Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it has begun. {insert dramatic drum roll here...}

marathon training is not so bad when you run on this everyday.
or even the sand.
i decided i will be running in my 2nd marathon come October in Chicago.

i thought i was done with my marathon dreams in 2005,
when i ran the LA marathon.... (crossed it off my bucket list and all)
but apparently, i am not done running.
i will be running in a special group this time around:
"run to remember"

i will be running for my dad.
he will keep me going.

4 days down. only.... a lot.... more to go.

must keep running.

anyone else interested in running this??? i can send you my training schedule.


Karlie said...

I can't wait to make the most amazing t-shirts!! And sign me up to run a few miles with ya!

Kelly and Tadd said...

I want to run with you. I am going to do a half in june and then I will do that full with you. Send me your training info. You are amazing!