Wednesday, January 12, 2011

90 days.


alright friends.
it's almost time.
are you with me?
we are doing the 90 day challenge together!
whether you want to do p90x (that's what i am choosing), walk daily, run, gym, yoga...
i don't care - let's just get moving.
(you will obviously need a day off a week)
but other than that..
90 days straight.
i hear if you do anything for 21 days you are all set.
(i hope that's true!)

so let's go through this together!

it's time to STOP saying "i'll start tomorrow"
it's time to STOP saying "if only i had more time in the day"
it's time to STOP wishing for something you want & instead going after it
it's time to improve our health.
you in?

you can comment each day, email me, or just keep it to yourself.
i will be blogging normally (and adding the 90 day challenge in)
i hope you will join me in this!

my brother and i are starting p90x next monday (when we get our dvds)

the question is, do you have it in you?


Sara Ancich said...

I made it to day 5. It is not a program for the weak. I am also convinced it is not a program for mothers. I am thoroughly impressed with people who are able to commit and complete the program as it is designed. You'll be one of them I'm sure. Best of LUCK!

Liz Leppanen said...

I too am on a workout plan. No P90X although I do have the dvds. I have decided that I can't stay motivated when I use videos, the wii, the gym, etc. I have a hodge podge of moves I do along with my cardio and I watch shows on the dvr (I have blogged about this before). I must say, I am rockin' the elliptical right now. Mud Run 2011 here I come! :o) Good luck Missy. I know you and Dre will do {and look} great!

JR said...

I have the P90X dvds sitting on my desk waiting to have some motivation and sweat dedicated to them.

Your blog was just what I needed to read. Monday. I shall BRING IT with you!

...I shall have to decide upon a way to blog my journey by then. :)