Monday, February 21, 2011


well hello not me monday, it's been a while!
excuse my lack of posting these. although from the few angry emails about not doing so - i figured it was a must today.

for those of you who are newbies - it's all the things i did not do (aka, did do/sort of) you follow?
ya, just pretend you do.

here we go!

i did not love all the drama on the bachelor last week! (i had missed a few episodes but love home town visits!! tonight shouldn't be any less exciting!)
i did not love homemade dinners every night w/ roomie last week!
(seriously, it's getting silly how good we are these days!
we go to the store, decide what we want to conjure up this week and viola! i need to get a chalkboard for our "weekly menus" pops would be oh so proud!)
i did not love hosting our first DINNER PARTY at casa de Conas, Empting, and Robin!
such a fun night with all the gang, and big success!
i did not love baking cupcakes and rice crispy treats!! it's a shame they are all gone. ugh.
i did not love p90x last week. my body hurts in places i am not even sure existed.
i did not love (REALLY did not) not getting baby lulu. well, still haven't heard back - but pretty rude if you ask me.
i did not love snuggling on the couch, wine, and movie night! amazing.
i did not love San Diego and getting to see all my loves!
however, i really did not love the way i felt the next day. i think champagne and i are fighting again.
i did not love my crazy busy work week - makes the weeks FLY by!!!!
i did not love CPK and chat time with my loves E & Matt. love those two. i see a dangerous tripod forming.
i did not love planning my outfit for tiff's birthday party in San Jose this weekend! "Real housewives of SiliCONE valley" get it? hilarious.
i did not love the fact that i may NEVER get a normal manicure again. have you tried GEL nails? holy life changer. i had a GC from living social - and whoa. sold me REAL quick!
i did not love finding an entire purse, wallet, and cash on the streets of SD. good thing for facebook - you can look people up and make their day by finding them! (i still want to hear the story of how one drops everything without noticing?) blame it on the alcohol? silly kids.
i did not love American idol. i tell you, i am OBSESSED every year, but this is out of control. and whoever does j.lo's hair/make-up should win an Oscar. i mean....... perfection.
i can't wait for this week!!!
i did not love coffee every morning at 6am with roomie. my new favorite part of the day. i have an espresso machine, with a coffee bean grinder. no more Starbucks for this girl.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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