Monday, December 13, 2010


it's monday..... again!
jesus. where is the time going?
here we go again!!!

i did not love chipotle & sleepover with amber! i love when she visits!!
i did not love walking my favorite pups in the venice canals. that place during christmas time is to. die. for.
i did not love learning that my macbook is a "lemon" what?!! apple... you are killing me!
(good thing i have a year warranty!) phew!
i did not love GLEE'S christmas episode! i hate that my shows are done until January! blah.
i did not love paying $19 for a park hopper ticket to disneyland. it's good to know people.
i did not love Diannah coming to town for our disneyland day kid less adventure (who knew they have drinks at CA Adventure!)
i did not love staying in saturday night & decorating my room. love pj nights!
i did not love 88 degree weather this past weekend in SO CAL! i'm pretty sure it's december!
i did not love driving to Pasadena w/ the roomies for a church service (which brought me to tears it was so amazing) and of course C & O's dinner! um. DELICIOUS!!!!!
i did not love finishing my christmas gifts. i am READY for the big day!
i did not love hearing Zac Efron is single (sorry that's sad, but one step closer!!!)
i did not love pulling out the christmas cookie recipes i'm gonna make for our party!! oh boy oh boy!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy!!!

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