Wednesday, March 18, 2009

not me monday (on wednesday!?)

well, been busy! but got some good stuff! here ya go!
i did not start watching dancing with the stars just because melissa was on it.
i did not enjoy feeling SO good after the first week on the SB diet, and i did not love
bonding with my mom!
i did not love enjoy jess's pub crawl nor do i enjoy wearing green NEON wigs as a disguise.
i did not enjoy getting a pay check even though i wish it was more!
i did not love getting a surprise in the mail!
i did not enjoy maternity shopping with diannah and her preggo belly!
i did not enjoy girls night & the movie role models,
nor do i have a HUGE crush on paul rudd. i do not want to eat him with a spoon.
speaking of crushes. i did NOT enjoy adding Shia L. to my twitter friends.
he's yummy.
i did not have another business meeting that went REALLY well. 3 for 3!
i am NOT obsessed with letterpress and i can't wait to get my own one day!
i did not get a few more iphone apps.... and i am not once again, in love with them. DORK alert!
i did not miss my daily Starbucks routine due to this diet! uggggggh i do not miss it!
i did not clean out my entire room & love every minute of it!
i did not decide green wigs should be worn more often!
i did not buy the cutest nail polish color..... cotton candy pink! i do not love it!

join us, would you?!
post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy!

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