Friday, September 17, 2010

WHAT'S IN MUH BAG... (fun photo friday edition)

i love "what's in my bag" random-ness.
it's always so fun seeing what other people carry in their over sized purses.
i thought it would be fun to dump mine out and share what's in mine.

sidenote - my purse changes daily, and what i store in it depends on what i have going on that day with my clients, or personal stuff.

today it was a little messier/more clutter than normal.

it looks pretty small from the photo but this bag can carry all my crap, i mean goodies.

(double sidenote - if this picture doesn't prove i need a new camera - i don't know what will)

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-my notebook that goes EVERYWHERE with me to jot down inspiration, clients weekly schedules, to-do's, doodles, and notes.
-highlighters, pens, and sharpie.
-business cards
-essie nail polish
-mom's ring
-2 pairs of sunglasses
-3 bracelets
-1 headband
-tide stick
-picture of my dad
-sony studios pass
-starbucks gift card
-lulu lemon pouch that holds my lulu gift card and pottery gift card from my birthday

note - my phone, wallet and change are always in my purse, but i put my ID and my debit card in my lulu pouch because this purse simply can't hold what my even bigger purse can. and my phone was charging.

TGIF big time.


Sara Ancich said...

my photo would show crayons, hair bows, 4 lipsticks, legos, gum wrappers (not the actual gum), band aids, Nintendo DS, tampons, and packets of Splenda (just in case). Such a mom.

Jen said...

hahaha gotta love being a mom :) one day that will be me. xx