Thursday, May 6, 2010

25 things.

remember when the "25 things list" was going around facebook? i did this in January 2009 on my blog as well. i ALWAYS find it interesting. ALWAYS. of course it's always SO much more fun when they are about people you know. i learn SO much about someone, and the things i already know, just makes me smile. plus they change! which i love.

I found my list from January on my blog & facebook. i have edited some in color!

Here's a fun game: if you have a blog (which most of you do!) please do this as one of your next posts on your own blog (then in the comment section of this post let me know when it's done! and post your blog link so others can see!!! and of course me!!!) if you don't have a blog, well, write your 25 in my comment section! i LOVE these :)

1. i was born in Munich, Germany.
2. i'm allergic to something (not sure what) in hair dye. i almost died because of this. true story. i am finding out on may 17th what i am allergic to! someone is giving me a test (pray for me i make it through)
3. i'm left handed BUT can play all sports with either left/right, hand/foot. i should win a medal or something for this!
4. i own my own business & non profit. which someday, both will take over the world.
5. i once couldn't leave my high school soccer game for a school dance until i scored 8 goals. ummmmm funniest accomplishment of my life STILL to this day. you bet it was even before half time.
6. my shortest job was for a Japanese restaurant in seal beach. i was there for 4 hours, had to make/prepare food (they thought i was a chef), sing the "birthday song" with a tambourine, AND even take orders (never being trained). i literally laughed so hard when i walked out, never got paid, and never went back. still brings tears to my eyes when i tell this story.
7. my guilty pleasure is perez hilton. i visit his website daily.
8. i was a HUGE student government dork. class president 3 years, and stu. body my sr. year. this is my dorkyness to the max. i was really cool apparently. (but yes, loved EVERY minute of it).
9. i love american idol and get excited every year for the AI season! and you bet i went to their concert when kelly won. obv. went to watch the live performance last week! amazing.
10. i ran a marathon in 2005. 26.2 miles of pure adrenaline. training for my 2nd now!!
11. i have the WORST memory in the world. quite sad actually. oddly NEVER work related just life related.
12. i HATE flying in airplanes but LOVE skymall magazine.
13. i'm an obsessive list maker. they have to be cute & color coded.
14. my first baby girls name will be emma.
15. i am the cheapest date ever. 2 beers and my toes get tingly. still true. sadly.
16. i will eat ANY food known to mankind. i am the least pickiest person alive.
17. my graduation party from college was one of the top 5 BEST nights of my life. right up there after my dad's party for his 60th - which was THE best night of my life.
18. i have a blog that's super cute. this is my therapy ;)
19. i get starbucks daily. well, daily if i have a card. thanks dad! at starbucks now. wow, sad.
20. my left foot is bigger than my right.
21. i have broken my nose 3 times but never have gotten it fixed. all soccer related.
22. the movie 27 dresses was made for me. i have been in 7 weddings and i'm only 23. 9 weddings now!! crap.
23. i am always always always cold!
24. if dr. mario & tetris were a pro sport, i would be a millionaire. i am stupid good.
25. i cry VERY easily. watching tv, movies, commercials, hearing sad stories, i even cry when i laugh! it's a problem. i'm a crier. i've come to terms with it.

enjoy! now your turn!!!

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Kelly and Tadd said...

i have finsihed my 25 things. posting now...check it out :)