Friday, September 3, 2010

fun PLANS friday.

well folks, i am off!
leaving tonight for 3 full days of the most amazing VEGAS experience ever.
celebrating my 25th with 30 people is probably the coolest thing ever.
what a way to celebrate the quarter life-ness.
oh my gee, i have wonderful friends.

i will be MIA until Tuesday.

but when i return i will have:

plenty of fun photos to share.
dance party stories.
a table service/baller status smile.
a poolside tan.
a full belly filled with fun (and a little alcohol).
sore feet from dance partying to much.
an empty wallet.
plenty of memories.
and some crazy (can't share) stories.

oh snaps.
let the adventure begin.

happy labor day weekend to all.

i'll see you on the flip side.