Monday, March 29, 2010

monday brain dump.

- a dear friend of mine sends me morning horoscopes and this one from yesterday might be my all time favorite, "Instead of fixing your happiness on some faraway moment in the future when you will be more richer, lighter and more loved, you realize that this is the greatest moment of your life and worthy of celebration". i am celebrating today, tomorrow, and forever...

- my obsession with my 5am workouts have become my worst enemy when it comes to sleeping in. no more of that.

- i have realized more now than ever, i am SO thankful my mom is so extremely organized. i am grateful i inherited this from her.

- i am counting down the days (4) until i am with my mom & brother in beautiful San Diego for Easter. i can't wait.

- i took yesterday off (minus an hour of emailing) and boy do i feel re-charged. i can't remember the last time i laid in bed, snuggled with my comfy sheets, and caught up on tivo. amazing.

- i am excited for Wednesday date night with my girls. dinner and a movie! we are going to see The Last Song (don't judge), i hear it's amazing.

- this is the last week i will be eating cadbury eggs. quite sad about this. however, my tummy is thanking me.

- my dad was on my mind all day yesterday. i can't believe we are coming up to 8 months. i still feel like he is on a long work trip. makes me sad.

- i got a spray tan last week for an event. let's just say i looked Brazilian until i washed off the bronzer. (john mayer pics to prove it) ha!

- i know i do this every month, but seriously? Thursday is the start of April. oh man.