Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bachelor week #3

i am a little disappointed with last nights bachelor episode.
mainly b/c the previews had tenley telling jake she was preggos (and ABC edited that scene out!) she could have even been kidding, but seriously... keep that scene in!
thank you abc for getting my reality tv heart hopes up.

moving on.

Elizabeth, i am glad your gone. you are such the tease! you withholding kisses from him (um, you signed up for the bachelor!) and giving awkward letters {yea, we won't ever forget that} just makes us not like you even more.
just a waste of a pretty face. you are creepy.

vienna. you are quite the villain these days. i don't quite comprehend why everyone hates you (i think you crap talked behind every one's back?) needless to say, it makes me think twice about you.

i am sad you are gone. i cringe every night i watch you on this show. i wasn't even sure girls like you existed in this world. i hope for your sake, you are a paid actor... because you are insane. please get help stat. i am still sad you are gone. i thought the show is VERY entertaining with you on it.

ali, i am sad you got a little involved in the drama. but i must admit, you are still my number one pick. i hope you make it all the way!

next week has even more drama! i am sad i have to wait 7 days to watch these chicks brawl it out. honestly, i think this season has the most drama! i only like ali, and a few others are ok. but all in all. everyone is crazy.


Kristen Orsolini said...


i watched the bachelor WITH elizabeth last night, soooo awkward! she's my brother jordan's girlfriends roommate, and i kept waiting for her to explain herself when she was being RIDICULOUS talking to jake and going into the bathroom crying and being such a tease, but she didn't say anything! no one did! she was a super nice girl but i was so confused by her whole thing...i thought she was crazy too!

i just thought'd you'd appreciate this...from one bachelor fanatic to another. : )

-kristen orsolini

Jen said...

YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! she didn't even EXPLAIN. wow! wow! wow! you would think she would be like, UM i swear i am NOT crazy. ha! ps. michelle will be on ELLEN tomorrow. OH MAN!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the heads up! that is TOO funny!! XO

Kristen said...

hahaha i know!! i kept looking at her waiting for her to say SOMETHING! i mean she did have a lot to say about everything else, it's so crazy what goes on behind the scenes. She said Vienna and Jake were up there for hours begging the producers not to make them jump but the producers said they weren't leaving till they did! eeeek! and she told me all about the Rozlyn drama...crazy! but i didn't know about ellen, i can't wait for that! ellen should be nervous, michelle is CRAZY! thank you!!! : )

Laura Kristi said...

Love your updates!! And wowsers about Elizabeth... the very first episode I thought she'd be one of the last ones standing but was QUICK to change my mind! Hilarious your friend watched it with her, hi awkwardness.

Love your blog<3

Jen said...

laura, i totally agree! she is SUCH a tease. glad she's gone too! did you see michelle on ellen? actually SOMEWHAT normal. somewhat.

miss you love.