Sunday, January 25, 2009

weekend wrap up!

it's my least favorite time of the week.

knowing i have to get up early and start my week all over.
ALTHOUGH, i am VERY excited about TONS of fun stuff this week....

watching the Bachelor at the Oddo's (and cheering for my horses AKA my front runners)
2 soccer games & 2 practices this week
HOPEFULLY finding a full time job
american idol (obsessed, don't judge)
date night with paula
card making for hours at the scrapbook store, totally nerdy but totally amazing!
sleeping on jess's/ana's couch and spooning with their doggie
friday night downtown with my wingman

drum roll please....
SUPERBOWL on sunday!

now for my favorite picture of the week:

me and jess at diane's 60th birthday fiesta!
LOVE the mustaches and sombreros that they provided.

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