Monday, October 11, 2010

not me monday (marathon edition)

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wowza! what a week we had.
i can't even begin to explain the feeling i had while crossing that finish line (all for the love of our dad) and i can't even begin to explain how fun of a weekend we had.
welp, here goes nothing.
all the things i did not do this week.
you know the drill.

i did not love flying into my favorite city in the world........ and being reunited by so many of my favorite people all at one time.
i did not love going to a tapas restaurant with old friends, fire game (where mr. #6 scored the 600th goal and killed it) and had great seats!!
i did not like drinking massive amounts of water and Gatorade like it was going out of style.
i did not love the marathon convention where some serious runners showed off their serious running attitudes (all serious and ready).
oh and not to mention free swag. i did not love this.
i did not love my marathon tee and marathon medal. might wear this out randomly. ya, i said it.
i did not love how my brother did just that. everywhere. even to bed. ha!
i did not love waking up at 5am (3am CA time thankyouverymuch) to run 26.2 miles with 47,000 others while 1.5 million watched. i mean......... really? double amazing.
i did not love seeing our friends with signs cheering us on! (i also did not love my brother and me stopping at mile 22 to see my brother drink a beer from friends) who does that? it was like he could run 50 miles, no problem.
i did not love how my brother and i laughed during the marathon saying "are we really running a marathon right now"
i did not love sitting down after the marathon. i've never been so excited in my life.
i did not love meeting our
running team and team leader! best.people.ever.
i did not love everyone laughing at us while we tried to walk (backwards) down the stairs post marathon. seriously, hardest thing to do. ever.
i did not love having to carbo load the night before. more pasta? yes please!

i did not love finishing my 2nd marathon.
i may never run again............. however, loved it all.

thank you ALL who donated and supported us!!!
we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
i know our dad was proud of us. i was proud of us.

what a great marathon we had.

post your not me mondays.
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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Sara Ancich said...

Congratulations Jen. this is huge!