Monday, January 18, 2010

not me monday.

here you go!
all the things i did not do this week
(for those of you newbies,
it's all the things i did do).

i did not love bachelor monday night and seeing the crazy girls the show produces.
i did not love sleepovers with girlfriends and homemade dinners.
i did not love (in n out) with chels. gosh, i am still full.
i did not love tiffany staying over;
watching movies - the lovely bones was intense, but good :) our romantic dinner for 2, and the counter. those sweet potato fries are going to be the death of me.
i did not love booking my flight to new orleans for jazz fest with some of my favorite peeps.
i did not love getting my room almost (yes, almost) complete. finally feels like a piece of home.
i did not love hearing about the tragedies of Haiti. (i really hate this)
BUT so glad i helped out. (please donate what you can). means the world to these families.
i did not love american idol coming back into my life 2 nights a week now.
i did not love watching mc. dreamy walk back into my big screen.
i did not love running while the sunsets on the beach, best part of my day. always.
i did not love the golden globes, and Sandra bullock has not become one of my favs.
i did not love booking my flight home for the superbowl - can't wait to snuggle with my mom.
i did not love buying 5 new books at barnes & noble. that place is addicting.
{can't wait to start reading.}
i did not love getting a text from auby. she spotted ali from the bachelor at a bar. pic for proof.

what's your not me mondays?
it's so much cheaper than therapy.


Carla said...

What books?!?! I lOVE to read and always looking for new good ones :)

Jennifer Katherine said...

1. the lovely bones
2. dear john
3. the south beach diet (did this with my mom, LOVED it... starting it again - but needed the book :)
4. the answer
5. rainer maria rilke "letters to a poet"