Monday, May 31, 2010

not me monday.

it's that time again...
here ya go!
all the things i did not do this week.


i did not love getting a skin patch on my back that kept me from sleeping normal for 4 days. ugh. heading back tomorrow to make sure my back is healing.
i did not love watching the American idol finale w/ lee winning!!
i did not love glee doing gaga. ah.mazing!!
i did not love going to jay leno w/ amber and her family.
katherine heigl and matt morrison from glee were so funny!!
i did not love getting up at 4am to head to SF friday to spend an amazing weekend w/ the girls!!
i did not love walking into amy's apartment w/ champagne & tiff saying 5 minutes in "this is SO much fun!!" hahahahaha. love her.
i did not love going out with the girls, dancing w/ the gang, grabbing coffee "just a few blocks away", eating the best sandwich ever, hanging out at the park with 1,000 people, delicious dinners, dance parties in the most amazing apartment in SF, bottomless mimosas with the best photographer AKA bartender in the world, impromptu trip to the giants game (and amy getting us the best tickets in the house!), dancing around the island in with everyone in the apartment,
and lots and lots of memories.

gosh. i had a great week!!
it's bed time.

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