Wednesday, December 22, 2010


-I am counting down to Christmas and checking things off my list! Including, watching my favorite holiday movies on repeat: Elf, Love Actually, Family Stone, and Home Alone. They have been on repeat in the background of my work space since Dec. 1st. Sometimes when i am on a work call i try not to laugh about something Mr. Elf says in the background. Turns out, pretty impossible. (sorry if you are someone i talked to while doing so)

-I wrapped all my gifts already - aren’t you proud? (well to be honest, Tiffany AKA gift wrapper extraordinaire wrapped a few for me... um, 3-D origami and all. who does that?) AMAZING.

-I am packing up my bags today for 10 glorious days at home (including a few days hanging out w/ my besties in Merced and SF!) Couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

-Trying to locate the PERFECT gingerbread kit so i can make it on time this year. Suggestions?

-Finishing up my Marathon Thank you’s and hopefully getting these out BEFORE Christmas!!

-Trying not to eat the fudge, brownies, and cookies all at once that were left from the party. o. em. gee. delicious!

-Trying not to drive anywhere unnecessary since it’s pouring rain sideways for 4 days straight. gross.

-I think i came up with my second daughters name (stop judging me). after baby emma of course. oh my!

-I am officially addicted to words with friends. if you have it and we aren’t friends, why not?

-I can’t wait to be a wedding planner for my next big girl job. my ideas are over flooding my brain.

-I have officially been to drop off/pick up people at LAX over 100 times in 2010. i am definitely counting on 2011 being more. oh boy.

-My friend kelly and i switched “blog reel” lists. this quite possibly was my MOST favorite thing!! if you are reading this, and have a blog reel yourself, PLEASE send!! i am already obsessed with hers!

-I listened online to my dad’s podcasts he used to do. um, there’s one about family. get’s me EVERY time. not to mention one of my favorite parts - he got my birth year wrong. and when i informed him this he said “well, i was only off by a year” ummmm. cool? i love listening to these every now and again. so happy to have them forever.

I hope you all have a magical christmas week! i will try to post as much as i can while i am home (but family time comes first!)

happy holidays to all!!!


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kelly said...

love love LOVED our blog reel swap! it was life changing...haha! xoxo