Monday, July 12, 2010

goodbye busy weekend. hello busy week.

this weekend was busy.
mostly fun. but busy.
(let's be honest here, my work is crazy but i love it, so that counts as fun. right?)

Friday night we headed to long beach to celebrate the vow renewal of a dear friend.
isn't she stunning. and by stunning, i mean perfect?

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some of my favorite long beach gals.

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wedding gift to Rachel & Hubby Linds

I worked all day Saturday... did something I have NEVER done before...
and saw Karate Kid.
great movie.

On Sunday my boss was throwing out the first pitch at the Dodger game.

Ran into a few well known peeps. including Demi Lovato.
She is a huge fan of my boss. it was cute.

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Demi Lovato and Eden.

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our seats, not bad huh?

in between the fun, i managed to somehow work. work. work.

Let's also not forget to mention that i did a 5 day juice cleanse.
i survived.
i had an avocado (the cleanse says you can, and my friend Shauna was SO sweet to indulge me) but the rest of the days, all juices.
i am NOT kidding. i almost cried the avocado tasted so good.
happy to say 5 days was well worth how great i feel.
it was stupid. but amazing.
SO much energy. it's a good thing because i will be working long days this week.

and yes, i am exhausted and just got invited to go to a concert tonight. no sleep for me. awesome.

when your boss says, "COME!! live a little"
i'm going..............

oh boy, busy week ahead!!!


The McKiernan's said...

hey! awesome wedding gift, Im sure they loved that! Also, what juice cleanse was it? Ive been wanting to do one....

Jen said...

Blue Print Cleanse. it's a MUST. a little pricey, but AMAZING. i did it to clean out my system and i lost 7 pounds in the process! i feel GREAT! Email me if you have any questions. i did level 2. let's be honest, i am not THAT intense. XOXO

The McKiernan's said...

awesome, where do you find it?