Wednesday, October 27, 2010

midweek update.

- i haven't blogged since last week. when i miss a day (or two) i get emails saying "um, hello? you forgot to blog today" or my favorite "i went to check your blog before i started work today and i got nothing. please don't do that again" ha! i mean...... so sweet and really funny. so for those of you who email me, i am sorry. i knew i was funny.... but i didn't know i was THAT funny (i kid i kid) no but seriously - i don't "forget" to blog. just some days i literally don't have time to eat lunch let alone blog. my apologies. (and well at least i know a few people read this)

-i have been listening to Taylor Swift on repeat. go buy her new cd. it's so good.

-i have the best birthday gift for my brother (in February!) i don't know if i can keep a secret for that long. but i am so excited.

-for halloween i was going to be a dancing with the stars winner. like, make the mirror ball trophy and all. Plus i was going to even borrow a contestants dress (my friend Shauna is friend's with everyone - including a dancer too) so needless to say i was going to win EVERY contest for halloween. but a small glitch happened so i needed a new outfit. Now, i am going to be a CHERRIO cheerleader (and my friend will be Sue from GLEE) cute right? i know. we will still win. i am SO excited.

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-we carved pumpkins tuesday night. well, i am 1/2 way done. who decides on writing words on pumpkins. just silly. i might be done with my pumpkin by halloween. who knows. needless to say i didn't win.

-the giants are in the World Series. i wish i followed baseball so i knew the players names and could cheer like i knew what i was talking about. my roommates are obsessed (like will be Giants players for Halloween and know everything about them obsessed) i still hope they win.

-i went to Miami last week for a quick 48 hours. i love the oddo family. they are just my favorite. congrats to katie again on her senior game of college. so impressive. how cute is she?! i wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me.

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-my mom's 60th birthday is next month. i am already planning a few surprises. eeeek!

-i can't believe November is next week. gross about time passing, but ya for the holidays!!

-we made homemade pizzas on monday night. they were delicious! thank you trader joes.

-when you lose your phone and no one is home to call it, you can go to this site and it calls your phone! whoa! it really works. oh technology. you get my every time.

-i am really looking forward to trick or treaters this year. i just love the little kiddos and their cuteness!!

-i am making the cutest halloween cupcakes tonight. stay tuned for tomorrow's post. you will die on cuteness overload.

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