Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year (well 18 days late)

I decided that 2009 will be my best year yet...
here is a list of things i HOPE to accomplish. drum roll please........

1. write more on my blog.
2. make more cards & throw a card party!!!
3. have a ME day much more often.
4. play LOTS of soccer as i can so i can make the WPS team. yep i said it.
5. work on my arts & crafts projects more
6. read more of the books on my list of "things i wanna read"
7. take more pictures..... i have a bad memory so these tend to help in the future....
8. spend more time with my family & friends
9. tell the love of my life more often how amazing he is. because he is.
10. pay off my loan debt (or win the lottery) hopefully the latter.............
11. BAKE & COOK more. i love both, so why not?! plus i think my dad loves me more when i show interest.... jk
12. finish my bucket list and cookbook
13. start cycling again
14. organize my "clutter" in my room
15. keep my SANITY BOOK up to date
16. run another marathon. or at least train like i will run another... someday.
17. continue my vision board (yes, i LOVE Oprah. don't judge)
18. save enough money for my dream laptop (after paying off my debt of course)
19. use our time share for a little mini vaca

last but certainly not least.....
20. learning to say NO a littttttle more. sorry peeps, this one is for me ;)

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