Monday, December 14, 2009

not me monday!

here you go!
all the things i did not do this week - and boy it was NOT busy!

i did not love picking alie jo up from LAX to enjoy a few great days together.
i did not love taking all 4 doggies to the dog park while it started to pour rain (in LA - crazy right?)
i did not love the cast and crew on rules of engagement and meeting: david spade, jamie pressley, kurt russel, and a few others ;)
i did not love spending a night with good friends from nor cal over wine, pasta, and good convos (thanks carly marie!)
i did not love packing up for 4 days of AMAZING-NESS in vegas!
i did not love laughing my butt off all weekend long with good friends.
i did not love watching the beautiful bride Laura walk down the aisle to my best guy friend mr. cronin. congrats you two!
i did not love seeing my mom with a bronze tan from hawaii and laughing with her all weekend long.
i did not love getting all my christmas shopping done ;)
i did not love the season finale of glee. so sad about the hiatus.
i did not love realizing Christmas is next week.
i do not love getting big news! (i will share wednesday!)
i did not love my new ugg boots from my momma for christmas....she must have read my blog:)
i did not love getting all of the gingerbread recipes together. baking this week!
i did not love my mani/pedi pre vegas sesh. oh wait, i ruined them all before i got on the plane.
i did not love losing my money gambling but did love michelle winning $500
i did not love dance parties with auby & my dance off... which ended with a fist bump. duh.
i did not love hanging out with all of laura's besties from CO... gosh i love them.
i did not love my silver sparkly dress and matching chandelier necklace.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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