Wednesday, January 19, 2011

p90x day 3.

are you guys as sore as me?
sadly, i think it means i am OUT. OF. SHAPE!
today i did shoulders, arms, and abs.
let's just say i could barely roll out of bed this morning.
i bought something heavy at bed bath and beyond and couldn't lift it in my car.
i told the nice man that offered to help that i would normally be able to lift the box but since i am doing p90x i couldn't lift a thing.
he stared in confusion. and quite honestly could care less about anything i said.
i seriously need to stop talking to strangers (or employees of stores i visit) as if we are b.f.f.'s.
i am not as funny as i think i am.
(well, i beg to differ) but i am sure they don't care. ONE. BIT.

ps. i am feeling GREAT!
i am even talking back to "tony" the instructor in my videos.
(i may or may not be going crazy)

join me for day 4 tomorrow?