Thursday, April 8, 2010

my dearest mere.

my dearest nana.
she is still in the same state.
breathing peacefully.

96 years old, and what a life she has lead.

i haven't slept much lately.

more emotions are coming, and i know it is OK.
it brings me back 8 months ago with my dad.

maybe i need to feel this.
maybe this is good for me.
either way, i feel helpless.

death is such a hard concept, but one that happens to everyone.
it doesn't matter if you have 10 years or 100 years with someone,
you still will always want more time.

my dearest mere.
i am still praying.
still thinking good thoughts.
and still hoping you aren't in any pain.
i love you with all my heart & soul.

thank you everyone for the notes.
means more than you will ever know.

you are all good friends to me.

i love you.


Kelly and Tadd said...

you are in our well as mere! we love you!

Lauren said...

Keeping both you and your family in my thoughts and prayers jen...