Monday, June 7, 2010

not me monday.

here you go!
you know the drill!
all the things i did not do this past week........ for the newbies who live under a rock - pretend it's opposite day!! it's all the things i did do. duh.

i did not love 5 straight days with my amazing trainer! my butt is getting in shape. literally.
i did not love my weekly love for GLEE! i am so sad tomorrow is the finale!
i did not love sushi w/ the girls.... oh katsuya, you get me every time!!
i did not love spending much needed girl time with my love Carly. she's just the cutest. i'm slightly obsessed. sorry boys, she's taken.
i did not love my much needed massage. i also did not love getting all 100 of my knots rubbed out. ouch.
i did not love the party bus to the tim mcgraw & lady a concert in San Diego, nor did i love a night out with my favs. stay fuego San Diego, stay fuego.
i did not love snuggling in bed watching 5 movies on Saturday. a much needed day of rest for me.
i did not love mrs. jones lingerie bridal shower! and i am not contemplating throwing myself one, just because.
i did not love my nordys shopping spree with my personal shoppers genny/chels. sorry wallet. it needed to happen .
i did not love getting my list for South Africa complete. packing for a month is hard work!!
i did not love that i will be leaving for SA in two days and i couldn't be more excited.
i did not love the MTV music awards and listening to ms. sandy b speak. standing O. obviously.
i did not love getting to see Katie, Kelly and Tadd in SD for a little hello. made my day!!
i did not love getting to see my big bro and his funny self this weekend! he's too cute.
and i definitely did not love seeing the Lakers lose. sorry folks, the kings have my heart. actually, i don't care. but mama doesn't like them... and well, i do what she does ;)

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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Carly said...

i love that you are so close now. we have so much girl time in our future! cant wait to hear about south africa!!! (find a soccer boyfriend for yourself, you deserve it)