Friday, November 12, 2010

FUN PHOTO FRIDAY (momma special)

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in honor of my mama's birthday month - every friday's fun photo's are all about her.
she is after all, my most favorite person (along w/ my brother)

i was sorting through pictures last night because i am working on a special project that needs tons and tons of photos (but that's all i will tell you for now..)

anyways, i stumbled across this one of my parents.
this is one of my top 5 pictures of them.
can't you just see how much love is between them?
i can't wait to find that one day.

they make it so easy to show how one should be loved.
i just love them.
i know my pops is just as in love (if not more) watching over her from heaven.

how can you not love this woman?
she's perfect.

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