Monday, January 24, 2011

p90x day 8.

The week repeats itself for a few weeks.
so today was chest + back + ab ripper.
i opted out of ab ripper today and will do it tomorrow instead.
quite honestly, my abs are so sore i can't even sit up.
i think they need a day off.
so tomorrow i will do them instead of ab rest day.

i feel a little more tone (even though it's only been a week)
and it definitely has given me more energy!

knowing i HAVE to do at least an hour of p90x a day before i can cross it off my to-do's has really helped!
makes me want to run farther when i go on runs too!
magic i tell ya.

i don't think i have been this excited to run far since... well, ever.
(and those marathons definitely made me think i never need to run again. ha, wrong)

AND i will be done in 82 days, and coincidentally in 81 days i am going to coachella. bathing suit galore.
the last day i will have to do a double day (hardcore right?)

another added motivation.

how are your workouts going?
so proud you guys are sticking with it.
and those who aren't......
get back on board now!


Michelle said...

I feel like we need before and after pictures missy

Jen said...

aw don't you worry! my friend who is an amazing photographer is gonna take pics post p90x :) i better have a 6 pack after this insanity. j.e.s.u.s! miss you lady! x