Tuesday, January 27, 2009

total flattery.

SO i need to say THANKS to some of my friends and the new people i have met through the "blogging world" in the last year or so. i joined in October of 2008 but didn't really get into blogging until just recently... and boy am i obsessed.

which is why i wanted to thank you for reading & thank you for the emails i have gotten regarding inspiration to start your own blogs! Which is awesome because that is how i got started. the joy of my blogger friends *ahhhh sigh*

anyways. THANKS again for reading.

happy blogging.


1 comment:

kinsey said...

hey lady! thanks so much for the sweet email :) of course it's okay for you to link my blog...thanks so much for thinking of me, that's a huge compliment :)

laters! kinsey