Monday, October 18, 2010

happy 1 year to me.

it's crazy what happens in a year.
heck, it's crazy what happens in a day, week, and yes definitely a year.
1 year ago today i started a new journey.
i made a decision (a big decision) for myself
i needed to move away from home and heal.
i hated leaving my mom, and i especially hated leaving her in an empty house.
i had many sleepless nights of worrying.
many lists of pros/cons.
many conversations with friends and family (and yes, even strangers)
i needed to make a decision.
i was being offered 2 great jobs in 2 great cities.
pros and cons to both, of course.

however, 1 year later.
and a slowly healed heart.
a new journey.
a fresh start.
new friends.
new memories.
new stories.
new obstacles to overcome.
i have survived.
i did it.

sure i needed a lot of help along the way (and still do at times) but i am thankful today.

no one else could ultimately decide for me whether to stay in a town where all i could think of was the loss of my father and all the pain i have felt losing him or to go where i would worry i would forget all of the memories that made him perfect.
which job to take?
which new life to start?

i am happy to say after 1 year (today) of being at my job and new journey.
i feel i made the right choice.
i am better.
day by day.
it's a slow process. but i am better.

gosh it's just crazy to think how much happens in a year.

i am happy to know that this past year i have learned a lot about myself and a lot about the admiration i still (and will always have) for my dad.

how lucky was i?

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Lauren Jewel said...

Tear! Oh your blog is so inspiring...I've been reading for about an hour now.