Wednesday, January 13, 2010

idol rewind.

first things first. gosh, i love this show.
yes, i took my parents to see the Idol concert in Sacramento when Kelly won.
don't judge me.
i am obsessed. and dorky. i do realize this.
but hey!? it's okay to have obsessions.

now to the show.
i have 3 people in mind when it comes to "remembering them"
the girl who sang Alicia keys.
the 16 year old who is bff with her nana.
and the guy who overcame cancer. (so inspiring)

i mean, i got a little choked up when the 16 year old was singing to her grandma.

ps. victoria beckham was very sweet. she is too skinny tho. the girl needs to eat!
i'll be watching idol tonight of course. feedback tomorrow.



Liz said...

I really liked those 3. Get this, so our dvr cable box (that we just got on Saturday) froze last night. Yes, you read correctly - froze! I lost my Biggest Loser recording and had to watch Idol in real time. Could not even fast forward. errrrr oh well, at least I got to watch it, right?

Jen said...

OH NO! that's the WORST. i recorded BL as well. might need to watch that tonight if there is enough time! AHHHHH i need 10 more hours (as i am SURE you do) in my day!! XO