Monday, November 9, 2009

not me monday.

all the things i did not do this week.
(and to the newbies... it's all the things i actually did do).
i'm nerdy, and i like it.

here you go!
i did not love catching up on all my favorite shows with wine & popcorn.
i did not like running on the beach to clear my brain.
i did not love meeting a few more new friends.
you can never have too many good people in your life.
i did not like picking out the perfect birthday gift for my mom. (can't tell you b/c momma robin reads this) gosh i love her.
i did not love designing my new "dad" necklace....
and i have never been so excited to receive something in the mail. ever.
i did not like attending the galaxy game with my brother, watching my boss score the pk. he's a baller.
i did not love spending a full sunday with my brother.... laughing, catching up, and watching football. go saints!
i did not enjoy spending a night in long beach with my favorite girls. gosh i love them so much!
i did not love my coffee date with an old friend.
i did not like, okay okay you caught me.....
LOVED the rihanna 20/20 episode. she's brave. i like her. a lot.
i did not love jamming to old school boyz II men. what a good group of men.
i did not love my strawberry shake from in & out. it's heaven.
i did not love switching over to organic foods (besides my shake, and a few other goodies).
life changing. i tell ya.
i did not love getting inspired again this week by fall.
i did not enjoy booking my vegas trip & vegas fun with all my favorite people.
i absolutely did not like taylor swift on SNL - dang, isn't she the cutest?
i did not love the feeling of being so proud of my bestie for finishing another week of finals.
she's a grad school champ.
i did not love having dreams about the love of my life, my dad. god i miss him.
i did not like, okay, so i really didn't like this........ getting denied by kaiser.
BUT i did love writing an appeal letter.......... and i got approved! hallelujah!!

post your not me mondays.
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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