry

step 3: put paste wax on the edges

step 4: wait 24 hours to dry

step 5: pick out a top color (we chose white)

step 6: wait 24 hours to dry

step 7: sand down so you can see the first paint color you painted come through the second color.

some tips: we waited 24 hours for each step - you don't have to wait that long, but it was just easier with our schedules. in the past i have waited 5 or 6 hours depending on the color and/or coat number.

best tip: my absolute favorite blog for this kind of stuff is;
i go to her for tips on distress work, inspiration, ideas, and how to's.
she is a GENIUS. you will love her too. scroll through a couple of her pages, you will be so impressed!!!

happy distressing!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My bestie (AKA Chelsea) wanted to distress some Ikea drawers to go in her room. I have distressed a few pieces of furniture before but never as big as this.
I loved how it turned out!!

Our garage smelled like paint for a few days but so worth seeing this cute furniture in her room at the end!!

Don't you love it?

started with this:
<span class=
painting the drawers:
<span class=
painting the entire piece:
<span class=
finished project:
<span class=

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DAY 31.

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1/3 of the way!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Two of my absolute favorite blogs are doing a piece together.
what's better than having my two favorites in one?
not much else.

apartment therapy is a daily go to for inspiration, ideas, and beautiful home tours.

they recently did a post on Emily Schuman's new apartment with her fiance.

<span class=
(photo from cupcakes and cashmere)

aren't they just perfect?

people have asked what's my first blog i read at 5am when i get 30 minutes of "me time" (aka coffee + blog reads)

well, Emily's Cupcake & Cashmere is my very first.

her style, her ideas, her everything is just perfect.

take a peak, and i promise it will become your favorite as well.

besides she is a fan of cupcakes, so i knew i would like her.

Monday, February 14, 2011


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i don't necessarily believe in "valentines day" because i think you should celebrate love daily but i do think it is a nice excuse to bake cupcakes, rice crispy treats, and send funny valentine cards in the mail!

and i did just that.

roomie and i baked some goods for our dinner party we are hosting Wednesday night.
and i sent the cutest card to my mom and funniest card to my brother
(we are each others valentines)

mom has to split us since we both wanted it to be her.
what can i say, she's a perfect valentine.

every year she still sends us cards for holidays.
and i love the mushy one's for valentines.
will always love that about her!!

hope your valentines day is filled with lots of love from your family, friends, and lovers.

big hugs to you all.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


My dear readers.
i REALLY need your help.
i need to know EVERYTHING you know about Havanese puppies.
do you own one?
do you know someone who does?
what/how do you feel about them?

I met Lulu today and she is up for adoption.
i fell in love.
she's just perfect.

it's a BIG decision so ANY advice would be amazing.
i filled out paperwork and the owner is taking care of everything so the price isn't an issue.
the owner is "holding" her for me..... but not for long.

she came straight to me & sat in my lap then licked my face.
are you kidding?
THEN to top it off this little girl came over and they fell in love.
i asked the girls mom what her baby's name was.....
i mean, REALLY?
such a sign.

anywho, ANY suggestions/comments are welcome.
please, i don't have much time to decide.

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- i went to the dmv this week and overheard the lady in front of me say she came to pay her 4th DUI ticket. FOUR?! um. how is she still driving? so scared to be on the road with people like that. i mean, REALLY?

-seeing justin bieber on Ellen makes me love him even more. i wish i was 16. and yes, i can't wait to see his movie. i'm not afraid to say that. he's adorable.

-i think i love this season of idol more than any other. the judges are amazing. i could laugh at steven tyler all day long.

-my entire body hurts all the time because of p90x. if i don't have a 6 pack by the end, i will call tony myself to complain. oh ya, and i showed my roommates my arm muscles. yep. they are small, but there.

-i had jerry's deli matzo ball soup for the first time. let's talk about a new obsession. i want it all the time!!!

-i love twitter because i literally ask a question and people are so great at answering! so nice when you legitimately need help!

-my gal pal (i'm bringing that back) tiff won a trip to hawaii. she is taking me. can you say JEALOUS?

-i have missed the last two episodes of the bachelor. but somehow i know michelle is still crazy town.

-i have never gotten so many compliments on my shoes. they are my absolute new favorites: you like?

<span class=

-i want to go to new york asap. and as luck would have it, i might be going in March. FINGERS CROSSED. i've never been!

-i'm planning 3 of my friends weddings this year. i think there is a sign in there somewhere (melinda, you listening?)

-i work too much. don't get me wrong, i'm borderline obsessed with my job. but it's unhealthy. i am planning more trips this year for ME. ya!

-we are throwing a dinner party this week. i love that us girls from college still get together monthly and now we have the cutest place to host! (pics coming soon!)

-my little sister lupe is turning 16 this month. WHAT!??? i met her through big brothers big sisters like 7 years ago. boy time goes WAY to fast! i can't wait to celebrate with her. big plans next week!!

-i have been eating the most delicious homemade meals every night. we are getting pretty crafty over here.

-i can't sleep in. ever. i tried and got up at 7am Saturday. ugh.

-every morning at 6am E and i have gourmet coffee from my espresso machine. we set it up at night, and wholaaa! meet in the kitchen at 6. it's my favorite morning routine now.

-last night roomie and i went to CUPCAKES & WINE! um. my two favorite things in the title of an event. COUNT ME IN! below is a sneak peak (just add the wine) from what we had at cupcake couture in manhattan beach. PURE HEAVEN. they matched gourmet cupcakes with certain perfect wines. oh my.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Core synergistics and kenpo x over the last two days.
it officially got hard again.
all i know is my feet, legs, arms, fingers (if that's even possible) ache.

24 days in and feeling oh so good!
WHAT!? almost a month!! so happy!
i slacked a little on my "food" intake last week - let's be honest weddings are NEVER a good place to try to eat/drink healthy.
but i am back on track.
i've noticed that when i eat super healthy and work out it's the EASIEST combo to get in shape and be toned.
rocket science, right?
but you know it's okay to eat things that make you happy
(i.e. cupcakes, wine, etc.)
as long as it's in moderation.
just don't get crazy.
(for those of you who have seen the youtube/SNL skit - you know EXACTLY how i just said "don't get crazzzzzy")

how is everyone else doing?
i've gotten a few emails but definitely not 27 a day -
and i know 27 of you are in this with me!
or so you say :)

did you fall off the wagon? or still going strong?

happy middle of the week friends!


My best buddy Steve (who is a rockstar) and his cute wife Laura (who is also a rockstar) are having a little baby girl in late Spring.

i mean, how cute are they?
and how cute is that little peanut gonna be?

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Laura had a baby shower in Portland last weekend and i was so bummed i couldn't make so i sent these:

<span class=

it's only fitting that i got little baby cronin her first pair of soccer boots. steve is a professional soccer player. and i HAD to get these when i saw them.

i had Angela of Gigi Bee Designs found here make these little soccer boots for them. she even personally made the insides pink.

how cute is that?

thank you Angela for making these special boots for my dear friends!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My talented friend Shauna helped me with a little art project that i've been wanting to do for my bedroom wall.
<span class=

and by helped i mean, i had her do the entire thing.

she is just better at that stuff, so i think it was only fair she take over.

see the full process on her craft blog HERE

i haven't hung it up on my bedroom wall just yet (hence the reason it is laying on top of my pillow) but isn't it amazing?

thanks Shauna!

DAY 23.

i am so happy i started p90x.
day 23 done & done.
i am feeling good!

how is everyone doing in the 90 day challenge?

Monday, February 7, 2011


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For the Super Bowl this year the gang went to LA
(to the nicest 4 story house ever)

i didn't care about the game (it wasn't the Saints)
but had an amazing time!!!

let's break it down:

gorgeous view
valet service
movie theater to watch the game
catered with amazing food
open bar
elevator in the house (no big)
lots of awesome people!!
brother won $390 in squares as did CJ!

only in LA right?
only in LA...

Happy Monday!
thankfully i am not hurting like i thought i would be. phew.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


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it's no secret that i absolutely love cupcakes.
my dear friend Gloria even got me this last year:

<span class=

when i see pictures or recipes of cupcakes (especially red velvet)
i make sure to add it to my cupcake folder of possible recipes/ideas i must try.
i think i am going to start making a fun cupcake every month?
maybe per the month holiday? who knows but i am excited!!
and now really want a cupcake.

happy weekend everyone!!


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some lovely pictures from PINTEREST of things i love.
seriously, if you don't have an account i'll add you.
(there's a wait list unless you know someone)
it's life changing.
i stay up too late browsing the site.
too many fun projects i have found!
too many pretty things i want!
too many of everything!

happy thursday to all!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


people say when you do anything for 21 days you are good to go.
well, i think i am. and i am only on day 18.
pretty good right?
i feel like p90x is easier (well, obviously it is still INTENSE)
but i look forward to them, and my other daily workouts now.
i look forward to working out (whhhhhat?)
it's MY time each day.
i went running yesterday and felt stronger.

i know that i am using smaller weights because at the end of this whole thing, i want to be lean.
i DO NOT want to have big muscles.
might be your thing, but NOT mine.
i am making sure i am using weight that isn't going to do that.
isn't my goal here.

tomorrow is yoga for an hour & half.
i saw this on oprah yesterday.
what a GREAT gift to give.
for you yoga lovers - you should get one too!
i am sure they are selling like crazy since jennifer aniston got one for oprah for her birthday.
and you know anything oprah likes the world likes.
hopefully they aren't sold out!

enjoy your day today!


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i just love the month of February.
it's a month to celebrate the people you love in your life.
what a great idea!

i found all sorts of projects i want to do
(now i just need to find the time)

my favorite is sending little notes to your friends telling them how much they mean to you.
and who doesn't love getting real mail?
it's my favorite thing.

do you have any traditions you do?
would love to hear!!

cheers to another amazing month!
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*all images from pinterest.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i immediately regretted missing yesterdays workout.
doing double today - killed me.
half way through i was literally thinking...
"i should just tell people i did it, no one will know"

well, i HATE that i have SUCH a guilty conscience.
i mean, i am the worse at telling lies - so i don't do it.
but gosh i was THIS close to doing so.

well folks. good news, i did finish.
and boy do i feel great now.
i will NEVER miss another day again - mark my words.

day 16 - done & done.

74 more to go.


<span class=<span class=

Happy 29th birthday to the most perfect man i know!!!

29 reasons why i love him so.

1. i love him because we have been best friends since as long as i can remember. i am so happy he is "my person"

2. i love him because he stepped up as the man in our life when my father passed. and has been everything and more we could have ever asked for.

3. i love him because he is the hardest worker i know, but somehow always has time to answers my calls! (especially when i stalk him at work)

4. i love him because he is loyal to EVERYONE.

5. i love him because he wins at everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. (i actually hate him for this :))

6. i love him because if he drinks too much he likes to have brother/sister convos in the kitchen at 3am.

7. i love him because he thinks he's the "favorite child" (he probably is, the kid is frickin perfect)

8. i love him because he knows how to rock a bow tie better than anyone i know.

9. i love him because he reads my blog first thing in the mornings and usually has some funny email to follow.

10. i love him because he takes care of our momma as if it was the only thing he was supposed to do in this world. i just love how great he is to her.

11. i love him because when we lost our best guy. he always knew how to make me smile.

12. i love him because when we say we are going to do something, he always follow through. even if it involves running 26.2 miles. or p90x for 90 straight days. rockstar right?

13. i love him because he is my everything.

14. i love him because he is the best damn lawyer i know.

15. i love him because he never judges, never talks bad on others, and definitely always has something positive to say. what. a. guy.

16. i love him because he loves free stuff just as much as i do. ha!

17. i love him because he would pretend to be MR. ANDRE ROBIN aka our father and take my dads stuff because it was under his name too. stay classy.

18. i love him because he makes out with strangers at weddings.
(sorry brother:) ha!

19. i love him because he works out in argyle socks.

20. i love him because he tells me what to order so we can split it.

21. i love him because he laughs at everything i say (especially when i'm not saying something funny)

22. i love him because we high five like it's still in.

23. i love him because we are each other's wingmen.

24. i love him because we are the best brother/sister duo. ever.

25. i love him because he says "cocktail" every time we walk into a restaurant bar.

26. i love him because he is the absolute luckiest guy i know. i mean.... SO LUCKY! example: doesn't train for a marathon and kills it. who does that?

27. i love my brother because when i have my moments (like everybody) he loves me and still wants the best for me. always.

28. i love my brother because he is the funniest person i know.

29. i love my brother the most because he is my life. he is the person i aspire to be. he is my inspiration to be better. most of all, he is my father's son and my dad would be damn proud of the man he has become.

i couldn't imagine this life without you brother.

thank you for being my best friend through out all these years.

i love you more that you know.

ps. are you crying at work right now? oooops. because i am!