Tuesday, December 29, 2009

not me monday (on tuesday)

here you go!
all the things i did not do this week....

I did not love spending 4 days at home with my favorite people.

I did not love watching the oddo’s open Christmas gifts,

even though it was a short visit, I love that family.

I did not love mini reunion night with bella vista friends

I did not love seeing my brother and mom’s face opening gifts.

I did not love getting the best present ever from my brother. Dad would be SO proud.

I did not love driving back to sac town with mixed cds, brother, and making good time in traffic.

I did not love feeling better after my 4 day cleanse.

I did not love Christmas eve band sesh and catch phrase.

I did not love receiving $150 in starbucks cards. Uhhhh pumped.

I did not love starting to plan for the world cup in south Africa.

I did not love seeing my brother in my mom’s sweater for xmas.

He won the ugly sweater contest that just the two of us were playing.

I did not love seeing up in the air with amber. that george clooney man, he's sexy.

I did not love getting a SPA DAY gift card. Ohhhhhhhhh can’t wait!

I did not love wrapping 46247 presents, all cutely bowed and name tagged.

I did not love making my new year resolution list for 2010 (stay tuned....)

I definitely did not love counting down to the new year, thank god 2009 is almost over.

My last not me Monday for 2009.

New year next Monday. New beginnings.

Bring it on 2010.

What’s your not me Monday.

It’s SO much cheaper than therapy.


Carly said...

cute! what did your brother get you!



Jen said...

the most amazing angel wing necklace with my dad's ashes in it. (you can't tell that anything is in it, but a little lock box behind the wings). just the most perfect thing i could have asked for. i will forever be grateful for it.

Carly said...

ahhh that is soooo sweet and beautiful!!! pictures!

Liz said...

Amazing Jen!