Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the joy of a smile

sometimes it's easier to write then say things aloud. don't ya agree?!
i tried the whole journal thing, but i turned it into a scrapbook (go figure).
i tried the whole writting down my thoughts, but again turned that into a cute little scrappie.
hmmmmmmmmmmm i guess i wanted to talk it out but now i'm just gonna "blog it out"
so here goes...

i went to starbucks this morning to get my regular cup of joe before work.
i saw the CUTEST old couple (SO cute i wanted to sneak a picute - but realized the stalker in me needed to tone it down a notch).

anways, back to my story....
this old couple was sitting at a table drinking what looked to be like tea. (not quite sure, but irrelevant eith way). SO i walked past them and did my normal smile at strangers look when i noticed they started to get up & kind of come towards me (which excited me, but again, stalker side of me didn't need to shake their hands or anything, just a simple smile).

OH & sidenote, i want to be JUST like them one day. they were laughing like they were 12 again and truly loved each other with every ounce of themselves. it didn't matter where they were, how old they were, or what they were doing..... it only mattered that they were together.

long story short the old man came up to me while holding his wife's hand...
and said this.............. "darlin, you make sure you keep smiling at strangers because it really made our day."

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can you say, i wanted to wrap my arms around them, put them in my pocket, and take them home with me!

i died. literally.

little did they know those two made MY day.

the joy of a single smile. the joy of a lifetime of love. life doesn't get much better than that.

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