Tuesday, November 16, 2010

lots of goodness for ya.

-um. Gweneth Paltrow on glee tonight was amazing. best episode of the season. good for you ryan murphy. good for you.

-rihanna's cd came out. i will be listening to that and only that for the next month (well, and christmas music of course)

-my mom's 60th is tomorrow. get your tissues ready for that post. it's gonna be a doosey!!

-i am attending the GQ Men of the Year party tomorrow. need i say more?

-has anyone ever been to Canada? we are heading to Toronto Friday and need ideas on what to do! help!

-thank you to EVERYONE who donated for my dad's run. the donation site ended yesterday and i am proud to say we raised approx $5,500. no big deal. cute thank you notes will be in the mail soon! he is so proud. i just know it.

-i bought myself some ugg boots thanks to the half year sale at nordstroms. i die. and will NOT be taking them off. ever.

-i will be in SAC-TOWN Tuesday-Sunday next week, let's play!!

-vacation starts Friday. oh my excited. it's like when kids say "are we there yet?" while driving.... ya, that's what i am doing daily. IS IT FRIDAY YET?!!!!

-my 2nd mama had her birthday this week. happy birthday again peg! i love you dearly.

-i didn't go to bar today and i am already having withdrawals. anyone want to donate to my BAR METHOD class donation bucket? after this month... it get's kind of pricey. i'm already worried.

-i love traveling because of my ipad. everyone should have one, seriously! i have 3 movies i need to download - toy story 3, charlie st. cloud, and grown ups! (don't judge, i haven't seen them yet) anything else i am forgetting??!

-my new favorite youtube video (thanks jill!), enjoy:

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