Monday, March 23, 2009

not me monday!
here ya go... all the things i did not do this week!
i did not get excited my mom & i survived week 2 of the SB diet. yea us!
i did not get sad over melinda leaving me for 2 years.
i did not LOVE country week on A.I.. and SUPER not excited for this weeks show!
i did not make more cards for my orders and love every minute of it!
i did not get my pair of fabulous lululemon pants! LOVE them and super comfy to run in.....
i did not get back into running and did not like the 75 perfect weather!
i did not LAUGH MY BUTT OFF that my brother got called for the bachelorette!
(fingers crossed he does it!)
i did not love love love I LOVE YOU, MAN! gosh SO funny!
i did not love that we got DIRECT KICK on tv! yea for every MLS game ;)

join us, would you?
post your NOT ME MONDAYS!
it's so much cheaper than therapy!

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