Tuesday, September 21, 2010

not me monday (on tuesday) and some random updates.

here you go folks!
all the things i did not do this past week - and a few random tidbits.
enjoy my lovies.

i did not absolutely love seeing the venice beach canals for the first time. i just can't wait to go back!
i did not love season finale of the bachelor pad. wow, pure drama.
i did not love starting the happyness project. i love it already.
i'm contemplating doing my own.
i did not love running all week with pure pain. oh ya, doc said "you have a few miss aligned ribs in your back and a few out in your front" ohhh really? is that why i can't breathe or run properly.
don't worry, marathon is 3 weeks ago. i will be ready. i will be ready. i must be ready.
i did not love surprising my new roomies with house warming gifts.i just love them.
i did not love buying myself a birthday gift (yes, my birthday is over...) but i love my new top. it's my new favorite item in my closet. you gotta have a favorite.
i did not love surprising my momma at home. nor did i love seeing her face.
i literally saw every emotion go through her brain in 7 seconds. something like this...
(who is this girl? she looks familiar... i think? i know her! she's my daughter! she's in Sacramento? i'm confused but oh so happy!! Jen surprised me!! wow i just love her)
okay i added the last part, but let's be honest. i know she does.
i did not love our 7 hour spa day (another surprise!!) full of facials, massages, lunch, and laughter.
i did not love mikuni take-out with momma, galaxy game on tv, and lounging in our pjs.
i did not love watching my momma yell at the tv while watching football. gotta love a true sports nut.
i did not love my brother coming home from a wedding a little tipsy. or a lot tipsy. you decide how funny he was. fun game, right?
i did not love spending an entire weekend relaxing at home with my favorite people. (sorry anyone reading this from Sac and thinking why i didn't call you, it was a family only weekend)
i did not love northridge drinks with the crew.
i did not love organizing, sorting, packing, and starting to move into a new place!! it's perfect.

post your not me mondays!!!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

***fun update: i will be fully moved into a new place tomorrow***
***please donate to our run if you haven't already - we are so so so close!!!***
***i am exhausted, packing and unpacking is brutal***


Dani T said...

ROOMIE LOOOOOVE!!!!!!!! XO!!! :)))))))

You da', you da' best!

Kelly and Tadd said...

I want to see your fav new shirt...and I am super stoked to hang out in October. Glad you were able to spend time with the fam! Miss you and love you.