Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my 25 (thanks Kelsey!)

1. i am a BIG crafter.
2. i am in LOVE with soccer and will be playing pro soccer soon (fingers crossed).
3. i am fueled with JENERGY (it's pretty contagious).
4. My dad is the funniest person i have ever met and my mom is the most giving.
i am in LOVE with them.
5. i can't wait to be a mom (but don't worry marriage will come first....)
6. i own my own business... "Ohhh my Card".... which one day will be better than hallmark :)
7. i ran a marathon in 2005 and want to run another someday.
8. Emma is my all time favorite name and that will be my first girls name!
9. the notebook is my favorite movie. I'm a hopeless romantic and i can't help it!
10. i am really good at ping pong, corn hole, and dr. mario. like stupid good.
11. i get excited every year for January to come around.... American Idol time......
12. i am a big sister to a wonderful girl named Guadalupe. she is AMAZING.
13. i make more lists than anyone i can think of. i would bet money on it.
14. i love to run and listen to my ipod forever. its a good endorphin.
15. i can be in Barnes and Noble for hours.
16. i LOVE taking pictures...
17. i play indoor 3 nights a week, and could play 7. i just love it.
18. i have always wanted to start a blog, and LOVE that i chose 2009 to do so.
19. i love starbucks.
20. i have the best friends a girl could ever ask for
21. chicago is my favorite city in the world.
22. i love to people watch, especially at the airport.
23. i wear my heart on my sleeve, but i love that about me.
24. mikuni is my all time favorite resturant.
25. i love that this year is all about change.

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Karlie said...

I love number 21...now get back here NOW!!